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Indictment offers bit of relief in cold case

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

Christmas might be a little brighter for Jan Bynum this year. We emphasize the word "might" because a mother never gets over losing a child.

Kelli Cox, Bynum's daughter, mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago after she and her college criminology class toured the Denton City Jail. The case went cold until a couple of years ago.

Enter William Reece, an Oklahoma trucker and a known sex offender. Reece decided to come clean a couple of years ago and led investigators to Cox's remains buried in a field outside Houston.

Now, a grand jury in Brazoria County has indicted Reece for capital murder in connection with Cox's death. He has told investigators he slammed her head into a vehicle with his hands, killing her.

Bynum said the indictment is a relief after 20 years of anguish. Her daughter was only 20 years old and had her entire adult life ahead of her.

"It should have happened a long time ago," she said. "I'm very, very glad it was a capital murder charge. This elevates it to the level it should be, to the level it is."

We are pleased that Denton's most notorious cold case murder appears close to resolution and that Bynum and her family can rest a little easier now that they know what happened to their loved one.