How will Hillary handle convention?

The Democratic National Convention gets underway in Philadelphia on Monday. Hillary Clinton and her political team will be focused on presenting a sober and serious face to the American public — a strategy that she believes will be an effective response to the unpredictable Trump and his unorthodox campaign.

Generation of memories

Garry Marshall, director/producer of such iconic television hits as The Odd Couple, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy, excelled with crowd-pleasing comedy.

Help reform CPS by boosting pay

Recently, Henry “Hank” Whitman, the new head of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, outlined a 10-point plan to improve Child Protective Services.

Lake Dallas moving forward

We are 100 percent behind Lake Dallas Mayor Julie Mathews and new Lake Dallas City Manager Matt Shaffstall.

Farewell to Davis Purity Bakery

We wish all good things didn’t have to come to an end. But that’s life.

Stay positive as election nears

We were listening to political discussions in a local coffee shop this week. The comments were mostly depressing. The choice between Trump and Clinton is roiling the nation. It’s easy to dislike them both and hard to enthusiastically support either one.

Be safe playing Pokemon Go

The latest fad to hit a smartphone near you is the Pokemon Go app. The free app uses GPS and the phone’s camera to allow players to track and trap the Pokemon monsters in the real world.

Invasive species threaten activities

Our way of life is under attack, and East Texans are actually contributing to the growing threat.

We stand with Baton Rouge

About 400 miles separates Dallas from Baton Rouge. Today violence and grief bind us.

Ginsburg’s remarks inappropriate

Mental health bill could help millions

Faced with an issue as important as revamping the nation’s mental health system, Congress has largely failed to get those struggling with mental health issues the help they require.

Police body cams no panacea

If only we had a way to see what a police officer sees when he stops someone for questioning, when she makes an arrest, when either decides that force, possibly deadly, is the only recourse.

Most Holocaust witnessess gone

Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel made it his life’s work to never let the world forget.

Obama’s speech offers truth, hope

Dallas’ response in the days since five of our police officers were murdered demonstrates that our city can help show America how to heal its divisions over race and ease tensions over police violence.

Police carry enough burdens as it is

The National Rifle Association and its handmaidens in elected office are leading America down the primrose path.

Perry makes point

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has endorsed Donald Trump for president, but that doesn’t mean he marches in lockstep with the New York real estate tycoon.

Get well, governor

We don’t always agree with everything Gov. Greg Abbott says and does. He crawls onto some far-fetched limbs to placate the right wing of his party.

Area alive with history

Philosopher George Santayana once wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Exploring space fuels our wonder

NASA’s heady heyday, when breathless liftoff-to-splashdown coverage of its space missions held Americans spellbound, isn’t much more than a nostalgic boomer memory now. No matter who you think won, the space race died with the Cold War.

Dallas must unite in face of tragedy

Our hearts are broken. For the dead and wounded Dallas officers. For their loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Work together on race relations

A distance of 38 miles separates downtown Denton and downtown Dallas. What happens in downtown Dallas usually has little to do with Denton. Dallas has 10 times the population of Denton. We exist in a different culture.

Texas-New York rivalry fires up again

Do you remember the Pace picante sauce commercials featuring Texas cowboys sitting around a campfire? They are startled to learn they are eating hot sauce made in New York City. Pace is made, of course, in Texas.

Parkey made county a better place

Benny Parkey made his mark. You can bet that mourners will go through a lot of tissues during his memorial service this morning at First Baptist Church in Denton.

Joining Forces aids military families

It’s easy to become cynical about government and its role in our lives. We often focus on issues that generate the biggest headlines — abortion, gun control, terrorism, LGBT rights and such — and ignore the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in Washington, D.C.

Pat Summitt leaves lasting legacy

Three foundations of sports are winning, losing and statistics. By any reasonable measure, and particularly those three, Pat Summitt is a name you and your children and their children should remember for all time.

New technology comes with risks

The driver of a Tesla S put his car on “self-driving mode” and then died after colliding with a truck. This is what can happen to early adopters of new technology.

Senate must act on court vacancy

It has been more than three months since President Barack Obama nominated federal Judge Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia the month before. And the GOP-controlled Senate, playing pure politics, has refused to act on the nomination until after the November election.

