Growth in city’s best interest

We hope all those who have decided to run or may be considering a try for Denton City Council took note of Mayor Chris Watts’ “State of the City” talk Monday night to members of the Denia Area Community Group.

Denton Benefit league serves area well

We need more positive community forces like the Denton Benefit League. This outstanding organization recently awarded $235,551 in grants to 42 nonprofit groups that serve the Denton County area.

Consider a run for office

If you’ve ever complained about your city council representatives by saying you could do a better job, then your opportunity to put up or shut up is at hand.

Cookie sales boost Girl Scouts’ skills

We’ve always believed that Girl Scout cookies do a lot more than satisfy a craving for sweets, and we encourage you to break that New Year’s diet just a bit to close a sale.

Some win, some lose in oil market

The recent plunge in oil prices is great news for almost everyone. Motorists pay less at the pump for gas; airlines save money on jet fuel; retailers are likely to profit from the estimated $130 billion consumers will have to spend on other stuff. The economy should grow a bit faster, too. The trade balance will improve, since the United States still imports more petroleum products than it exports.

Worthy avenue to communication

Reactions from participants in a series of meetings between Denton police and Denton High School students designed to improve understanding and communication emphasize the sessions’ value.

Plans for drive-in show potential

Those of us of a certain age have fond memories of drive-in movie theaters, and they don’t all revolve around date night.Sure, the old drive-in was a popular destination for couples, but it was also a...

Firefighters deserve our thanks

The Denton Fire Department’s annual awards banquet Saturday reminds us that a message of appreciation to firefighters in our area is long overdue.

Time to make streets safer

We’ve said it before and it bears saying again — Denton streets are dangerous, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

United Way helpers a boon to county

Supporters of the United Way of Denton County are to be congratulated for helping the organization bring in $2,271,324 through its 2014 fundraising campaign.

Homeowners need tax relief

Too often when tax cuts are on the legislative menu, ordinary Texans don’t get a place at the table. State Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, aims to rearrange those chairs so that homeowners are getting a significant share of tax cuts when the Legislature serves up the budget surplus.

Speak out for what is right

Today is a national holiday that pays tribute to the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and we believe that a day of service would be a good way to honor his memory.

Can’t take Texas out of Perry

It’s hard to imagine Texas politics without Rick Perry. A more authentic Texan was never born. He grew up in northwest Texas, where cattle outnumber people. Perry, like most teenagers, left Haskell County after high school. He wound up attending Texas A&M.

Texting while driving is nonsense

We’re tired of reading reports about auto accidents involving drivers suspected of texting instead of watching the road.

Deaf girl inspires by example

Dynasty Poole said she felt inspired by her moment in the spotlight Monday night as sign language interpreter for two songs at the College Football Playoff championship game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Joint discussion offers lessons

We hope to see more discussions between teenagers and police like the one that was held Friday at Denton High School.

New UNT program has potential

We think it’s great that the University of North Texas is launching a new partnership with the Arlington school district to automatically accept high school juniors who are in the top 20 percent of their class, and we hope the plan will soon be expanded to Denton ISD and other area districts.

Students should fund own degrees

President Barack Obama is a good Democrat. He wants federal and state governments to pay the tab for lower-income students to attend community colleges for free. We agree with the president that community college provides a valuable option for job training and higher education.

Abbott’s speech disappointing

We love politics. We hate demagoguery. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines demagogue as “one who tries to stir up peoples’ emotions in order to win them over and so gain power.”

It’s time for city to help homeless

We believe it’s time for the city of Denton to consider doing more to help the homeless.

Consider learning about police work

Education is a great tool to promote understanding and one of the best ways we know to learn more about what’s it like to be a law enforcement officer is to sign up for a citizen’s police academy.

Fake guns can be real problem

Why would you want to carry a toy handgun that looks so much like the real thing that it could get you shot by police?

Crack down on public smoking

Denton City Council members opened the door to tightening the city’s smoking ban during a work session Tuesday by generally agreeing to consider a tougher ordinance after soliciting public comment.

