Obamacare fix must do no harm

President-elect Donald Trump and House and Senate Republicans are on a bullet train toward repealing the Obama administration’s centerpiece health care legislative accomplishment but are far from a quick consensus on what will replace it.

How would Dr. King critique Obama?

Today marks the national holiday celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr. The Georgia preacher and civil rights leader would have turned 88 years old Sunday if he had lived. He was assassinated in Memphis in 1968 at age 39.

Hugs & shrugs

Hugs: Outgoing Vice President Joe Biden turned out to be a likable Joe. While in office, he suffered the untimely death of a son from cancer. He took up the fight against the disease. We were touched when he shed tears on Thursday as President Obama bestowed upon him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

401(k) no miracle retirement cure

The Wall Street Journal recently ignited an online forest fire when some of the early champions of the 401(k) surprisingly disclosed a change of heart, seeing that the retirement investment accounts haven’t lived up to their expectations.

Revisit gun rights of mentally ill

It’s time. Time to talk about the mentally ill and their Second Amendment rights.

Digital era changes how we connect

The internet is a wonderful thing. You can find a used car to buy. You can be watching a movie and instantaneously find out everything about who directed it, who starred in it and the year it was made.

Time ripe for City Hall change

Regime change is sweeping through Denton City Hall. We are optimistic that the new bosses will be better than the old bosses. They’ll be more open to including the public in their plans to manage the city’s growth, development and tax-and-spend policies.

Trump should learn to apologize

Have you ever had a professional colleague, friend or family member who just cannot bring himself to apologize when he makes a mistake or demonstrates bad behavior?

Rice class combats sexual assaults

The problem is one we’re all too familiar with: The prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses is intolerable. But universities are still working out the most effective ways to turn it around. We’re glad to see Rice University leading the way with an innovative approach.

Fast-food crew may regret action

A Fort Worth police officer walks into a Wendy’s to get a burger. No, this is not the first line of a joke quickly followed by a clever punch line.

Other voices: Crazy ants marching through Texas

Fresh from the file headed “No matter how bad things may seem, they can always get worse” comes a new and ominous threat: Crazy ants.

Project to help people with autism

We should all salute Clay Heighten and Debra Caudy, a Dallas couple struggling to find a better life for Jon, their 19-year-old son. Jon has autism and is unable to live on his own.

Take time to minimize risks in daily life

State game wardens aren’t supposed to cry. But it happened this week in nearby Hunt County when they recovered the bodies of a father and son who drowned while duck hunting at Lake Tawokoni.

Legislature to tackle many issues

Hundreds of bills will confront Texas lawmakers when they get together in Austin next week to start their 140-day legislative session.

Time to rethink death penalty

The death penalty is rare, even in Texas, where just seven executions were carried out this year. In some places, it’s almost nonexistent. In Dallas and Harris counties, not a single death sentence was handed down this year.

DRC crystal ball presents predictions

Well, we made it. Welcome to 2017. Happy New Year’s.

Fisher, Reynolds like night and day

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds died within 24 hours of each other. A daughter and mother could not have been more different. Reaction to their deaths caught us off guard. The public’s outpouring of grief for Fisher surpassed the mourning for her mother.

Get ride, don’t drink and drive

Our mothers always warned us that nothing good happens on city streets after midnight. Partiers will be out in force tonight to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The weather will be decent and the desire to drink 2016 into the rear-view mirror will be strong.

New county sheriff holds promise

There’s a new sheriff in town. That saying is a cliche, but it’s literally true this time.

News must be backed by facts

Let’s talk about the term “fake news” — what it is and what it is not.

New year offers fresh opportunities

We are ecstatic about the arrival of the new year. Who knows what might happen? The old year is now in the rear-view mirror, and that’s a good thing.

Fund public schools not vouchers

The public schools stitch together Texas communities large and small. Dedicated teachers, administrators and parent volunteers labor tirelessly on behalf of students from Amarillo to the Rio Grande Valley, from El Paso to Texarkana.

Let Christmas spirit soothe your soul

For today at least, let’s set aside hard-heartedness and righteous indignation. Forget about locking up Hillary, deporting Obama and ridiculing Trump’s hair and his disturbing tweets.

Save Big Bend from border wall

There are few more breathtakingly beautiful places in Texas than Big Bend National Park.

All immigrants not the same

Americans believe everyone should be treated equally under the law. Take a look at our history and find that the United States traditionally meets discrimination with laws to make it disappear.

