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Letters to the editor, March 11


Kudos to Al Key.

His photographs (front page, March 6) are both beautiful and evocative.

Mary Lee Archer,



A glass half empty     

Appearing in the paper recently was a vitriolic letter from a Robson Ranch resident complaining about virtually everything about Denton.

Actually, her letter says more about her than it does about Denton.

Evidently, her priorities are “upscale-restaurants, theaters and shopping centers.”

Never mind that here one has numerous opportunities to enjoy concertos, operas, plays, symphony concerts, art galleries, modern-music venues, lectures, emeritus college classes and the list goes on.

One can find something interesting and educational to do every single day of the week within a short 15 minutes drive from her area, if one chooses to take advantage of these amenities.

Unfortunately, there are always those who enjoy finding fault, perceive the glass as half empty and spend their time looking for something to criticize rather than enjoying the many positive aspects of their surroundings.

Catherine “Katy” Dawson,