Holiday honors working people

Trade unions held the first Labor Day celebration in New York City on Sept. 5, 1882.New York City!Oh, well. We like the holiday, anyway.

Maintain funding for area libraries

We realize that some people believe libraries are no longer relevant as a result of new technology, but we believe they’re wrong.

Be careful over holiday weekend

The Labor Day weekend is traditionally one of the busiest travel and outdoor activity times of the year, and we encourage you to use caution if you’re off work Monday and planning one last summer outing before school gets underway in earnest.

Friday night lights come on today

Tonight’s the night. After weeks of preparation, most area high schools will be opening their 2014 football seasons at area stadiums.

‘Bike czar’ hire could be helpful

We believe the plan for Denton to hire a so-called “bike czar” to help implement routes for bicyclists and pedestrians in the city’s mobility plans could be a worthwhile idea, if it’s handled correctly.

First class day elevates emotions

Monday was a day of firsts for many area residents as a new school year began, and we hope that everyone had a successful launch.

Fair deal all around

Our hats are off to all who helped make this year’s North Texas Fair and Rodeo a success. Attendance for the 86th annual fair was more than 162,000, which set an all-time record and beat last year’s turnout of 150,000 by a comfortable margin, according to Glenn Carlton, the event’s executive director.

Economic miracle contains dark side

Every day, Texans celebrate the fruits of light government regulation: Housing is cheaper here, the economy is healthy and jobs are available.

Share the blessing of being American

Today, we once again give thanks that we live in the United States of America.

Ferguson police need diversity

The troubling turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri, reminds us of the ever-present role of race in our society.

Drive carefully when school starts

Many of us have been in a back-to-school mode for several days now, checking items off our priority lists as the clock ticks down to the first day of class.We’ve scoured store shelves to find all the supplies...

Consider trains to catch flights

The next time you need to catch a flight at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, we encourage you to consider starting your journey by rail..

One party control bad for Texas

The dictionary definition of the Latin phrase quid pro quo is simple: One thing in return for another. Gov. Rick Perry issued a threat to Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg after she was arrested on a DWI charge.

Skin cancer on rise in U.S.

Decades ago, advertisements for suntan lotions used to say their products would help give users “a healthy tan.” Today, the term “healthy tan” sounds like an oxymoron.

America is not broken

Douglas Lee Leguin is a terribly misguided soul. He’s the kind of guy who sits around the coffee shop and fouls the air with uninformed opinions about what’s wrong with America and the world. In other words, he’s a blowhard.

Other voices: Time to pay college athletes?

Walk into any grocery store, and the magazine rack bursting with glossy covers tells time as well as any calendar: College football is just a short pass away.

All that glitters is not gold

Two new reports came are out recently that, taken together, provide a pretty good picture of how the U.S. labor force has fared since the economic recovery began in June 2009.

Waste not, want not

Water and oil still don’t mix — especially in Texas. Hydraulic fracturing has freed volumes of trapped natural gas and fueled an energy revolution. But it’s come at a cost — the high use of water, a precious resource in a perpetually drought-stricken state.

Davis best hope for Democrats

The future of the Democratic Party in Texas — if it has one — rests on Wendy Davis’ shoulders. Davis, a state senator from Fort Worth, is the Democratic nominee for governor. She faces Greg Abbott, Texas attorney general and GOP nominee. Election day is not until Nov. 4, but both candidates already have begun airing television commercials in major markets.

Fair, rodeo offer something for all

It’s almost time for the North Texas Fair and Rodeo, and we’re looking forward to this year’s cowboy exploits, top-shelf musical entertainment, exciting carnival games and all the other activities that help make the fair such a crowd-pleasing family event.

Krum, Sanger forums important

The Krum and Sanger school districts have planned public forums this week on upcoming tax ratification elections, and we urge residents of both districts to take full advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the proposals.

Weakening draft bill a mistake

This newspaper has called for common-sense rules since the April 17, 2013, explosion in West — most of them regarding the handling and storage of ammonium nitrate, the hazardous chemical behind the blast.

Love of dance leads to honor

Denton resident Toby Thomason has joined the ranks of an elite group of Texans, and we want to congratulate him on the achievement.

Burgess focused on Denton County

We may not always see eye to eye with U.S. Congressman Michael Burgess, but we respect his dedication to the people who elected him. He’s an old-school guy who’s accessible and willing to sit down, answer questions and share ideas.

Give blood to ease shortage

This has not been a typical Texas summer in many ways — temperatures have been below normal at a time when the mercury typically hovers near the century mark, and we’ve even been blessed with rain on several occasions.

