Carter displays quiet courage

The soft-spoken older man in the gray suit had taught Bible classes before. He had led a Scripture class as a midshipman at Annapolis and then on a submarine as an officer in the Navy. He taught the Bible as a farmer, and he even conducted 15 classes at Washington’s First Baptist Church when he lived in the White House.

Groups battle over air quality

The push and pull between environmentalists and pollution-emitting industries continues to roil the nation. And many of us are caught in the middle, unable to determine what impact pollution has on our health.

New methane rules long time coming

A rainbow sheen across Galveston Bay is all the proof you need to see how a mishandled tanker can lead to an oil spill. Black goop spewing from a ruptured pipeline makes for easy B-roll during a news report about oil transportation safety.

Private sector best way to add parking

College students have returned to town after the summer break and Denton’s chronic shortage of parking places is back on the front page.

Special magazines coming to you

Now, we bring you an important message from the Denton Record-Chronicle’s Department of Shameless Promotion. Inside today’s newspaper you will find Football 2015, a 112-page magazine that literally contains everything you want to know about the upcoming college and high school football season in Denton County.

Expanding UNT brand requires sensitivity

One cannot help but like UNT President Neal Smatresk. He’s a friendly guy, and he likes to talk. Newspapers appreciate loquacious public officials. They often do a better job of informing citizens about what’s going on than a guy who hides behind press releases and avoids reporters.

Use Katrina lessons to plan ahead

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s tragic destruction of New Orleans and coastal Mississippi.

Bond, Tasby sought justice for all

The recent deaths of Julian Bond and Sam Tasby remind us that civil rights pioneers wage battles for justice in their own way.

Leadership team faces challenge

Denton community leaders are embarking on a difficult quest to improve the delivery of mental health services throughout the county. We believe this issue will sit atop our “to do” list for years to come. Thousands of lives depend on the newly formed Denton County Behavioral Leadership Team getting it right.

Seek help for domestic violence

If you don’t seek help for yourself, then do it for your children.

Pedophilia's spread a cause for worry

This is a test.

Campus sex assault data essential

Bill McRaven has set the bar pretty high when it comes to determining how extensive sexual assault is on University of Texas campuses.

Fenves, Feyten signal new way

The scent of humility is drifting from the executive office suites at some Texas universities.

City tries hard to improve streets

We suspect the city of Denton could pave the streets with gold and people would still complain just as long and just as loud about potholes and other imperfections that threaten to break our axles.

Self-medication a folly

We couldn’t help but notice a list of Denton County grand jury indictments in Sunday’s paper (Page 3A) and wonder what it says about citizens of our fair county.

Conserve energy to aid power grid

High temperatures in Angelina County are expected to remain around 100 degrees for the next couple of weeks, according to the weather experts. When you combine that with our area’s typically high humidity, that makes life without air conditioning almost unbearable.

Leadership Denton benefits all

The Denton Chamber of Commerce advocates for its member businesses. Its tireless efforts and varied programs benefit the entire community.

EPA harms areas popular with Texans

In southwestern Colorado’s summer season, old mining trails turn into four-wheeling trails. Old mining towns open their arms and motels. Rivers and valleys host people from all over, but especially Texans trying to escape the relentless heat for just a moment.

Put cellphone away when you drive

Christmas will never be the same for one Denton County family that lives in Cross Roads.

Public schools need to improve

Denton ISD schools will open up the 2015-16 school year on Monday, Aug. 24. The high school football teams and marching bands are practicing in the stifling North Texas heat. Last weekend, parents and children flooded stores to buy backpacks and new clothes.

Share your dreams of the future

You might have noticed a front-page story in Sunday’s newspaper about two sisters with big dreams.

City needs public golf course

Denton, population 130,000, needs a modern public golf course. Right now, Pioneer Golf Course on the Texas Woman’s University campus is the only 18-hole public course in Denton. Private clubs usually allow some nonmembers to play, but access is limited.

Time for changes in DPS training

The tragic death of Sandra Bland — the young black woman who was found hanged in the Waller County Jail last month — involves much more than whether she took her own life or was murdered.

