'Gun-free zones' require balance

The tragic shooting Thursday at Umpqua Community College in Oregon intensifies the pressure on the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University administrators to strike just the right chord when they create “gun-free zones” on their campuses.

Ebola lessons pay off a year later

It’s been a year since Ebola staged its calamitous Dallas debut, producing an unfortunate case study in how not to respond to a major infectious-disease outbreak.

Shooting demands better response

Here we go again.

Proposal could lead to improvements

Do you remember that old song “Hey Look Me Over?” It reminds us of the process now going on between EdR Collegiate Housing and neighbors in the vicinity of a proposed mixed-use development on Hickory Street across from the University of North Texas campus.

DHS alumni get way to aid others

Some people love to attend their high school reunions. Others not so much. Ogling old classmates’ wrinkles, receding hairlines and expanding waistlines is not everyone’s idea of a good time.

Help make pope’s lessons lasting

Pope Francis came to America, conducted a whirlwind six-day visit and headed back home to Italy on Sunday. What lessons did we learn? In addition to a few treasured memories, what did he leave behind for us?

Pope: We are each other’s keepers

We are tempted, both by the noise of our world and the nature of our republic, to view ourselves through the prism of our politics, our differences and our grievances.

Photos sought to honor fallen soldiers

The Denton Record-Chronicle’s reporters try to write their stories straight down the middle, giving space to all sides of an issue or controversy. Typically, reporters don’t advocate for anything one way or the other. A story on Page 1A of today’s newspaper represents a departure.

Texas survives Jade Helm 15

Ordinarily the conclusion of something uneventful doesn’t merit comment. But the Jade Helm 15 military exercise prompted so much fear and anxiety a few months ago that taking note of its recent ending deserves at least some attention.

Things going right in Denton area

Do you get the feeling that the world is spinning out of control: refugee crisis in Europe, deteriorating race relations in the U.S., violent Muslim extremists rampaging through the Middle East, suspicion of Muslims in the homeland, partisan gridlock in Washington D.C., Donald Trump’s political rise, roller coaster stock market, identity theft, runaway health care costs and texting while driving.

Time to curb rising health care costs

Let’s take a break from the Donald Trump show and the parade of pygmies trailing behind him in the GOP contest for president. We’ve heard all about the greatness of Ronald Reagan, threats posed by Muslims and Mexicans, Planned Parenthood horror stories and Obama’s traitorous nuke deal with Iran.

Register to vote on state proposals

Who says Americans are apathetic about politics?


Time to hang up a deadly compulsion

Capt. David Boots, a 23-year veteran of the Denton Fire Department, deserves our thanks for stepping into the spotlight to talk about the dangers of using cellphones while driving.

U.S. must do more for Syrian refugees

Americans are wakening to the need to offer what Chris Murphy, Connecticut’s junior U.S. senator, calls “a more robust humanitarian response” to the plight of Syrian refugees fleeing their war-torn homeland.

The strange case of Ahmed Mohamed

The strange case of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Irving student who built a clock and was arrested for bringing it to school, reminds us that our nation still has not fully recovered from the trauma of Sept. 11, 2001.

We'll be here when you need us

People have always enjoyed criticizing their daily newspapers. Going back many years, some readers have referred to the “Denton Wretched-Chronicle,” “The Dallas Morning Snooze” and the “Fort Worth Startle-Gram.”

UNT’s future in good hands after 125 years

Seventy students met in a makeshift classroom above a downtown Denton hardware store on Sept. 16, 1890. Thus was born what is now the University of North Texas.

The Trump effect

Watching political pundits trying to make sense of the Donald Trump phenomenon has become an amusing pastime. Pretzel logic, anyone?

A bridge too far for Perry

Rick Perry became a gifted politician during his 30 years in elected office. But presidential politics proved too demanding for him. As Texas governor, his ambitions soared to the national stage during an ill-fated bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. Repeated gaffes and stage fright proved his undoing.

Saleswoman became an icon

Ebby Halliday Acers was the grand dame of Dallas real estate, a pioneering businesswoman who once said she succeeded by working like a dog and acting like a lady.

Hugs and shrugs

Horsing racing's future up to state

If Texas racing needs fixing, let the work begin.

McMurtry does alma mater proud

We congratulate Oscar-winning screenwriter and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Larry McMurtry on winning yet another award for his special brand of literature about Texas and the American West.