Texas should talk gaming with Tiguas

U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone’s latest ruling striking down gambling offered by El Paso’s Tigua Indians was not surprising, given a long string of precedents in the case. But she also sent a strong message to the state by saying her court wouldn’t continue as a de facto regulator of tribal gaming.

Have fun, safe Fourth of July

With the Fourth of July weekend upon us, let’s take a break from ISIS, Trump, Hillary, the firearms debate, LGBT issues, abortion politics and the myriad other issues that seem to dominate the news these days.

Pell Grants for prisoners not fair

Denton is a college town. Many students at University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University are laboring under a mountain of debt to finance their college educations.

Court’s decision on abortion law correct

The U.S. Supreme Court stood up and did its job this week, handing down a 5-3 decision that a Texas anti-abortion law known as House Bill 2 is unconstitutional.

Explain vote to dismiss Campbell

The Denton City Council has made some tough decisions in the last couple of years: putting the fracking ban to a vote in 2014, tax incentives for Buc-ee’s and a convention center at Rayzor Ranch Town Center, and authorizing a $265 million expenditure on gas-powered engines and a power plant to house them to generate electricity.

VA probe shows same old problems

When it comes to the Department of Veterans Affairs, can anything really surprise us anymore?

Aussies offer good gun control path

Here is a stunning sentence in a New Yorker magazine story on gun control. “More American civilians have died by gunfire in the past decade than all the Americans who were killed in combat in the Second World War,” wrote Evan Osnos, a veteran reporter.

Politics aside, HPV vaccine a godsend

If science could provide parents with a means of protecting their children from the misery and devastation wrought by cancer, wouldn’t they line up to get it? It does. But they don’t.

Rethink City Council seating arrangement

With Denton City Manager George Campbell on his way to retirement, now seems the right time to address a City Hall issue that has been nagging at us.

Campbell helped to improve city

The George Campbell era at Denton City Hall officially ended early Wednesday when City Council members voted not to renew his contract as city manager.

STAAR failures show need for better way

It has been a tough year for Educational Testing Services. That is the company that a year ago won a $280 million, four-year contract to administer our state’s system of standardized testing for public schools.

Texas Democrats need new formula

The Democratic Party of Texas has been a dysfunctional mess since George W. Bush defeated Ann Richards in the race for governor in 1994.

Long waits for TSA screenings need fix

Have you heard about three-hour wait times in lines for Transportation Security Administration screenings? That’s the time period that late-night talk show hosts are using in monologue jokes.

End research ban on gun violence now

Working in concert, science and government can save lives. A classic case: Federally funded research has shaped policies that have slashed the number of auto fatalities, even as more Americans are driving more miles every year.

Trump must rally GOP for chance to win

Donald Trump’s chaotic presidential campaign shows no signs of gaining a solid footing among prominent Republicans.

A misguided soul?

What to make of Peshwaz Waise? Waise, a 28-year-old Muslim, picked up some English copies of the Quran after Wednesday’s early-morning prayer service at the Islamic Center of Denton. By midmorning, he had carried those copies of the Islamic holy book to a Denton medical center, where he caused a commotion by aggressively trying to hand them out to employees.

Theater rejuvenation great for Denton

Once upon a time, three movie theaters graced downtown Denton — The Campus, the Fine Arts and the tiny Student Arts Theater that once occupied the space where Andy’s bar now serves adult beverages.

We must resolve not to accept shootings

How do we even begin to sort out what happened early Sunday morning at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida? What does it mean to us here in Denton County? Are we destined to be nothing more than innocent witnesses to these tragedies? Or can we do something?

Scientists dive into uncharted waters

The images of damage from the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico focused on vast oil sheens on the surface or oil washed up on beaches, fouling plants and killing animals.

Energy plan must be transparent

Most thoughtful citizens, as a matter of philosophy, embrace moving away from burning dirty fossil fuels (coal and natural gas) to generate electricity and turning toward cleaner wind and solar power.

Texarkana story says a lot about Ali

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali died recently at the age of 74. He had been suffering from Parkinson’s syndrome for more than three decades and just before his death came down with pneumonia.

Time to give Clinton her due

The Denton Record-Chronicle does not endorse candidates for elective office. We let our readers make up their minds based on their own reading and analysis in a given contest.

Get tough on distracted driving

No one likes getting a traffic ticket. And we are hesitant to support another city ordinance that would expand police power to issue citations.