Hugs & shrugs

E-textbooks smart way to study

Technology is the way of the future. And it’s cost effective, too.

Paxton should resign from office

We believe Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton should resign. He needs to devote his full attention to defending himself against felony charges that he lied to investors about his role in Servergy, a tech start-up that made data servers.

Hiroshima bombing leaves harsh legacy

Think about how much the world has changed in the last 70 years. We used manual typewriters. Television was still in the experimental stage. Radio and newspapers were the dominant media.

Police reach out to community

Denton Police Chief Lee Howell runs a great organization. He is a professional law enforcement officer on a mission to improve the department and stay on top of the best practices and policies in his industry.

Crownover to leave lasting legacy

We wish Myra Crownover well as she heads out the door after 15 years as state representative for the city of Denton and portions of the county. She has earned her state pension check, and then some.

Teach for America worth supporting

Teaching shouldn’t just be a job. It should be a calling that attracts young people because it offers a life of fulfilling work that helps build people and communities.

More festivals needed in Denton County

A recent effort to provide fresh produce to the community was called the Summer Harvest Community Festival, but we believe such events could and should become regular features in Denton County.

Pitch in to help control mosquitoes

We need to get serious about mosquitoes.

Sheriff should follow the rules

It’s time for Denton County Sheriff William Travis to give voters a more accurate accounting of his campaign finances.

Repurposing old shelter aids homeless

We think using the old Denton animal shelter to help those in need is a great idea, and anyone who doesn’t agree should try living outside with no air conditioning during the Texas summer.

Public comment key for Greenbelt Plan

Most of us may not spend much time thinking about how we can help protect the quality of our drinking water, but we should.

Boy Scout policy changes with times

A museum next door to the Boy Scouts of America national headquarters in Irving houses millions of dollars worth of Norman Rockwell paintings. They pay homage to apple-cheeked boys in Scout uniforms honoring God and country, doing good deeds or engaging in outdoor activities.

Big names, no big deal at UT

A relative handful of big-name, wealthy, influential and/or politically connected Texans wrote letters on behalf of a similarly relative handful of below-average students seeking admission into the University of Texas at Austin.

Prevalence of cameras ushering in a new reality

“You had to live — did live, from habit that became instinct — in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.” — George Orwell, 1984

Craft breweries could be good for Square

We see no reason why the Denton City Council shouldn’t be able to invite craft breweries to come downtown, as long as potential tenants meet all requirements set for that business category.

DATCU raises bar for Eureka 2

We like DATCU’s style.

City should revisit personal approach

We believe city government and school officials should get out in the community and visit with people when they want to establish their priorities.

Memorial should serve useful purpose

We believe that Denton’s Confederate soldier memorial should be altered to help it serve a more useful purpose.

Defacing public property a crime

Let’s talk about graffiti — what it is and what it is not. But first, here’s what happened: Someone took red paint and scrawled the words “This is racist” on the Confederate War memorial statue that stands on the Square. The deed apparently was done in the dead of night, sometime before sunrise on Monday.

Take next logical step for Alamo

Now that a World Heritage Site designation has been won, the number of people visiting our missions almost certainly will soar. When it comes to Alamo Plaza, which adjoins one of those missions, the city of San Antonio should make sure these visitors really have something to see.

Sidewalks no longer optional

If promises were pavement, there would be plenty of sidewalks all along a dangerous stretch of McKinney Street near Ryan High School.

Jade Helm fears all for nothing

We were happy to learn that the main reason people in Bastrop were upset about Jade Helm 15 last week was because many of them feel they’ve been unfairly linked to fringe groups.

Fix felines to control population

The news that Denton’s animal shelter had euthanized 97 cats and kittens recently after one stray cat came in with a highly contagious respiratory virus upset plenty of people.

Shelters, benches needed at bus stops

Denton needs to speed up the process for putting new benches or shelters at bus stops.

‘Best’ lists don’t cover all bases

We always get a kick out of reading those “best” lists that compare the benefits of living in various cities that everyone seems to talk so much about.

Take advantage of energy audits

More local residents need to take advantage of Denton Municipal Electric’s energy audit program.