Show appreciation of peace officers

How long has it been since you thanked a police officer? We’re not talking about anything too formal, just a simple thank you for doing a tough job.

Share the caring to fight hunger

We hope the annual Epiphany Party planned tonight for Denton’s poor and homeless will help get the new year off to a generous and caring start.

Time to fix public school financing

Gov.-elect Greg Abbott has set exactly the right tone by saying his focus as the leader of our state will be public education.

Help give our landfills a break

Thanks to the busy holiday season, you might have missed the latest news about SCRAP Denton — the local School and Community Reuse Action Project — but we thought the organization’s new home was worth noting once again.

New officeholders face challenges

Several Denton County officials were sworn into office Thursday morning at the Courthouse on the Square, and we hope the timely start will lead to a productive year.

Make flu shot top priority

Matt Richardson, Denton County Health Department director, said this week that flu season is definitely here and it could be a bad one.

New year brings opportunities

We’re looking forward to 2015 and believe that a lot of Denton County residents share our optimism.

Choose to act responsibly

If you plan to party today or tonight to welcome 2015 and worry that you may not be able to remember all the fun stuff, area law enforcement has a solution, and we think it’s a good one.

Biker sets good example

Our best wishes go with Adam Sandoval as he continues riding his motorcycle across America to raise money for families of fallen military personnel.

Other voices: ISIS headaches

What’s a terrorist state to do? Living was so easy in the early days when the Iraqi army cut and ran and the coffers were overflowing with illicit donations. Now people want the trains to run on time and there’s nothing but headaches.

Other voices: Home prices on winning streak

Awareness key to helping solve problem

The Associated Press has selected domestic violence in the NFL as the sports story of the year for 2014. We hope the AP and news organizations across the nation will keep this ugly issue front and center, where it belongs.

Local fracking foe finalist for honor

Cathy McMullen moved from rural Wise County to a quaint, 100-year-old farmhouse in Denton to escape the fumes and noise of natural gas drilling. Surely, city ordinances would protect her from drilling operations on her doorstep. Or so she thought.

Vow to improve your community for 2015

Now that we’ve opened the presents and fed the relatives a big meal, it’s time to turn our attention to the next stage of the holiday season.

Thank angels for their efforts

Today is Christmas, and we hope it finds you close to the ones you love. This is a day to reflect, to consider our blessings and thank those who have enriched our lives.

Drive safely over the holidays

Denton County residents who plan to be on the road this holiday weekend should pack plenty of caution along with their emergency gear.

Time to keep ball rolling

Friday’s gathering of Denton community leaders to discuss ways to improve understanding and trust between police and young people was a good beginning — now, keep it up.

Sony attack a wake-up call

Sony Pictures’ decision to halt the release of The Interview reminds us of just how vulnerable private corporate computer networks are to cyberattacks and the lengths to which despots will go to curb dissent.

Roads woes part of growing pains

No one likes road construction, but driving like an idiot won’t make the situation any better.

Author’s advice worth sharing

Sounds to us like Michelle Staubach Grimes is following in her father’s footsteps when it comes to motivating others, and we believe she has advice that’s worth sharing.

Consider picking a shelter pet

If finding a pet for a family member or a friend is part of your holiday gift-giving plans, we hope you will consider choosing a shelter animal.

Football players’ health top priority

The most important priority in addressing the concussion problem in football should be the current and future health of football players. Period.

Educate youths on how to treat police

Protests about how local law enforcement agencies treat people during street confrontations are picking up steam across the nation.

College students need debt relief

Two top state officials offered different but equally important snapshots of Texas higher education recently. They highlight decisions lawmakers face in 2015 to keep college useful and affordable for high school grads.

Cartel threat could be hype

Border splurge: It sounds like the threat posed by drug cartels along the border may be hype.

Report on Texans’ health a mixed bag

Data gathered by the United Health Foundation shows that Texans are improving their health in some areas, but we are still too much at risk in others.

Tour gives view into local history

We encourage area residents to take advantage of a rare opportunity Sunday afternoon to get a personal glimpse into a fascinating era in Denton’s colorful history.