Help immigrants to do right thing

A new partnership agreement between the city of Boston and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services establishes an important framework for making immigrants aware of their rights and responsibilities, especially if they aspire to become citizens one day.

Officials should keep beliefs out of politics

We are trying to understand the obstructionist philosophy that some Republican strategists have adopted to thwart gay marriage. We understand the position of socially conservative business owners who’ve argued that covering contraceptive products under medical insurance for their employees violates their religious beliefs.

Think about your freedom today

Today we pay tribute to a momentous achievement, an accomplishment like no other — still celebrated more than 235 years after it was officially announced to the world.

Bring gun signs up to date

We advise Denton County business owners to make sure they understand their rights regarding Texas’ new open carry law and how to properly post signs requesting that patrons leave their weapons behind.

Seek advice before tying the knot

While some continue to lament the Supreme Court decision that led to two history-making events in Denton County on Monday — issuance of the first same-sex marriage license and the first same-sex wedding performed by a county elected official — others see the promise of blossoming economic benefits.

TWU center should pay big dividends

The addition of a Center for Women in Business at Texas Woman’s University should be a boon not only for the local campus but for all of North Texas.

Help Our Daily Bread change lives

More people should adopt the philosophy that has made Our Daily Bread a beacon of hope in Denton. The nonprofit organization celebrated a milestone last week by serving its 600,000th free meal, but the soup kitchen is not just about filling hungry bellies.

Law of the land abides

The U.S. Supreme Court has spoken. The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires states to legally sanction gay marriage.

Texas grand jury reform welcome

In a state as large as Texas — with 254 counties and hundreds of elected district attorneys and judges — there are no guarantees of uniform justice for the defendants who going through the criminal justice system.

All monuments, symbols not equal

The horrific Charleston church shooting has put a host of Confederate symbols into society’s crosshairs. South Carolina is taking steps toward removing the Confederate flag from the state capitol grounds in Columbia. Students and progressive forces in Austin are protesting the Jefferson Davis statue on the University of Texas campus.

Texas goes beyond Old West norm

Here’s something to think about: The Texas Legislature has passed new gun laws that many communities would have considered irresponsible back in the Old West of the 1880s.

New truancy law a better approach

With Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature on House Bill 2398 recently, Texas can finally say goodbye to its failed experiment with criminal prosecution of truants.

Be a role model on racial matters

It’s easy to become despondent about race relations in America. We pass laws to outlaw overt and visible racial discrimination. But the Dylann Storm Roofs still walk among us with hearts and souls poisoned by anger, ignorance and hatred.

Ag commissioner’s idea is half-fried

Now that new Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has struck a blow for freedom with deep fryers and soft drinks, we can’t help but wonder what is next on his agenda.

Fertilizer bill should be stronger

A new law makes ammonium nitrate explosions less likely, but legislation should have been stronger.

Put a personal spin on your Father's Day gift

Today is Father’s Day, and we’ve seen plenty of suggestions for gift ideas.

Lake Dallas goings-on need impartial review

The city of Lake Dallas has erupted into political chaos.

Extend hand to people around us

Why does it seem as if the public’s first reaction to tragedy is typically suspicion of authority?

‘Strategic repeal’ reasonable choice

We believe the Denton City Council took the most reasonable route available by voting to repeal the city’s ban on hydraulic fracturing.

Task force holds promise for homeless

Homelessness is an uncomfortable subject to talk about, maybe because so many people are just one crisis away from losing their current lifestyle.

CNN owes police a proper apology

CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield has caught a lot of flak for commenting that Saturday’s attack on Dallas police headquarters was “courageous and brave,” and we believe she deserves every bit of it.

University fund a good trade

Texas has replaced the controversial Emerging Technology Fund with a new university fund that will help recruit nationally recognized researchers to Texas universities.

Discoveries help to enrich history

We’d like to see Denton County history books expanded to include the contributions of all its pioneers, and a current effort to find out more about early Hispanic settlers is a good way to start.

Boaters should play it safe

We realize boat owners are anxious to get back on area lakes, but this might be a good weekend to catch up on maintenance rather than waste time trying to find an open boat ramp.

Work together to counter crime

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of Denton resident Samira Siwakoti, who was killed Wednesday morning as she worked behind the counter of a convenience store in The Colony.

