Check Baylor report for criminal acts

The Baylor University scandal involving athletes sexually assaulting female students raises a question we haven’t heard asked.

Overtime change long overdue

In this nation of plenty, it’s nevertheless distressingly easy to work very hard and stay very poor.

Baylor finally doing right thing

Congratulations to the Baylor University Board of Regents for finally holding football coach Art Briles and Chancellor and now former President Ken Starr accountable for repeatedly turning a blind eye toward athletes who sexually assaulted female students.

End holiday confusion

There appears to be some confusion in the land about the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

New names appear on political scene

The city of Denton and Denton County have witnessed a political changing of the guard this spring.

Buc-ee's to create jobs

The word “Buc-ee’s” became controversial last year during the debate on whether the Denton City Council should approve tax incentives to attract the high-profile travel center to Denton.

UNT in position for future success

University of North Texas President Neal Smatresk engineered Rick Villarreal’s departure after 15 years as UNT’s athletic director. We are surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Obesity may impact national security

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, America immediately began mobilizing for war. Millions of citizens showed up at military recruitment centers to volunteer in the Army, Marines and Navy.

Oil regulators refuse to face facts

Before you can solve a problem, you have to admit one exists.

Think before you label people

Political correctness — the avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

Outlaw 'gassing' of Texas rattlers

It’s hard to gin up much in the way of tears and sympathy for poisonous reptiles, we know. You may not care, then, how Texas hunters go about catching the live-and-squirming specimens displayed at popular “rattlesnake roundups” — but maybe you should.

Important to solve cemetery mystery

Denton County values its history. Sometimes, though, finding our history involves solving a mystery.

Suit strikes blow for First Amendment

The Texas House of Representatives has always resembled a three-ring circus when lawmakers meet under the Capitol dome every other year. Each of the 120 state representatives is assigned a wooden desk and padded brown leather chair.

Baylor must release sexual assault report

This is when some outside entity, like The Dallas Morning News, would call for Baylor University officials to make full, public release of a long-awaited report into its institutional response to sexual violence allegations against its students.

Efforts to curb bullying grow

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin recently signed into law a bill that clearly defines bullying as it pertains to K-12 education.

Texas court punts on education

The Texas Supreme Court agreed Friday that Texas’ system of public education needs wholesale improvements. Unfortunately, the nine justices stopped well short of doing anything about it themselves.

Court answers drilling ban question

The Colorado Supreme Court recently weighed in on one of Colorado’s most contentious and long-running questions. Do local governments have the right to ban oil and gas drilling?

West fire arson ruling unsettling

One would hope that the city of West could find some measure of closure now that government investigators have finally announced the cause of the fire that sparked a massive fertilizer explosion three years ago, leveling homes, schools and businesses.

What’s a social conservative to do?

Will the Trump-Clinton presidential race leave evangelical Christians and social conservatives without a candidate who reflects their beliefs?

Painkiller abuse a growing problem

Have you seen the television commercials touting a new drug to treat constipation brought on by use of prescription painkillers?

Give college grads a break, hope

Thousands of newly minted college graduates will leave University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University this summer and begin the adult phase of life.

Transgender people will be accepted

The current bathroom wars remind us that acceptance of social change takes time. First comes fear, consternation and anguish. Eventually, thoughtful contemplation leads to the right decision. This is the American way.

Time to reboot Railroad Commission

The state Sunset Advisory Commission staff is taking another swing at improving efficiency and transparency at the agency that regulates the Texas oil and gas industry, and that includes renewing a plea that the agency stop hiding behind a name that “misleads the public.”

Mayor must bring council together

The two-person women’s caucus on Denton City Council just got a new member.

Keller's Drive-In owner leaves legacy

As lives go, there’s something appealingly uncomplicated about Jack Keller’s. “Some people ask me, ‘What’s your customer base?’” he said once. “I really couldn’t tell you. People who like hamburgers, I guess.”

