Toughen penalties on drunken drivers

It doesn’t really matter if you know who Jim Dent is or if you’ve read any of his best-selling sports books.

Speak out to save kids’ lives

Every individual should be outraged by the lack of human decency displayed by residents of a suburban Dallas community who stayed silent and allowed a 2-year-old boy to starve to death recently.

Review policies for reserve officers

The shooting death of an Oklahoma man during a recent undercover operation by sheriff’s deputies in Tulsa should serve as a wake-up call for all law enforcement agencies that use reserve officers in any capacity.

Give generously to help hungry

A weeklong food drive for Denton’s fourth annual Mayor’s Day of Concern for the Hungry begins today, and we urge our readers to give generously.

Tough choice for cancer patients

For too many cancer patients in our broken system, treatment comes down to a harrowing choice: death or financial ruin.

Teachers worthy of accolades

Ask most folks to name the greatest influences in life, and we believe they’ll put teachers at or near the top of the list.

Class offers insight into parking issue

We thank members of the 2015 Leadership Denton class for tackling an issue that is critical to the future of downtown Denton — parking.

Have pancakes to benefit kids

When it comes to helping kids, we should all be on the same page, no matter what our political persuasion or cultural background may be.

Be cautious with alcohol vaping

Do we really need to make it easier for bar patrons to get high? That was our first question after we learned about the arrival of the commercial alcohol vaporizing machine on the Denton bar scene.

Voter registration deadline looms

Most folks realize we have city and school elections on the horizon.

Keep open mind about UNT speaker

We congratulate University of North Texas President Neal Smatresk and other university officials on their choice for commencement speaker.

Time to reform truancy laws

Texas, the second-most-populous state in the country, writes up more than twice the truancy cases in all other states combined.

Gift helps parents bond with babies

Thanks to a $40,000 gift to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton from an anonymous donor, parents of premature babies now have a priceless opportunity to connect and bond with their fragile infants.

Time ripe for community market

The opening of the Denton Community Market is a much-anticipated spring event, and we encourage area residents to join in celebrating its return today.

Amendment a step backward for Texas

We learned long ago not to expect state lawmakers to display much common sense, but a budget amendment that would cut $3 million in funding from programs to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and use it for abstinence education has to be one of the dumbest ideas we’ve heard yet.

Drive friendly on East Hickory

We encourage drivers to be cautious and courteous while traveling along East Hickory Street.

Make street repairs a campaign issue

Denton City Council candidates got to sound off on several issues Monday night during a forum presented by the Denia Area Community Group, answering questions submitted by residents.

Mellow Mushroom earns its honor

It’s not easy to own and operate a business, especially in a market as sophisticated as Denton. Local consumers know what they want, and they have plenty of choices — not only here but just down the road in nearby cities.

Prop up Texas Tomorrow Fund

Even as Texas parents prepare for a new child, many worry about how they will pay for the rising cost of college tuition.

Project bolsters local community

We believe having a house to call their own gives people a stronger sense of pride and can encourage them to take a more active role in their community.

Stand up for what is right

How far are sports fans willing to go to forgive and forget when it comes to allegations of violence against women?

Tourism boosts Denton’s economy

The next time you check out one of the many events that make Denton a popular destination, give some thought to the people behind the scenes who promote the city.

Drive carefully in work zones

Officials with the Texas Department of Transportation probably weren’t thinking of Denton County when they launched a statewide campaign to remind drivers to slow down while traveling through work zones, but their timing is perfect nonetheless.

State must keep living centers open

We urge state legislators from Denton County to stand up for their constituents who can’t speak for themselves and make sure their interests are protected during current hearings to discuss the long-term fate of state-supported living centers.

Renewable energy vital to country

We hope that Texas politicians calling for an end to state support for the renewable power industry will reconsider. One of them, state Sen. Troy Fraser, R-Horseshoe Bay, has filed legislation to end the renewable energy program he championed a decade ago. With the support of the state’s Public Utility Commission, Fraser wants to freeze the state’s Renewable Energy Credit program.

Alamo plans need Daughters’ input

Without the Daughters of the Texas Republic, the Alamo would have been torn down in 1905, and our state’s legendary shrine would have been lost.

