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Hugs & Shrugs

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

HUG: To everyone who resists the temptation to drink and drive on New Year's Eve.

SHRUG: Hickory Street's surface between Welch and Carroll Boulevard is so rough and uneven that it could break an axle. The city of Denton plans to resurface the street sometime in 2018. We can only hope the repaving comes sooner rather than later.

HUG: To all Denton residents and other lovers of Denton who rallied around the Downtown Mini Mall and nearby businesses after last week's devastating fire. Great to see the hundreds of expressions of care and concern for the courthouse Square. Indeed, it is the heart of Denton.

SHRUG: The silence is deafening. No word for months about status of the Denton Parks Foundation investigation. We hope whatever reforms are needed in city government's relationship with the foundation are implemented early in 2018. The public needs confidence that city parks and recreation programs are operating smoothly and efficiently.

HUG: The Denton Black Film Festival is scheduled for a three-day run in late January. It gets better each year. And it's perfectly timed. Patrons can ditch the cold weather to watch great performances in a warm theater.

HUG: Political candidates who filed to run in the March 6 Democratic and Republican primaries have a lot of guts. It's not easy to put oneself on public display and suffer slings and arrows on the campaign trail with good humor. With that said, we encourage all candidates to get familiar with the law and file all campaign finance statements on time. The voting public needs to know who is giving them money and how they are spending it.

SHRUG: Not one Denton resident sits on the University of North Texas Board of Regents. Not one Denton resident sits on the Texas Woman's University Board of Regents. What gives? This is a travesty that can only be fixed by Gov. Greg Abbott, who is up for re-election in 2018. Denton, as a host city, must have at least one voice on these university governing boards.

HUG: We wish North Central Texas College the best of luck in establishing its Denton campus on East Hickory Street. City government and NCTC are working together to make sure there is adequate parking. Undoubtedly, the influx of students will provide an economic boost to bars, shops and restaurants on the Square and along East Hickory and East Oak streets.

HUG: Happy New Year to our advertisers and our readers.