Court programs hold promise

Susan Hawk’s first-year struggles as Dallas County district attorney have been marked by her acknowledgment of mental illness and now a determined effort to get back on track.

Everyone has joker in the deck

We hold this truth to be self-evident: If Thomas Jefferson were judged by his American progeny solely by the way he treated his slaves, we’d denounce everything he stood for, shutter the University of Virginia, burn half the collection in the Library of Congress, pledge our allegiance to King George and give Louisiana back to the French.

Everyone pays with drug price gouging

It is unconscionable — sometimes even deadly — for pharmaceutical companies to jack up the costs of life-saving drugs just because they can.

Keep heart open to Thanksgiving angels

He landed on the living room couch with a thud. The big fella could barely keep his eyes open after the heavy Thanksgiving feast of turkey and all the trimmings. Even the Cowboys’ game on television lacked the power to keep him awake.

Lines being drawn in Texas

It’s becoming clear that very few people support the unrestricted carrying of firearms in public places. A few Second Amendment absolutists want to test the limits of the law by waving guns around in public, but that’s about it.

Make political points without firearms

The gun fetish is spinning out of control in Texas. If we don’t watch out, someone is going to get hurt or killed.

Do right by foster kids who age out of system

Texas’ foster care system can be a bureaucratic morass, even for those who work within the system every day. But for children who are about to age out of foster care, the bureaucracy also can cost them the health care they deserve.

Strict policies needed for Syrian refugees

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has a way with words. He does Texas proud.

Get used to seeing holsters after Jan. 1

Welcome to the new Texas.

Recalls of Hawkins, Roden not warranted

The Denton City Council needs a break from political turmoil.

Buck up, and work with the Beaver

We recommend that the Denton City Council and Arch “Beaver” Aplin III move ahead with a proposal to bring Buc-ee’s to Denton.

Campus carry law not fairly, equally applied

Remember this old saying?

Leaders must not be reckless after attacks

We are all reeling from the tragic events in Paris. It’s difficult to sort out our emotions and come to a logical conclusion about what it means when radical Jihadis slaughter innocent people in random attacks.

Commission to protect innocent

The Texas legislative session was winding down in the spring when House Bill 48 passed and the Timothy Cole Exoneration Review Commission was created at last. Attempts had been made during several previous sessions to pass such legislation.

Road to liquor sales long and winding

What a difference a generation makes.

Take new approach on painkiller abuse

There’s no longer room for debate, as prescription drug abuse is a huge problem in our country.

Criminals real immigration issue

Donald Trump and his opponents engaged in a spirited exchange on immigration policy during Tuesday night’s televised debate.

Taxpayers have stake in O’Reilly deal

The Denton City Council has approved a new hotel/convention center deal with O’Reilly Hospitality Management.

Preserve history of World War II

We suppose a Veterans Day editorial should focus on the sacrifice military men and women make to protect our nation during times of war and peace.

Journalists seek to bring out truth

Politicians campaigning for office are prone to uttering half-truths or outright lies to make themselves look better or to make an opponent look worse.

Case shows need for transparency

Right after the May 17 motorcycle-gang shootout in Waco, The Dallas Morning News’ inclination was to believe law enforcers’ account that the nine deaths and 22 injuries were the result of hardened criminal thugs waging a deadly turf battle.

Which party's policies best?

President Barack Obama, after more than six years of deliberation, announced his rejection of the Keystone XL oil pipeline project on Friday.

Expect Texas fight on Tigua gaming

El Paso’s Tigua Indians received a rare dose of positive news in their decades-long efforts to legally operate a casino on tribal land.

Immigration needs sensible policies

Let’s talk about sanctuary cities.

Numbers show area economy good

We found some interesting nuggets in the Texas comptroller’s monthly report on sales tax revenue that state government sends back to Texas cities.

Energy plan raises questions

The Denton City Council appears close to spending $6.5 million on 167 acres of undeveloped land near the airport. Presumably, the powers-that-be at City Hall see the site as the future home of an electricity generating plant fueled by natural gas.

