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Hugs & Shrugs: Boy Scouts, Denton Christian Women's Fellowship, banana clips and con artists

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

SHRUG: Empower Texans, a right-wing political organization, is financed by West Texas oil and gas billionaires. In the tradition of the John Birch Society, the group pretends to be interested in social issues but is really only about one thing: attacking local governments to get them to lower taxes they have to pay on their oil and gas operations.

HUG: Boy Scout Troop 65 in Denton is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Boy Scouts of America has been a great youth development organization for many years. And it's even better now that it has reformed its membership policies to eliminate discrimination against boys and volunteers are gay.

HUG: If you didn't already read it, go back to Friday's front page to find freelance writer Annetta Ramsay's inspiring story about the Denton Christian Women's Fellowship. In the 1960s, black and white church women formed the fellowship to promote integration in rigidly segregated Denton. These courageous women pressured business and political leaders to eradicate segregation and bring some measure of equality to black citizens. If anyone should be memorialized on the town Square, it should be them.

SHRUG: Shooter walks into a school and starts firing. The banana clip in his AR-15 holds 30 rounds. When he stops to reload, teachers subdue him after 30 bodies fall. Who could be against imposing legal limit of 10 rounds in a magazine, which would force an active shooter to stop and reload sooner? The high-capacity, curved banana clip looks so cool jutting from the rifle's underside. It's like chrome rims on a classic car. Is this why more people have to die? So gun enthusiasts can have the freedom to decorate their assault-style rifles with neat accessories?

HUG: Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth gets a hug for firing baseball coach Mike Jeffcoat. Seems he sent an email to a Colorado recruit saying Texas Wesleyan does not accept players from Colorado because its "liberal politicians" approved recreational marijuana use in 2012. It's analogous to saying he would not accept players from Texas because beer, wine and whiskey are legal in the Lone Star State. Texas Wesleyan smartly rejected Jeffcoat's misguided, boneheaded policy.

HUG: Our hearts go out to Ponder residents concerned about the quality of their drinking water. Nothing could be more anxiety-inducing than feeling like you depend on a tainted water supply. We hope local and state officials fix the problem soon and restore confidence that the water is safe for drinking and bathing.

SHRUG: A recent story in The Dallas Morning News was both sad and amusing. Seems that some guys were selling shares in nonexistent oil wells and spending their investors' money on strippers, cocaine and booze. Sad because some good people lost their hard-earned money. Amusing because grifters have been selling shares in nonexistent oil wells since the 1930s. To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

FEATURED PHOTO: The U.S. flag flies along with the Troop 65 Boy Scouts of America flag during the troop's 100th anniversary celebration Sasturday at Evers Park. 
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