Holiday brings cultures together

Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for “May 5,” came and went Thursday without much fanfare in Denton County. The holiday doesn’t get nearly as much attention in Mexico or the United States as Diez y Seis de Septiembre (Sept. 16), the date on which Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain in 1810.

Voters need insight into Trump

The table is set. On one side is Hillary Clinton. On the other is Donald Trump.

Learn from others' mistakes

A comedy of errors can be instructive by teaching us what not to do.

Focus on safety in sports good for all

America owes Dr. Bennet Omalu a debt of gratitude for his determined efforts to seek the truth about traumatic brain injuries in NFL football players.

Many Texas kids still uninsured

Experts who study and work in health care can tell the wellness of a neighborhood just by the ZIP code. The poorer the area, the more likely its residents are to have health problems.

Appraisal notices can be mixed bag

It’s that time of year again. Denton County property owners will be receiving 2016 appraisal notices this week from the Denton County Central Appraisal District.

Student loan fraud teaches lessons

When Congress created a federal student assistance program unduly influenced by the for-profit college lobby, it turned students into unwitting targets for unscrupulous operators and fueled a student debt crisis that has ballooned past the trillion-dollar mark.

Work together to clear the air

A lot of folks in Denton and North Texas are walking around with runny noses, bloodshot eyes, sore throats and gurgling in their ears. Most of them write off these maladies to “allergies.”

Cruz puts race before Texans

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, an establishment Republican if ever there was one, is finally talking straight about about his uncollegial colleague Ted Cruz.

Denton's soul set to materialize

Where does one find the soul of a city?

More can be done to combat homelessness

Denton is starting to chip away at developing services for the homeless population, but the progress is not coming fast enough.

Tubman on $20 enriches America

All nations great and small tell their stories in a thousand different ways. They tell their stories in the sanctioned texts schoolchildren study. Some stories are found in the speeches politicians give on holidays like the Fourth of July or Cinco de Mayo. Others come to us, one generation to the next, in the movies, newspapers, novels and biographies, and by singers, songwriters and playwrights.

Keep restrooms free from politics

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz clashed last week over a North Carolina “bathroom law” that requires transgender people to use the public bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate.

Vaccinate pups against parvovirus

With National Pet Parents Day just around the corner on Sunday , it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful things we do for our furry family members.

Lexicon changes with the times

You’ll want to clip, save and study this editorial to stay on the cutting edge of linguistic evolution.

AISD should explain action on Wright

Under the leadership of Superintendent Telena Wright, the Argyle school district developed a reputation for excellence in sports and academics.

Advice offered for District 64 winner

As Denton becomes more focused on the May 7 City Council elections, another important political contest is taking place in the shadows.

Update ammonium nitrate rules

Ammonium nitrate is an effective fertilizer. Texas farmers use hundreds of tons each year to enhance their crops. When stored improperly in wooden bins, it can spontaneously explode upon contact with fire or intense heat. But that is not all.

Child-welfare agency turmoil inexcusable

If meaningful change demands a period of disruption, Texas’ child-welfare agency is the throes of revolution. From top to bottom, this is an agency in turmoil.

UNT deserves to take a day to celebrate

University of North Texas President Neal Smatresk and his team can breathe a sigh of relief.

Many of us complicit in Paxton’s scandal

If Texas Republicans are to lay claim to values such as public integrity and good governance amid changing political demographics, they best deal with the ethical problems mounting around State Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Festival of history for county's 170th

Denton County’s roots can be traced to 1841 when William S. Peters of Louisville, Kentucky, and other Anglo settlers obtained a land grant from the nation of Texas.

State politics hurt by dominance of GOP

Texas has been a one-party state for almost 20 years, and we believe the tainted chickens are coming home to roost.

Is UNT's secrecy worth the cost?

What is a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

Gentle response best for gender issues

If Schuyler Bailar is a harbinger of things to come, gender eventually could become a state of mind instead of a physical reality.