Make voice heard by voting today

You may not have heard about it, but today is election day in Texas. If you didn’t vote early, please go to your polling place and vote “for” or “against” the seven proposed state constitutional amendments on the ballot.

City Year program yields results

Teenagers, especially those who’ve been let down by adults before, too often see teachers only as objects in their way.

UNT dean sparks public debate

Dorothy Bland, the high-energy dean of the University of North Texas’ journalism school, now finds herself in the middle of a journalism controversy with more twists and turns than a winding mountain road.

Law change gives schools flexibility

If the last few winters have taught North Texans anything, it’s that setting aside only two inclement weather makeup days in the school year might not be enough.

Declaration asserts new city title

We think the Denton Arts Walk of Fame planned for East Hickory Street is a great idea. The names of notable artists who’ve lived in Denton or who were born in Denton will be etched into 2-by-2-foot squares of granite.

Take some issues off campaign table

We are approaching the silly season in which political candidates ramp up their campaigns in preparation for the March 1 party primary elections in Texas.

Find answer to football's impact on brain health

The American Heart Association has teamed up with AT&T to provide Denton public schools with a CPR training kit that can be used to teach students, teachers and staff how to save a life during a campus emergency. The kits feature inflatable dummies to demonstrate CPR techniques.

Weapons issue erupts in sheriff's race

The 2016 campaign for Denton County sheriff is underway.

Facts show lifting Wright right to do

If you joined us here in North Texas in the last decade or so, you might be surprised to learn that the words that launched a thousand newspaper columns and letters to the editor were “Wright amendment.”

New words add flair to language

No telling what you might find surfing the Web while snuggled deep in your “internest.”

Curb violence at youth agencies

Our state youth agencies are supposed to be rehabilitating these young people, not exposing them to more violence. Yet, twice in recent weeks, groups of youths housed at the Giddings State School, about 100 miles northwest of Houston, fought, climbed on roofs and broke windows.

City eyes homeless situation on Square

We commend Denton city government for keeping a close eye on the homeless population that congregates on the Square. Aggressive panhandling and sleeping in doorways cannot be tolerated. It’s bad for business.

Reagan knew value of Hispanic support

Ronald Reagan, the golden icon of conservative Republicans, was a sunny Californian by disposition. He understood politics and he understood the teeming community of Mexican immigrants clustered mostly in Southern California during his time.

Campus carry pressures leaders

The most important town hall meeting on proposed campus carry regulations on the University of North Texas campus takes place at 2 p.m. today at Gateway Center in Denton.

Hold on for the primaries

Hey, have you heard the news? We’re going to elect a new president of the United States next year. After eight years, the Obama presidency will end on Jan. 20, 2017.

North Texans’ safety placed at risk

Maybe it’s time we introduce North Texas transportation agencies to the wonders of a Google search.

Remove muzzle from City Council

The Denton City Council must repeal a 10-year-old ordinance that criminalizes its members’ own rights to free speech under the U.S. Constitution.

Agency shines light on dark money

Beware of folks who lurk in the shadows. There is likely an unsavory reason they prefer it there.

App may reduce distracted driving

We typically do not use this space to tout commercial products. But the current scourge of distracted driving is driving us to extremes.

AISD dress code raises issues

The controversy surrounding the Aubrey school district dress code raises some very important policy issues that require clear thinking.

Horse country worth preserving

Here’s an academic question for you: What is the highest and best use of rural land up around Aubrey and Pilot Point?

UNT needs plan to strengthen sports

The Mean Green’s football game against Portland State University last Saturday was supposed to be celebratory affair. It was homecoming 2015, and University of North Texas officials envisioned the weekend as a signature piece of its ongoing observance of the university’s 125th anniversary.

Proposed trade pact could help Texas

Made in Asia used to be the punchline to a bad joke. Not anymore. Asian trade is a key part of the Texas economy, and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership will keep it that way.

Hugs and Shrugs