Gumfory sets excellent example

Have you ever noticed how truly important people shun the limelight, display humility and don’t seek credit for the good they do. They might be the busiest person in the county on any given day, but they still have time to stop and chat with you.

Legislature puts tax cuts above needs

It’s probably not fair to dismiss anything so close to $4 billion as mere symbolism over substance.

Seniors set fine example for all

The Denton Senior Center Advisory Board is making a generous contribution to the Denton Parks Foundation to help with the Eureka 2 playground project.

DISD must provide timely information

We believe the Denton school district fumbled the ball when it failed to alert Guyer High School parents immediately about a student’s claim there could be a shooting at the school.Denton ISD officials...

Police personnel deserve honors

We realize awards can’t begin to pay back our police officers for their sacrifices and hard work on our behalf, but it’s always good to see them recognized for their service.

Keep the meaning of Memorial Day at heart

Today is Memorial Day, a time to remember and pay tribute to those who died while serving in our nation’s armed forces.

Crownover works hard for Denton’s sake

State Rep. Myra Crownover has worked hard for Denton County since voters sent her to the Texas Legislature in 2000 after the untimely death of her husband, state Rep. Ronnie Crownover.

Be safe on this wet holiday weekend

Saturated soil, high lake levels and a forecast that calls for more rain could prove to be a dangerous combination this holiday weekend, and we urge residents to use caution if they plan to hit the highway or insist on visiting an area lake.

Voting center idea worth pursuing

Will we ever be able to take the politics out of voting?

City Council gains fresh vigor

New Denton City Council members Kathleen Wazny and Keely Briggs may be political newcomers, but based on some of their early comments, they plan to hit the ground running and shake things up at City Hall.

Don’t take too much away from police

We understand the concerns that President Barack Obama is trying to address by ending long-running federal transfers of some combat-style equipment to local law enforcement agencies, but we hope the move doesn’t signal the start of a trend that winds up putting our police officers and the public at risk.

Grads who listened showed they can learn

It’s too bad that more University of North Texas graduates didn’t show up for commencement Saturday night.

Jeb-Hillary race a boring prospect

Is this really what we have to look forward to in 2016? Jeb Bush dancing on the head of pin about whether he would have invaded Iraq in 2003 just like his big brother, W.?

Businesses deserve recent recognition

We commend the Denton County Office of History and Culture on its new program to honor and promote longtime businesses throughout the county.

Don’t drive into high water

How can people be dumb enough to drive into high water?

Graduation a time to remember

University and high school commencement season is here, and we wish all the graduates favorable winds and fair seas as they launch the next stage of their voyages through life.

Education bill may harm state

We’re giving the Texas Legislature and Gov. Greg Abbott failing grades for helping to lower the state’s education standards. The governor signed legislation Monday that will soon make graduating from high school in Texas as easy as passing three freshman-level tests.

Prepare now for severe weather

The events of the past few days should serve as a wake-up call — are you and your family prepared for a weather emergency?

County lucky no one injured

Lucky is not a word one should use to describe a county hit by a tornado and flooding. Families with water-logged homes and vehicles and businesses in northwest Denton County probably don’t feel lucky. And the Denton families who suffered tornado damage to their homes, businesses, fences, signage, trees and cars aren’t feeling too lucky this week.

Increase funding to battle cancer

Patrick Reynolds, director of Texas Tech University’s Cancer Center, has a powerful illustration regarding the use of federal government money to protect lives.

Make mom feel special today

We hope you didn’t forget that today is Mother’s Day, but if you failed to circle the date on the calendar, there’s still plenty of time to make sure she knows you care.

Local elections carry weight

If it rains today, grab an umbrella to stay dry on the way to your polling place. That’s right, it’s election day, and a little rain is no excuse to avoid voting.

GOP leaders help clear up mess

Greg Abbott has been governor of Texas for four months. He’s playing politics on a big stage now. The Jade Helm 15 saga has made it clear that he is still very much in learning mode.

Time to address Square concerns

The Denton City Council’s minimalist approach to addressing concerns and complaints about the Square during a special work session last week was disappointing, to say the least.

Renew efforts to fight terrorism

We’d like to know how a man who had reportedly been on the FBI’s radar for years because of terrorist leanings could wind up outside a Garland meeting facility armed with an assault rifle.