Get fired up for bowl game

We need to pump up the volume in anticipation of the Mean Green’s appearance next Tuesday in the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Cue the Rocky music. Shoot off some fireworks. Let’s see the cheerleaders form a human pyramid 15 feet tall.

Hopefully, shootings not sign of future

To say that the shooting death of Deandre Wilson is disturbing would be a laughable understatement.

ATV accidents all too common

The tragic death of Shady Shores teenager Tanner Cote last week demonstrates the dangers of all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs.

Texas pastor Grisham does Grinch impression

Some people are so misguided that they are beyond redemption.

Texas tastes defeat in cheesy challenge

We demand a recount. We demand a new vote. We demand a new queso vs. cheese dip taste test.

‘Peanuts’ poster has its place

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution covers a lot of legal ground, and the U.S. Supreme Court has spent more than 200 years defining what it means.

Concussion registry should go further

At last, Texas will launch a registry to better track concussions among young athletes to try to figure out ways to prevent them.

DentonRadio.com fills historic shoes

KDNT Radio — 1440 on your AM dial. Broadcasting live from the Radio Center on West Hickory Street across from the Campus Theatre. You can almost hear the announcer’s golden baritone sling those words at the microphone.

Tough to balance freedom with cost

With Donald Trump ready to occupy the White House, now is a good time to think about the concept of freedom. Americans love freedom, but freedom always has a price.

Veterinarians’ role in drug abuse overlooked

The role of veterinary clinics in the prescription drug abuse epidemic is often overlooked. Because, really, who would think human clients — or, in some cases, a member of the clinic’s own staff — might divert a pet’s prescriptions? It can happen and could too easily escape our notice.

Independent report needed on election

The Denton County Elections Administration’s reputation remains in shambles a month after the general election. We won’t bother to regurgitate the litany of terrible mistakes made during early voting and on Election Day. Suffice it to say we still have no confidence in the election returns as reported.

Cures Act imperfect but welcome win

Help your neighbors over the holidays

Christmas Day arrives exactly two weeks from today. We have two requests of our readers.

Silver screen legend celebrates 100 years

Issur Danielovitch celebrated his 100th birthday on Friday. The famed dimpled chin, jutting jaw and intense eyes still reside amid the leathery creases on his face. Don’t recognize the name?

Texas should work with feds to fix CPS

It was encouraging to see lawmakers put their infighting aside recently and finally approve an emergency request to hire more than 800 new workers and grant $12,000 pay raises at the beleaguered Texas Child Protective Services.

Gender pay gap can be addressed

Donald Trump would be proud of us. We are going to be politically incorrect today. We tread on dangerous ground when we suggest men and woman are not equal in all respects. We are way past those days when people joked about women drivers.

Public safety gets big boost

Congratulations to Denton City Council for its vote to ban the use of handheld cellphones while driving.

School class proposal holds promise

We subscribe to the old-fashioned notion that school districts should hammer students with the basics — reading, writing and arithmetic.

Take steps to deal with drowsy driving

We love AAA, the automotive club that looks out for drivers for a reasonable annual fee. Got a dead battery? Flat tire on the highway? No problem. AAA members call a toll-free number and a service technician shows up within an hour.

Politicians should respect the truth

We’ve reached a critical turning point. Americans now wonder who they can trust to bring them factual, fair and balanced information needed to function in a democratic society.

Quality pre-K needs sustained funding

Gov. Greg Abbott was right on the mark during the last legislative session when he made early childhood education a priority. Lawmakers added $118 million in emergency grants to improve prekindergarten.

Trump to change politics in U.S.

Americans are on pins and needles about the changing nature of politics as we embark on the Trump era. This is true particularly in minority communities.

Heart surgeon left lasting legacy

Consider the daily life of Dr. Denton A. Cooley, who died recently at age 96. For decades every morning, he left his home in River Oaks, donned his surgical smock at Texas Medical Center and from dawn to dusk plunged his gifted hands into the open chests of men, women and children whose hearts were failing, who were within days, or less, of death.

Leave restroom issue to private sector

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick continues to push a new state law that would require people to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender at birth.Patrick asserts the bill would protect women and girls against male predators who pretend to be female so they can get into a women’s restroom. Essentially, his bill provides a solution to a problem that does not exist.

Tough to untangle Trump’s messages

Donald Trump is the cat and we are the mice. He bats us around for awhile, gets bored and then moves on to his next provocation.