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Salvation Army needs your help

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

Nothing is ever simple. We see the Christmas spirit breaking out all over North Texas. And, yet, one of our most valued charities, the Salvation Army, appears to be lagging behind its fundraising goal, both nationally and locally.

Jonathan Rich, co-commander of Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Salvation Army, which includes Denton, told KRLD-AM that the fabled Red Kettle Campaign has suffered from the trend toward online shopping.

Red kettle volunteer bell-ringers station themselves in front of stores and solicit donations. Fewer shoppers coming and going at brick-and-mortar stores translates into fewer red kettle donations.

Unfortunately, Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year. A lot of last-minute shoppers wait until the day before Christmas to buy presents. As a faith-based charity, the Salvation Army does not deploy red kettles on Sunday. So, even fewer donations will be made this year.

Maybe Salvation Army leaders should change that policy in 2018. If it's for a good cause, what's wrong with ringing bells on Sunday?

The Salvation Army is one of the nation's oldest and most valued charities. It serves a wide range of needy persons, including the homeless, orphans, senior citizens and families in crisis.

If you are looking for a good cause, you could not find one better or more deserving than the Salvation Army.