Scammers seek victims for tax season

Scammers give us yet another reason to hate tax season.

Nix deserving of Denton honor

Few people have been as actively involved in Denton sports as Cotton Nix, so it’s fitting that the Denton High School baseball field now bears his name.

Gun-related bills miss the target

State legislators who support contentious open-carry legislation that barreled through the Senate this week say they are standing up for our constitutional rights, but we fear that a lot of average Texans may wind up feeling like they’ve been mugged by gun-wielding thugs.

Join neighbors to clean up city

Spring officially arrives on Friday, and we can think of no better way to celebrate this season of renewal than to do a little spring cleaning with Keep Denton Beautiful.

Student’s efforts an example for all

Too many people respond to reports about tragedies involving children by shaking their heads and wishing there was something they could do to help — and then they quickly forget about it and move on to their own priorities.

Open-government bills need sunshine

Transparency in government is something all politicians say they’re for. Some public officials are true open-government warriors, but others are open-government wimps.

Plan could provide good pre-K teachers

The evidence is becoming clearer that quality early-childhood education is one of the best things we can do as a society to improve student performance.

Keep municipal control local

The biblical story of David and Goliath is used to illustrate that little guys — if they are tough and smart — can defeat big guys in battle.

Texas, Mexico must repair relations

Texas’ relationship with Mexico is more challenging now than it has been in years. Anti-immigration rhetoric has grown increasingly coarse, and Texas has National Guard troops along the border. Politically, the relationship often resembles a marriage on the rocks.

Seniors Helping Seniors a win for all

We believe a program that’s helping bridge the gap between generations in Lewisville would be a great addition to other Denton County communities.

State texting while driving ban gains life

Word from Austin is that the House Committee on Transportation has voted favorably on House Bill 80, which is good news for those of us who are tired of risking our lives sharing Texas highways with people who insist on texting while driving.

Be intolerant of hate speech

Disheartening. This word best describes our response to the shocking incident in which members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s chapter at the University of Oklahoma joyously chanted racial epithets on a weekend bus trip.

Put end to daylight saving time

We believe it’s time to put an end to the twice-yearly ritual of adjusting our clocks by an hour. Most of us are still a little groggy from the most recent time change, which officially occurred at 2 a.m. Sunday when daylight saving time went into effect and clocks were supposed to be turned ahead.

Bills undermine local control

Gov. Greg Abbott got the ball rolling, which is funny coming from a guy who, as attorney general, routinely decried the tyranny of federal overreach and national government’s alleged meddling with Texas values.

Act responsibly over spring break

We can readily understand why many folks — especially college students and other young people — believe that spring break is a time to cut loose and have fun.

Carpenter earns chamber honor

The Denton Chamber of Commerce never disappoints when it’s time to bestow the Otis L. Fowler Award, its most prestigious community honor.

Open house offers break for all

There are many good reasons to check out the annual Spring Open House event that begins this evening and runs through Sunday in downtown Denton, but a cure for cabin fever has to rank near the top of the list.

Time for scofflaws to pay fines

It’s time for scofflaws to pay up or go to jail, and we urge area law enforcement agencies to pour it on and apply aggressive pressure.The ninth annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup is set to begin, with...

Learn the true story of Texas

Retired Texas Woman’s University professor Ramiro Valdez provided a valuable Texas history lesson this week.

Dunham leaves legacy of belief

George Dunham is widely known as one of the most loyal and enthusiastic Mean Green supporters of all time, and his decision to retire as the voice of University of North Texas athletics must have been a tough call to make.

State must get priorities straight

First pay the bills. Take care of obligations, minimize debt and get current with maintenance. Every household should operate according to those conservative principles. And so should state government.

Consider voting for Denton’s best

It’s easy to tell when a business is doing something right because people will be talking about it.

Dan's a cornerstone of Denton music

We believe the Greater Denton Arts Council made a great decision when it selected Dan Mojica as recipient of the 2015 Community Arts Recognition Award.

Jurors in Routh trial heroes

The word “hero” has often been used in news coverage and commentary about the Stephenville murder trial of Eddie Ray Routh.