Work together to clear the air

A lot of folks in Denton and North Texas are walking around with runny noses, bloodshot eyes, sore throats and gurgling in their ears. Most of them write off these maladies to “allergies.”

Cruz puts race before Texans

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, an establishment Republican if ever there was one, is finally talking straight about about his uncollegial colleague Ted Cruz.

Denton's soul set to materialize

Where does one find the soul of a city?

More can be done to combat homelessness

Denton is starting to chip away at developing services for the homeless population, but the progress is not coming fast enough.

Tubman on $20 enriches America

All nations great and small tell their stories in a thousand different ways. They tell their stories in the sanctioned texts schoolchildren study. Some stories are found in the speeches politicians give on holidays like the Fourth of July or Cinco de Mayo. Others come to us, one generation to the next, in the movies, newspapers, novels and biographies, and by singers, songwriters and playwrights.

Keep restrooms free from politics

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz clashed last week over a North Carolina “bathroom law” that requires transgender people to use the public bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate.

Vaccinate pups against parvovirus

With National Pet Parents Day just around the corner on Sunday , it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful things we do for our furry family members.

Lexicon changes with the times

You’ll want to clip, save and study this editorial to stay on the cutting edge of linguistic evolution.

AISD should explain action on Wright

Under the leadership of Superintendent Telena Wright, the Argyle school district developed a reputation for excellence in sports and academics.

Advice offered for District 64 winner

As Denton becomes more focused on the May 7 City Council elections, another important political contest is taking place in the shadows.

Update ammonium nitrate rules

Ammonium nitrate is an effective fertilizer. Texas farmers use hundreds of tons each year to enhance their crops. When stored improperly in wooden bins, it can spontaneously explode upon contact with fire or intense heat. But that is not all.

Child-welfare agency turmoil inexcusable

If meaningful change demands a period of disruption, Texas’ child-welfare agency is the throes of revolution. From top to bottom, this is an agency in turmoil.

UNT deserves to take a day to celebrate

University of North Texas President Neal Smatresk and his team can breathe a sigh of relief.

Many of us complicit in Paxton’s scandal

If Texas Republicans are to lay claim to values such as public integrity and good governance amid changing political demographics, they best deal with the ethical problems mounting around State Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Festival of history for county's 170th

Denton County’s roots can be traced to 1841 when William S. Peters of Louisville, Kentucky, and other Anglo settlers obtained a land grant from the nation of Texas.

State politics hurt by dominance of GOP

Texas has been a one-party state for almost 20 years, and we believe the tainted chickens are coming home to roost.

Is UNT's secrecy worth the cost?

What is a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

Gentle response best for gender issues

If Schuyler Bailar is a harbinger of things to come, gender eventually could become a state of mind instead of a physical reality.

Candidate offers madcap musings

Just when it appeared the State Board of Education was turning over a new leaf, with Republicans such as Thomas Ratliff working to rein in polemicists whose views made Texas the butt of many jokes on late-night TV, along comes Mary Lou Bruner.

Universities need local regents

Congratulations to Kay and Bob Goodman, who graciously accepted the annual Founders’ Award from Texas Woman’s University last week.

Border wall would harm ecosystem

Almost as infuriating as Donald Trump’s macho blathering about building a gigantic wall along our border with Mexico is the mindless assent the other two Republican presidential aspirants give to the notion.

Perry must live with his decisions

Timing is everything.

Cox mystery may be soon solved

We can’t imagine the pain and anguish that parents suffer after losing a child. It is bad enough if the child is taken during a tragic accident or by a fatal illness. It is even worse if the child is abducted, assaulted and murdered.

Mexican drug trade a cancer on Texas

How well do you know your neighbors?

Brain disease could impact food chain

The Texas deer hunting season ended in January. Undoubtedly, some families still have venison in the freezers, just waiting for the right moment to make chili, sausage or fajitas.

U.S. Soccer must pay players equally

Quick: Name a U.S. national soccer player. The first to pop into your head was probably a woman, maybe even one of the women who recently filed a federal wage-discrimination claim against the U.S. Soccer Federation.

UNT needs new way to fire up fans

What can the University of North Texas do to pump up interest in its football program as coach Seth Littrell prepares for his inaugural season next fall?

