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Good to improve voter turnout in Texas

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

The partisan divide spawns all kinds of false narratives. And many of those narratives involve the act of voting.

Many Republicans believe Democrats support voter fraud -- things such as people voting twice, unauthorized-immigrant voting and allowing unregistered people to vote. Many Democrats believe Republicans want to suppress voter turnout by making people present photo identification at the polls or by using technicalities to diminish the number of registered voters.

Cynics might embrace those competing narratives, but we don't.

Now, a group called Texas Educators Vote wants school districts to approve a "Culture of Voting" resolution. It encourages districts to inform teachers, staff and eligible students (those 18 years old) about poll locations, allow employees time off to vote early and reward employees who vote with perks when they display an "I voted" sticker.

Texas Educators Vote is a political coalition of public education associations -- teacher unions, principal groups, state school board association and others -- that tend to oppose school choice legislation that would funnel taxpayer dollars to private schools. Many Republicans believe Texas Educators Vote is a Democratic Party organization in sheep's clothing. Maybe. Maybe not.

We do not favor one party over another. Still, voter turnout in Texas is so abysmal that we support any legal plan to increase voter turnout in every sector of society.

Some voter turnout projects may be inspired by Democrats; others by Republicans.

It matters not. We must find ways to get more voters to the polls. Our democracy depends on it.