Denton residents deserve the truth

We ask you to consider Jason Wayne Bishop’s story with an open mind. In Thursday’s edition, Bishop said he became a victim of police brutality after a Denton officer picked him up early Saturday on suspicion of public intoxication.

Generosity seeds brighter future

The peak season for apples may not begin until September in many parts of the country, but a lot of generous folks have already helped one local agency celebrate a bumper crop.

SEC should probe congressional perk

Congress has a troubling propensity to require the rest of us to do what it resists. The latest example is a claim from the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee and a top staff member that they are “absolutely immune” from a Securities and Exchange Commission subpoena in an insider-trading probe.

Blues scene needs helping hand

Dallas has a well-deserved reputation, cultivated over the decades, of tearing down what it no longer needs to make room for something new and shiny. Preservation always seemed like a good idea for the next thing.

Beer sales make sense for Mean Green games

We support the decision by University of North Texas officials to begin selling beer in public sections of Apogee Stadium this fall.

Bring on UNT football season

The unseasonably cool temperatures and abundant rainfall we’ve experienced this week already had us thinking of fall, and then we saw the announcement that the Mean Green was picked to win the Conference USA West Division in a preseason poll of coaches.

CyberCamp opens up opportunities

A new camp being offered on the Texas Woman’s University campus this week is such a good idea that we don’t know why others haven’t organized similar efforts.

Voters should decide ban issue

Members of the Denton City Council listened to hours of public testimony before voting 5-2 against a proposed ban on hydraulic fracturing inside the city limits, and we believe they made the correct call.

Safety comes first on our lakes

As summer recreation season hits its peak, area lakes are sure to remain busy, and we urge all those who plan to go out on the water to use extreme caution.

Children’s generosity shows the way

Vacation Bible school is a tradition in most Texas towns — churches of various denominations launch annual day-camp or classroom sessions to help provide youngsters with a little purpose and fun for the summer.

Alamo gets generous gift

Phil Collins remembers the Alamo. Since he was a boy in England in the 1950s, his fancy struck by the adventures of a Disneyfied Davy Crockett, the incredibly successful singer and songwriter has been interested in the history of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution.

Project Denton likely to inspire

A lot of Denton businesses have interesting stories to tell and a local marketing firm has launched a new series of mini-documentaries that can benefit the companies and the community.

Audits provide conservation lesson

We don’t want to spoil your weekend, but if you’re making a to-do list for household projects today, be sure and remind yourself to check on a water audit.

Reading project aids community

Kudos to a Denton business and local university students for teaming up to provide top-flight story time sessions for children.

Landfill ahead of the game

Most of us probably think of landfills as dead ends, less-than-pleasant destinations for one-way trips of trash. But now we’re learning that if handled properly, our garbage may produce dividends — much of the material could eventually be used to help make our landfills sustainable and lessen negative environmental impact.

Listen with open mind at forum

We appreciate the Denton Neighborhood Association’s efforts to organize a public forum tonight so residents can learn more about the city’s proposed convention center and the public-private partnership that will pay for it.

Man highlights flag’s importance

We already owe retired U.S. Air Force Capt. Terry Shaw a huge debt — his 27-year military career is an inspiration to all — and now we offer the Denton resident an additional salute for helping make Independence Day shine just a little more brightly.

Facebook toys with emotions

If you’re feeling very happy, sleepy or angry, don’t attribute it to the weather. It might be Mark Zuckerberg’s team.

Good idea will help veterans succeed

A new project at Texas Woman’s University is a great example of what can be accomplished by individuals who refuse to give up on a good idea.

DCTA game plans hold promise

It may only be July, but we just felt the first faint breath of fall in the air — Denton County Transportation Authority officials have announced that the coming football season will bring another promotion and partnership with the University of North Texas and the Denton Convention and Visitor Bureau.

Independence Day more than holiday

Once the smoke clears from Dad’s barbecued burgers and the family sits down to eat today, we hope you will remember to take time to reflect on the true meaning of Independence Day.

Event offers insight on needs

It wasn’t a typical block party, but Saturday’s transformation of a former Sherman Drive grocery store and parking lot into a vibrant neighborhood attraction drew a lot of attention, and with good reason.

Try Denton County for holiday fun

Since Independence Day is Friday, some folks may be planning to hit the road a little early to stretch an already long weekend.It’s understandable that they want to get a jump on traffic, but before loading...