City staff’s ideas hold promise

Sounds to us like Denton city staff members have a winning idea about borrowing ideas from the business sector to improve efficiency at City Hall, and we hope the City Council agrees.

Follow Golden Rule to avoid incidents

Social media continues to fuel the raging fire sparked by a McKinney police officer’s actions as he responded to a pool party that grew too big, too fast.

Local businesses lead by example

We don’t believe that small businesses get the credit they deserve. When it comes to national financial news, many headlines center on large corporations — all the folks who keep this country’s local businesses up and running can often be ignored.

Legislature moves on transportation

Texas lawmakers have made a long overdue, multibillion-dollar statement on the importance of transportation.

Time to overhaul U.S. cybersecurity

It should be apparent to everyone by now that our nation’s cybersecurity is in great need of repair.

Clinton misses real voting threat

We can understand a disgruntled voter complaining about Texas’ voter ID law at the last minute — there may be a few people out there who keep their heads in the sand who aren’t familiar with the rules.

Graduates set excellent examples

A lot of dreams are being launched across Denton County as high schools hold graduation ceremonies.

Campus carry sparks concerns

We don’t envy our state’s university leaders as they start planning how best to implement campus carry.

Rethink proposed substation site

At least one resident of Denton’s Hillside Addition told us that a plan to sacrifice several neighborhood homes to build a new Denton Municipal Electric substation seems like a done deal.

Protesting can be done without time in jail

We believe there should be a chapter in the protester’s handbook that spells out how to determine if the benefits of an action are worth the costs.

Time to celebrate the new Texas

Not to be dyspeptic at a time when spring rains have replenished rivers and reservoirs and cool breezes continue to fend off beastly hot weather, but we’re wondering whether it’s time for the Lone Star State to engage — if you’ll pardon the cliche — in a bit of “rebranding.”

Senate’s failure to pass texting bill is a mistake

We keep thinking Texas lawmakers will pass some laws that actually have the support of a majority of the people who live and work in this state, but our hope is waning as this legislative session winds down.

Gumfory sets excellent example

Have you ever noticed how truly important people shun the limelight, display humility and don’t seek credit for the good they do. They might be the busiest person in the county on any given day, but they still have time to stop and chat with you.

Legislature puts tax cuts above needs

It’s probably not fair to dismiss anything so close to $4 billion as mere symbolism over substance.

Seniors set fine example for all

The Denton Senior Center Advisory Board is making a generous contribution to the Denton Parks Foundation to help with the Eureka 2 playground project.

DISD must provide timely information

We believe the Denton school district fumbled the ball when it failed to alert Guyer High School parents immediately about a student’s claim there could be a shooting at the school.Denton ISD officials...

Police personnel deserve honors

We realize awards can’t begin to pay back our police officers for their sacrifices and hard work on our behalf, but it’s always good to see them recognized for their service.

Keep the meaning of Memorial Day at heart

Today is Memorial Day, a time to remember and pay tribute to those who died while serving in our nation’s armed forces.

Crownover works hard for Denton’s sake

State Rep. Myra Crownover has worked hard for Denton County since voters sent her to the Texas Legislature in 2000 after the untimely death of her husband, state Rep. Ronnie Crownover.

Be safe on this wet holiday weekend

Saturated soil, high lake levels and a forecast that calls for more rain could prove to be a dangerous combination this holiday weekend, and we urge residents to use caution if they plan to hit the highway or insist on visiting an area lake.

Voting center idea worth pursuing

Will we ever be able to take the politics out of voting?

City Council gains fresh vigor

New Denton City Council members Kathleen Wazny and Keely Briggs may be political newcomers, but based on some of their early comments, they plan to hit the ground running and shake things up at City Hall.

Don’t take too much away from police

We understand the concerns that President Barack Obama is trying to address by ending long-running federal transfers of some combat-style equipment to local law enforcement agencies, but we hope the move doesn’t signal the start of a trend that winds up putting our police officers and the public at risk.

Grads who listened showed they can learn

It’s too bad that more University of North Texas graduates didn’t show up for commencement Saturday night.

Jeb-Hillary race a boring prospect

Is this really what we have to look forward to in 2016? Jeb Bush dancing on the head of pin about whether he would have invaded Iraq in 2003 just like his big brother, W.?