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Letters to the editor, April 1

The voter integrity fight

I was glad to see several letters were written about the logical law requiring an ID to vote.

There are 2 million people listed as active voters throughout the USA who are dead. Eric Holder knows and refuses to clean up these vote registries of errors, and has now filed suits against some states with the voter ID law.

Texas and 32 other states have passed ID laws; all those states are exercising their 10th Amendment rights and are prevailing over the Justice Department. The ID law was upheld in the Supreme Court in 2008.

Is it discriminatory when a person has to show an ID to get a library card, to enter a cantina or open a bank account? I’m certain that people want banks to secure their money, similar to real Americans wanting a legitimate voting process.

As we know, Obama touted that he was a trainer for ACORN, which was convicted in 14 states of voter fraud and embezzlement.  (The Wall Street Journal)

It is extremely condescending when dogmatists on the left state that because of someone’s ethnicity, the person does not have the sense to have an ID. The left has incessantly used race as a political tool.

This is transparent from the beginning when the Obama administration dropped the case against a convicted racist group that intimidated voters.

It appears the left has a long record of malfeasance.

I hope everyone contacts their representative and insists on voter ID laws and an honest election.

Eric Mach,