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Hugs & Shrugs

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

HUG: The Denton school board did the right thing last week when it took another vote to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary School. It will now be Alice Alexander Elementary School. She was a longtime African-American teacher in Denton ISD. The board's first renaming vote took place with no prior notice to the public, a move that probably violated the Texas Open Meetings Act. Now, we can move on to other things.

SHRUG: Andrew D. Leonie, a top attorney in the Texas attorney general's office, complained last week on Facebook that he is tired of "all the pathetic 'me too' victim claims." Attorney General Ken Paxton quickly reported that Leonie had resigned, presumably under pressure. This means that Republican officeholders have decided they cannot appear to be callous about complaints of sexual harassment and abuse. Women voters are watching, and they are numerous.

HUG: To all the homeowners and business owners who have decorated their homes and stores with pretty Christmas lights and decorations. We appreciate the glimmer and glow you have added to the season. Your efforts are appreciated and enjoyed.

SHRUG: Americans, which includes Denton County residents, have always liked something new and shiny. Charter schools have that kind of allure to many families looking for the best place for their children to go to school. But beware. There are good, mediocre and bad charter schools. Before you reject a traditional neighborhood public school, go to to check out facts about a charter school that piques your interest.

HUG: We assume the best about every candidate who filed to run for office in the March 6 party primaries. Yes, some may be looking only for a paycheck. But the vast majority, whether Republican or Democrat, are interested in public service and making Denton County and Texas a better place to live. Thank them for stepping into the public arena of electoral politics, which can be a scary place for a candidate.

HUG: The Fine Arts Theater building on the Square is like the missing tooth in Denton's bright smile. It appears that we will have to wait until 2018 to learn who will rescue the bedraggled old movie house. Rumors are rampant about what it will become — apartments? Live music venue a la the Granada or the Kessler in Dallas? Whatever the case, we have a big hug for any white knight who spends the money to make the Fine Arts functional again.

SHRUG: Is it just us, or does it seem strange that not a single Denton resident is a member of either the TWU or UNT governing boards? We have regents from San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Irving, Hurst, Plano, Pearland, Harlingen and Sherman. Why does Gov. Greg Abbott, who appoints regents, believe there is no place on either board for someone who lives in the host city?