Community Guide shows city’s heart

The Denton Record-Chronicle will publish its Community Guide on Sunday, Oct. 4. This is a listing of more than 75 charities operating in Denton and the surrounding area. The publication will be included free with your Sunday paper.

Football incident a teachable moment

Did San Antonio’s John Jay High School and Marble Falls High School play a football game last Friday night? Or was it a gang fight that took place in a football stadium?

Fix school finance issues for good

The Texas Supreme Court is considering whether the way Texas funds its public schools is constitutional.

Time to honor murdered boy

Dallas has long been one of those American cities in such a rush to turn the page on its next chapter that it never quite finds the time to reflect on the one just before.

Hugs & shrugs

Join effort for fair taxation

If you own your house, congratulations on getting a raw deal for a long, long time. You are bearing the heaviest tax burden when it comes to supporting local government, from police departments to schools to street repairs.

Make homeless shelter a reality

Denton is not a wealthy town, but its heart is bigger than Dallas.

Denton to celebrate Hispanic heritage

Sept. 16 marks Mexican Independence Day, which celebrates Mexico’s independence from Spain. Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest, might be called the Paul Revere of Mexican independence.

Blue Bell making a comeback

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream!

America must renounce violence

The cowardly assassination of Darren Goforth, a Harris County deputy sheriff, has changed the conversation on race relations once again.

Carter displays quiet courage

The soft-spoken older man in the gray suit had taught Bible classes before. He had led a Scripture class as a midshipman at Annapolis and then on a submarine as an officer in the Navy. He taught the Bible as a farmer, and he even conducted 15 classes at Washington’s First Baptist Church when he lived in the White House.

Groups battle over air quality

The push and pull between environmentalists and pollution-emitting industries continues to roil the nation. And many of us are caught in the middle, unable to determine what impact pollution has on our health.

New methane rules long time coming

A rainbow sheen across Galveston Bay is all the proof you need to see how a mishandled tanker can lead to an oil spill. Black goop spewing from a ruptured pipeline makes for easy B-roll during a news report about oil transportation safety.

Private sector best way to add parking

College students have returned to town after the summer break and Denton’s chronic shortage of parking places is back on the front page.

Special magazines coming to you

Now, we bring you an important message from the Denton Record-Chronicle’s Department of Shameless Promotion. Inside today’s newspaper you will find Football 2015, a 112-page magazine that literally contains everything you want to know about the upcoming college and high school football season in Denton County.

Expanding UNT brand requires sensitivity

One cannot help but like UNT President Neal Smatresk. He’s a friendly guy, and he likes to talk. Newspapers appreciate loquacious public officials. They often do a better job of informing citizens about what’s going on than a guy who hides behind press releases and avoids reporters.

Use Katrina lessons to plan ahead

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s tragic destruction of New Orleans and coastal Mississippi.

Bond, Tasby sought justice for all

The recent deaths of Julian Bond and Sam Tasby remind us that civil rights pioneers wage battles for justice in their own way.

Leadership team faces challenge

Denton community leaders are embarking on a difficult quest to improve the delivery of mental health services throughout the county. We believe this issue will sit atop our “to do” list for years to come. Thousands of lives depend on the newly formed Denton County Behavioral Leadership Team getting it right.

Seek help for domestic violence

If you don’t seek help for yourself, then do it for your children.

Pedophilia's spread a cause for worry

This is a test.

Campus sex assault data essential

Bill McRaven has set the bar pretty high when it comes to determining how extensive sexual assault is on University of Texas campuses.

Fenves, Feyten signal new way

The scent of humility is drifting from the executive office suites at some Texas universities.

City tries hard to improve streets

We suspect the city of Denton could pave the streets with gold and people would still complain just as long and just as loud about potholes and other imperfections that threaten to break our axles.

Self-medication a folly

We couldn’t help but notice a list of Denton County grand jury indictments in Sunday’s paper (Page 3A) and wonder what it says about citizens of our fair county.

Conserve energy to aid power grid

High temperatures in Angelina County are expected to remain around 100 degrees for the next couple of weeks, according to the weather experts. When you combine that with our area’s typically high humidity, that makes life without air conditioning almost unbearable.

Leadership Denton benefits all

The Denton Chamber of Commerce advocates for its member businesses. Its tireless efforts and varied programs benefit the entire community.