Regulators in denial on Texas quakes

Earthquakes in North Texas used to be virtually nonexistent. Not anymore.

Trump blunders on abortion issue

Donald Trump stepped into the abortion issue this week and sank up to his hair-do in political poo. Once again, he demonstrated his ignorance of a major political issue.

‘Craft’ label raises coolness level

Everyone loves a fad until it’s enjoyed 15 minutes of fame and becomes a discarded cliche.

Lack of bluebonnets bedevils travelers

We are investigating a possible wildflower conspiracy. Motorists along Interstate 35 between San Antonio and Dallas report a riot of Indian paintbrush and pink evening primrose clusters, but very few fields of bluebonnets.

Woman steps up to help children

A recent survey of North Texas news stories revealed dire predictions of earthquakes, possible dam failures and a gathering of thousands of professional wrestling fans at this week’s 32nd annual Wrestlemania in Dallas.

Let driving’s future come to you

We like technological advancement as much as the next bunch of editorial writers, but still ... a car that drives itself? Hoo boy, you first, pal. Even George Jetson kept a firm grip on the wheel of his flying saucer.

Tax case could hit state budget

Justices of the Texas Supreme Court are considering a case that could considerably change the financial landscape of the Texas budget for years, and chances are you either haven’t heard about it or don’t completely grasp what it is all about.

Chamber honors community service

Life is often complicated. We have jobs and family responsibilities. We pay bills, help kids with homework, go visit mom and dad to make sure they’re OK, go to church and maintain our homes as best we can.

Change in orca treatment correct

If you or your family are planning to go to SeaWorld’s San Antonio park this summer, you can still go. But things will be different there and at its San Diego theme park.

Muslim community same as others

The Belgium bombings have gotten us on edge about where and when Islamic terrorists might strike again in the United States.

Denton in position to attract retirees

Denton broke ground this week on a hotel/convention center complex at Rayzor Ranch Town Center. Undoubtedly, the Denton Chamber of Commerce is hard at work crafting a marketing campaign to attract small- and medium-sized conventions to the city.

Denton now in convention game

Old-timers can regale young whippersnappers with stories about the white mansion on the hill at the corner of University Drive and Interstate 35.

Police ‘body cams’ proving worth

Law enforcement agencies continue refining constructive ways to document their interactions with the public.

Legislature should set tuition rates

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is onto something when he complains about recent tuition increases at the University of Texas at Austin and other public universities.

State must protect children in danger

State government must care for the least among us. And we don’t mean oil barons, real estate magnates or wealthy lawyers. We do mean abused and neglected children who must be removed from the home to protect them from harm.

Time ripe for high-speed rail

As flip-flops go, Brazos Valley Council of Governments’ new opposition to high-speed rail between Dallas and Houston is more than baffling. It is bad policy, too.

Work together to solve Square issues

A variety of shops on the Square in Denton frame the historic county courthouse. Together, they symbolize the heart of the city. The Square and its eclectic mix of businesses draw locals and tourists alike.

Shelter posts high adoption rates

Let’s take a break from the news and focus on something really good in Denton. The Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center opened 13 months ago on North Elm Street and has become a raging success.

Drug abuse battle needs new ideas

Why do people use and abuse dangerous drugs? If you don’t believe Denton County suffers from a drug problem, take a look at the list of grand jury indictments published last Sunday in the Denton Record-Chronicle. You can find them on our website,

Ambivalence rises in presidential race

Dallas billionaire Mark Cuban was down in Austin last weekend soaking up the atmosphere surrounding the annual South by Southwest festival.

IRS doesn’t cheat pastors’ rights

Recently, as he has done several times, Dr. Robert Jeffress — senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas — visited a Donald Trump rally, took the stage alongside the candidate and told the cheering crowd what a great president Trump would be.

TWU athletes earn high marks

How many times over the years have we read about the superstar high school or college athlete — usually football or basketball players — who manages to skate through school without going to class or doing the academic work required of average students?

Thanks, Dr. Pomerance for all you do

We do our best to remember our Hometown Heroes. You know who they are — the men and women who show up to work every day and take care of their families. In addition, they add value to Denton through charity work and philanthropy.