Letters to the editor, April 24

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The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters to the editor pertaining to the May 10 city and school elections. Letters must follow all regular submission rules. Election letters must be received in this office by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 28; none will be published after Saturday, May 3.


Vote for Schaake

Jean Schaake should be our next mayor. She has a proven track record of leadership that will serve our city well. I got to know Jean when she served on the Denton school board of trustees, but I saw her leadership skills first-hand during our time together serving on the board of directors for North Texas Public Broadcasting.

Jean Schaake understands the mayor has just one vote on the council. But she also understands that the role of the mayor is to build consensus within the council in order to move the city forward.

Jean Schaake will be ready on day one to help the city navigate through the choppy waters of growth. She will build our economic tax base while protecting neighborhoods.

Most of this community probably already knows Jean from her long history of serving our community. If you don’t know Jean, ask someone who does and they will tell you about her deep commitment to Denton and about her desire to make Denton a great place to live, work and play.

Vote for Jean Schaake. Election day is May 10 and early voting starts Monday.

Tim Crouch,



Watts for mayor

I have watched many City Council meetings on TV while eating my supper on Tuesday nights and that is how I got acquainted with Chris Watts.

For a long time I really didn’t know which geographical area of Denton he represented because his questions, concerns and requests for researched information was generally concerned with the community as a whole, not just “his district.”

In voting, the mayor’s opinion is one vote of the seven. His/her role as the designated leader of the group is to help them make the best decision “that will provide the greatest good for the largest number with the least cost to the most.”

Sometimes this requires taking a risk. How the council arrives at this decision should be transparent throughout the process.

In my opinion, Chris Watts is who Denton needs to sit in the mayor’s chair to help us become who we want to be as a community.

Bettye Myers,



Vote for Watts

I support Chris Watts for mayor of Denton. He has the experience of having served three terms on the council. He showed during the period he was on the council that he was a strong neighborhood advocate. He questioned and analyzed the business practices of the council. He supported Denton businesses.

Jean Schaake cast the deciding vote on the Planning and Zoning Commission to deny zoning to DATCU, a strong company that has always been in Denton and has supported Denton and the entire community.

Her vote was a vote against the city of Denton. And now we have lost DATCU to Corinth.

Denton had the opportunity with that voting change to turn a non-tax-producing property into a tax-producing property. I live in the Southmont area. The majority of our residents were in favor of this zoning change.

I am also very concerned about the residents of Denton underwriting the bond package for the proposed convention center/hotel on the UNT campus.

Jean works for UNT but if she were mayor, she would need to focus only on what is best for the residents of Denton, not UNT. Denton will need a strong mayor with a business background to lead through these next several years.

Jane Hopkins,



Vote for Ryan

I have attended several forums to become acquainted with the candidates running to represent me. I continue to be impressed with John Ryan running for District 2. John seems to have a grasp of the issues that are facing Denton. It is refreshing to hear someone who has facts and substance, not just talking points.

We need people on the council who will devote their time to keep up with the things that we do not have time to do. John is that person, an informed person, offering to serve Denton. Please join me in voting for John Ryan for councilman for District 2.

Barbara Russell,



Unsung heroes

Early one morning I was awakened by the CareFlite helicopter making a medical transport in an effort to save a life and I was reminded of all the unsung heroes in a world full of sadness, stress and uncertainties.

Contrary to popular belief, the heroes are not the athletes who make obscene salaries, or the actors and musicians who use pornography and profanity to gain media attention, or the Obamas and all their minions and puppets who are systematically destroying our once-great nation.

Instead, the heroes are the parents who give unconditional love to their children; the soldiers who fight and die for our freedoms; the police officers and firemen who risk their lives protecting ours; the animal lovers who are the voice for the innocent and helpless; the teachers who make a difference with their students; the people who do the best they can to make an honest living; the people who volunteer their time to help the poor and homeless; the doctors who work “miracles”; Jesus Christ, who died for our sins so that we might live; and many more.

To all the unsung heroes, I salute you and I thank you.

Amy M. Poskey,



Schaake for mayor

I am voting for Jean Schaake for mayor of Denton in the upcoming election.

Jean has served in many leadership positions in our community, and she has the long-range vision for Denton as a vital city along with Dallas and Fort Worth in our growing metroplex. She believes in working together, partnering and collaboration to achieve one’s goals.

Jean believes in the protection of neighborhoods. DATCU could have pursued its request for a zoning change to the City Council where it might well have been approved. As a former council member, I know vital decisions are made by the council and not planning and zoning.

Jean listens and responds thoughtfully. Her voice may not be loud, but we need to listen to what she says.

Join me in voting for Jean Schaake.

Jack Thomson,


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