Don’t put off shots for school

It’s time to face the needle. Few things can ruin a child’s perfect summer faster than the thought of having to get school immunizations, but the new school year is upon us. Getting the pesky shots required by the Texas Department of State Health Services is a crucial ingredient for keeping us all healthy.

Sales tax holiday a timely benefit

This weekend’s sales tax holiday should provide a nice economic break for area consumers. Texas Comptroller Susan Combs recently reminded shoppers that the annual observance — which is set by the state Legislature — will begin Friday and continue through the close of business on Sunday.

Longtime chief leaves legacy

Those who knew Everett Wayne Autrey best will tell you that the words “to protect and serve” were more than just a motto to him.

Camp opens up playing field

Congratulations to those who staged and staffed the recent Camp Abilities in Denton to give youngsters with big challenges an opportunity to flex their minds and bodies.

Website overhaul a boon to all

We like the Denton County government’s updated website, and if you haven’t checked out lately, you need to take a look.

Help United Way aid people in need

We realize you’re busy — vacation season is winding down and back-to-school shopping is about to begin — but we hope you will find a little extra time to help the United Way of Denton County.Officials...

Carefully monitor new grade system

We tried to recall how many different teaching and discipline methods have been tried in public school classrooms in recent years, but we lost count.

Let alligators live in peace

Ask residents to list the most apparent signs of Denton County’s dynamic growth and some would mention rapidly rising rooftops that accompany residential and commercial development.

Share wealth with taxpayers

Plenty of positive signs appeared on the certified tax rolls released last week by the Denton Central Appraisal District.

Digital assets likely to fuel hot topic

Dying in the digital age means leaving two worlds instead of one. One is the physical world, where your body resides. The other is the online world, where your virtual self exists. When you die, your loved ones become responsible for both — yet they have very few tools to take proper care of the online “you.”

Denton County a great place to do business

We’ve been noting numerous new business ventures around the county, which is a positive sign for the economy. Many of the new ventures are not large operations, although their cumulative impact is far from small.

Sting brings to light multiple issues

A prostitution and human trafficking sting operation in The Colony resulted in some unexpected dividends last week and we salute the law enforcement agencies involved.

Denton residents deserve the truth

We ask you to consider Jason Wayne Bishop’s story with an open mind. In Thursday’s edition, Bishop said he became a victim of police brutality after a Denton officer picked him up early Saturday on suspicion of public intoxication.

Generosity seeds brighter future

The peak season for apples may not begin until September in many parts of the country, but a lot of generous folks have already helped one local agency celebrate a bumper crop.

SEC should probe congressional perk

Congress has a troubling propensity to require the rest of us to do what it resists. The latest example is a claim from the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee and a top staff member that they are “absolutely immune” from a Securities and Exchange Commission subpoena in an insider-trading probe.

Blues scene needs helping hand

Dallas has a well-deserved reputation, cultivated over the decades, of tearing down what it no longer needs to make room for something new and shiny. Preservation always seemed like a good idea for the next thing.

Beer sales make sense for Mean Green games

We support the decision by University of North Texas officials to begin selling beer in public sections of Apogee Stadium this fall.

Bring on UNT football season

The unseasonably cool temperatures and abundant rainfall we’ve experienced this week already had us thinking of fall, and then we saw the announcement that the Mean Green was picked to win the Conference USA West Division in a preseason poll of coaches.

CyberCamp opens up opportunities

A new camp being offered on the Texas Woman’s University campus this week is such a good idea that we don’t know why others haven’t organized similar efforts.

Voters should decide ban issue

Members of the Denton City Council listened to hours of public testimony before voting 5-2 against a proposed ban on hydraulic fracturing inside the city limits, and we believe they made the correct call.

Safety comes first on our lakes

As summer recreation season hits its peak, area lakes are sure to remain busy, and we urge all those who plan to go out on the water to use extreme caution.

Children’s generosity shows the way

Vacation Bible school is a tradition in most Texas towns — churches of various denominations launch annual day-camp or classroom sessions to help provide youngsters with a little purpose and fun for the summer.

Alamo gets generous gift

Phil Collins remembers the Alamo. Since he was a boy in England in the 1950s, his fancy struck by the adventures of a Disneyfied Davy Crockett, the incredibly successful singer and songwriter has been interested in the history of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution.

Project Denton likely to inspire

A lot of Denton businesses have interesting stories to tell and a local marketing firm has launched a new series of mini-documentaries that can benefit the companies and the community.

Audits provide conservation lesson

We don’t want to spoil your weekend, but if you’re making a to-do list for household projects today, be sure and remind yourself to check on a water audit.