Learn the true story of Texas

Retired Texas Woman’s University professor Ramiro Valdez provided a valuable Texas history lesson this week.

Dunham leaves legacy of belief

George Dunham is widely known as one of the most loyal and enthusiastic Mean Green supporters of all time, and his decision to retire as the voice of University of North Texas athletics must have been a tough call to make.

State must get priorities straight

First pay the bills. Take care of obligations, minimize debt and get current with maintenance. Every household should operate according to those conservative principles. And so should state government.

Consider voting for Denton’s best

It’s easy to tell when a business is doing something right because people will be talking about it.

Dan's a cornerstone of Denton music

We believe the Greater Denton Arts Council made a great decision when it selected Dan Mojica as recipient of the 2015 Community Arts Recognition Award.

Jurors in Routh trial heroes

The word “hero” has often been used in news coverage and commentary about the Stephenville murder trial of Eddie Ray Routh.

Argyle flimmakers earn top honor

We don’t know if Hollywood has been in touch with them yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time before we see the names of five young filmmakers from Argyle High School flash across the silver screen.

Share warnings about scams

Many of us take scam reports for granted, and that’s a dangerous attitude to have.

Thanks to those who aren’t hunkered down

Some of us may have chuckled a few times as we watched news reports of the deepening snow and frigid temperatures that settled in over parts of the Northeast a few days ago.

Drone rules need to be reasonable

The first time a drone flies over a Silicon Valley neighborhood it will be a novelty. The second, third and fourth flyovers will generate legitimate questions about privacy, public safety and future applications of their use.

Shell shock

Just like that, the 84th Texas Legislative Session is about a third over, and lawmakers are busy holding hearings and debates over hundreds of proposed new laws.

A simple red rose speaks volumes

Denton first responders had a special Valentine’s Day gift for several deserving people on Friday — a red rose.

Critics call for Legislature to meet annually

Critics of Texas’ so-called part-time Legislature are at it again, calling for lawmakers to adopt annual sessions.

Heart health a priority for women

The annual Denton Go Red for Women luncheon makes it fashionable for women to learn how to prevent heart disease.

Guard’s mission of dubious utility

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick understandably wants to deliver on his campaign promise to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and fill gaps left by inadequate federal enforcement, but he proposes to go about it the wrong way by extending the deployment of Texas National Guard troops on a mission of dubious utility.

Playground plans draw on kids’ imaginations

We can’t wait to see the new playground being planned for South Lakes Park in Denton — we understand that a top-notch design team has been working on the initial design.

Groups help make meal healthier

Most of us take fresh fruits and vegetables for granted — a trip to the grocery store is all it takes to replenish our supply.

Campus carry a bad idea

We keep wondering why Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and other lawmakers in Austin continue to push campus-carry legislation when many university officials and campus police have warned against such measures.

Protect children from diseases

We believe that Mississippi and West Virginia set a fine example for other states to follow when it comes to getting childhood vaccinations.

Conditions ripe for grass fires

It’s time to sound the alarm — grass fire season is already beginning as North Texas continues to battle stubborn drought conditions.

Fort Hood heroes deserve honors

Friday’s announcement from the Army that it would award the Purple Heart to victims of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting was welcome, if long overdue.

TSA continues to battle boneheads

The descent of American presidents from George Washington to Ulysses S. Grant, argued the 19th century writer Henry Adams, was enough to raise doubts about the theory of evolution. Anyone looking to debunk Darwin today could find ample evidence in the behavior of travelers going through airport security every day.

Denton needs towing ordinance

We must protect legislative process

Threats have no place in the legislative process, and we urge state lawmakers not to be swayed by bullying tactics employed by some open carry advocates.

Families of year an inspiration

A lot is written today about the uncertain future of the family unit, so it’s refreshing to see local families celebrated for sticking together.

Ban texting while driving in Texas

It’s time for the state of Texas to play it smart and join other states that have outlawed texting while driving.

Time to move on dumpster issues

Trash dumpsters have no place on city sidewalks, and we’re glad that Denton City Council members are addressing the issue.

Crime Stoppers stickers a boon

We wish authorities had put stickers with information about Denton County Crime Stoppers on sheriff’s office patrol vehicles sooner.