Rural health care matters in a crisis

All Americans should be concerned about what’s happening to rural hospitals. In a nation that prides itself on the quality of its medical facilities, physicians and cutting-edge technology, more and more people are being left without a nearby source of basic care.

Smith provides voice of reason

Thank God for Todd Smith. Who, you may ask, is Todd Smith? Well, he is the only Republican in Texas who had the temerity to call out Gov. Greg Abbott for pandering to right-wing nuts spreading conspiracy theories about a military training exercise scheduled for this summer in Texas and six other Southwestern states.

‘White Lilacs’ tour offers insight

The passage of time has a way of changing our perceptions of events, which is why we applaud efforts by the Denton County Office of History and Culture to make sure that the true story of Quakertown won’t be forgotten.

‘Shattered Dreams’ could save lives

We hope students who watched the mock auto crash scene production “Shattered Dreams” at Lake Dallas High School on Thursday morning got the message.

Try walking in another’s shoes

We’ve heard two basic opinions about the possibility of in-person jail visitation returning to Denton County.

Summer jobs program helps all

Remember how exciting it was to land a summer job when you were young?We’re hoping Denton employers will be generous and make it possible for a lot of young people to share that experience this year.

Parents need to get involved

We need more parents who are as courageous as the Baltimore mom who decided to take matters into her own hands when she suspected that her son was involved in rioting.

Even in rainy times, water worth saving

As the area begins to dry out from heavy rains and Friday flooding that forced officials to close down the opening night of the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, we’re betting the last thing on your mind is conserving water.

We must preserve state historic sites

No other state can boast of such a proud history including a stint as an independent nation. We recently celebrated that independence — and the sacrifices made to obtain it — on the anniversary of the battle of San Jacinto, 179 years ago.

Research solves texting puzzle

Texans are still texting while driving. We see them in the slow lane, heads bobbing and thumbs flying.

Make a difference in city by voting

The next time someone tells you they want to be more involved in their community, ask them if they voted in the last city or school election.We hear a lot of folks profess to want to make a difference,...

A lot expected of new school leaders

We welcome the five individuals who were named last week to lead Denton ISD schools by asking each of them: How do you plan to make your school the best in the district?

UNT campaign an aid for all

We commend the University of North Texas for a new campaign called Speak Out. It’s designed to inform students about ways to get help for mental illnesses, whether for themselves or for friends in need.

U.S. must counter terrorist recruiters

We need to find out what type of poison terrorist recruiters are feeding our nation’s young people so we can develop an effective antidote.

Time to pass full smoking ban

We urge Denton City Council members to stop stalling and do the right thing by expanding the city’s smoking ban to include bars.

A cup of coffee or better roads?

Certainly, there are clear political benefits to cutting taxes this legislative session. Less clear, though, are the benefits individual taxpayers would receive from the various proposed cuts being bandied about in the Legislature.

Legislation needed to address West explosion

Why haven’t state lawmakers adopted new regulations to help prevent disasters like the deadly West fertilizer explosion?

Toughen penalties on drunken drivers

It doesn’t really matter if you know who Jim Dent is or if you’ve read any of his best-selling sports books.

Speak out to save kids’ lives

Every individual should be outraged by the lack of human decency displayed by residents of a suburban Dallas community who stayed silent and allowed a 2-year-old boy to starve to death recently.

Review policies for reserve officers

The shooting death of an Oklahoma man during a recent undercover operation by sheriff’s deputies in Tulsa should serve as a wake-up call for all law enforcement agencies that use reserve officers in any capacity.

Give generously to help hungry

A weeklong food drive for Denton’s fourth annual Mayor’s Day of Concern for the Hungry begins today, and we urge our readers to give generously.

Tough choice for cancer patients

For too many cancer patients in our broken system, treatment comes down to a harrowing choice: death or financial ruin.

Teachers worthy of accolades

Ask most folks to name the greatest influences in life, and we believe they’ll put teachers at or near the top of the list.

Class offers insight into parking issue

We thank members of the 2015 Leadership Denton class for tackling an issue that is critical to the future of downtown Denton — parking.

Have pancakes to benefit kids

When it comes to helping kids, we should all be on the same page, no matter what our political persuasion or cultural background may be.