Commission earns respect for efforts

Kudos to the Denton County Historical Commission on being recognized for its preservation efforts by the state.

Fight for public’s right to know

The Texas Press Association’s recent convention in Corpus Christi served as a reminder to elected officials that We the People own the government.

Big Tex honor a boon for state

Wednesday’s announcement that Big Tex now reigns as the country’s “Best Quirky Landmark” probably didn’t surprise many Texans.

Get more bang for your bucks

Some Denton County residents may see a few fairly new shopping opportunities along their routes if they’re planning on doing any driving this weekend.

Burton leaves strong legacy

Bing Burton has directed the Denton County Health Department for more than two decades, but he’s also been an effective teacher, helping people learn how to protect their families from numerous health threats.

Drought can change outlook

Remember when you were disappointed to hear that a summer weather forecast included a chance of precipitation? A rainy day would spoil your plans, especially when you wanted nothing more than to head for the lake, hit the golf course, join in a baseball or softball game or enjoy some other outdoor activity with your friends or family.

Passersby set good example

In a day and age when much of the news often leads to a sense of depression and we are programmed to view passersby as potential threats, it is refreshing to learn that there are still good Samaritans in the world.

Meeting offers valuable opportunity

We have a feeling that most residents would have a difficult time listing mental health services that are available in our area and advising others about how to access them.

Reform student loan program

It’s an election year, and Democrats are loudly decrying the cost of higher education and demanding that the government spend more to cut student debt. The Senate recently rejected one of their less-sensible ideas. But there are better ones that lawmakers should embrace.

Local Girl Scouts lead by example

We want to thank four Denton Girl Scouts who recently received the Gold Award for leading by example.

Help Texas curb zebra mussels

We hope area boat owners are paying attention — new regulations designed to help control the spread of zebra mussels go into effect July 1.

Coalition seeks to reduce suicides

We hope a new initiative is successful at breaking down the social stigma and fear that keep a serious community problem shrouded in darkness.

Graduation event a home run

High school graduation is a major milestone, and we commend officials at Argyle High School for making sure that eight graduating baseball players didn’t miss out on the experience.

REACH extends helping hand

Kudos to Denton nonprofit REACH for helping people with disabilities make their homes more accessible.

Challenge to aid good cause

The Denton police and fire departments will face off today in the “Rib Eating Challenge for a Cause” event, and we are confident that we can pick the winners.

Lawsuit should be a wake-up call

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund recently filed a federal lawsuit against the Texas Education Agency, alleging that Hispanic English language learners’ civil rights are being violated by not receiving adequate instruction in secondary schools statewide.

Keep father in thoughts today

We send our best wishes to all fathers today. This is your day — you certainly deserve it, and we hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

Share appreciation of Old Glory

We urge each of you to fly your flag today and follow the example set in 1885 by a 19-year-old school teacher named Bernard John Cigrand in Waubeka, Wisconsin.

Consider offering a helping hand

We realize that a lot of Denton County residents volunteer regularly. We print their stories in the paper and in our online features.

Good time to try public transit

Sometimes it seems like nearly every highway in Denton County is under construction, at least when you’re trying to get to an appointment on time.

Center’s new name a fitting tribute

Three people honored June 2 with helping to nurture the arts culture and growth and development of Denton and the county at large said they believe the arts and opportunities here will continue to evolve and expand due to the talented people who call our area home.

Veterans deserve VA that works

The disgraceful scandal over secret waiting lists and the falsifying of appointment dates at Veterans Affairs clinics continues to expand, while the noise around the scandal grows louder. As details emerge, the scandal’s underlying causes also take shape. The scandal appears to be a story of clinics struggling to meet swelling demand with limited resources.

City deserves tag of Texas Treasure

Denton is now officially a Texas Treasure, and we believe the designation is long overdue.

Share benefits of reading

We don’t intend to spoil anyone’s summer vacation before it really gets started, but we join local educators in encouraging young people to read while they’re on break. Yes, that’s right. We said read.

Essay offers inspiration for all

An essay by a Providence Elementary School fifth-grader Emily Betenbaugh-Harris about her life with autism impressed us, and we’re not the only ones.

Business sets good example

Kudos to the owners of 5W Collision Repair of Denton, who told us recently that they intend to use a portion of their profits to help others.

Cyclist ride for good cause

Schuyler Dale seems like the type of friend we’d all like to have and should all aspire to be. For Dale, no task is too large to keep her friend’s spirit alive — even if it means biking from Austin to Alaska.