Local control best for campus carry

Gun advocates and some Texas lawmakers are once again seeking ways to allow guns on the premises of higher education institutions. In an era of campus shootings and university lockdowns, student safety is high on the minds of students and their parents, but having a weapon does not guarantee safety.

Charity begins with homes

Officials with Habitat for Humanity of Denton County announced last week that they have set a goal of building 50 homes in the next five years to coincide with the organization’s 25th anniversary, and...

Anti-Muslim actions against Texas creed

We’ve struggled to find a word to explain Thursday’s distressing and embarrassing confrontation between Texas Muslims and anti-Muslim protesters at the state Capitol. The best we can come up with for publication in a family newspaper is “ignorance.”

Growth in city’s best interest

We hope all those who have decided to run or may be considering a try for Denton City Council took note of Mayor Chris Watts’ “State of the City” talk Monday night to members of the Denia Area Community Group.

Denton Benefit league serves area well

We need more positive community forces like the Denton Benefit League. This outstanding organization recently awarded $235,551 in grants to 42 nonprofit groups that serve the Denton County area.

Consider a run for office

If you’ve ever complained about your city council representatives by saying you could do a better job, then your opportunity to put up or shut up is at hand.

Cookie sales boost Girl Scouts’ skills

We’ve always believed that Girl Scout cookies do a lot more than satisfy a craving for sweets, and we encourage you to break that New Year’s diet just a bit to close a sale.

Some win, some lose in oil market

The recent plunge in oil prices is great news for almost everyone. Motorists pay less at the pump for gas; airlines save money on jet fuel; retailers are likely to profit from the estimated $130 billion consumers will have to spend on other stuff. The economy should grow a bit faster, too. The trade balance will improve, since the United States still imports more petroleum products than it exports.

Worthy avenue to communication

Reactions from participants in a series of meetings between Denton police and Denton High School students designed to improve understanding and communication emphasize the sessions’ value.

Plans for drive-in show potential

Those of us of a certain age have fond memories of drive-in movie theaters, and they don’t all revolve around date night.Sure, the old drive-in was a popular destination for couples, but it was also a...

Firefighters deserve our thanks

The Denton Fire Department’s annual awards banquet Saturday reminds us that a message of appreciation to firefighters in our area is long overdue.

Time to make streets safer

We’ve said it before and it bears saying again — Denton streets are dangerous, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

United Way helpers a boon to county

Supporters of the United Way of Denton County are to be congratulated for helping the organization bring in $2,271,324 through its 2014 fundraising campaign.

Homeowners need tax relief

Too often when tax cuts are on the legislative menu, ordinary Texans don’t get a place at the table. State Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, aims to rearrange those chairs so that homeowners are getting a significant share of tax cuts when the Legislature serves up the budget surplus.

Speak out for what is right

Today is a national holiday that pays tribute to the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and we believe that a day of service would be a good way to honor his memory.

Can’t take Texas out of Perry

It’s hard to imagine Texas politics without Rick Perry. A more authentic Texan was never born. He grew up in northwest Texas, where cattle outnumber people. Perry, like most teenagers, left Haskell County after high school. He wound up attending Texas A&M.

Texting while driving is nonsense

We’re tired of reading reports about auto accidents involving drivers suspected of texting instead of watching the road.

Deaf girl inspires by example

Dynasty Poole said she felt inspired by her moment in the spotlight Monday night as sign language interpreter for two songs at the College Football Playoff championship game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Joint discussion offers lessons

We hope to see more discussions between teenagers and police like the one that was held Friday at Denton High School.

New UNT program has potential

We think it’s great that the University of North Texas is launching a new partnership with the Arlington school district to automatically accept high school juniors who are in the top 20 percent of their class, and we hope the plan will soon be expanded to Denton ISD and other area districts.

Students should fund own degrees

President Barack Obama is a good Democrat. He wants federal and state governments to pay the tab for lower-income students to attend community colleges for free. We agree with the president that community college provides a valuable option for job training and higher education.

Abbott’s speech disappointing

We love politics. We hate demagoguery. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines demagogue as “one who tries to stir up peoples’ emotions in order to win them over and so gain power.”