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Letters to the editor, June 16

Vote for Kamp

Re-elect Pete Kamp. She is honest, bright, hard-working and cares about the community of Denton.

From personal experience as a new Den­ton homeowner in a new neighborhood 10 years ago, we can vouch for Pete as someone who listens and takes action. Her honesty is above reproach.

Jackie and Tom Bruce,


Burroughs for mayor

Although the mayoral runoff election is billed as nonpartisan, the choice is clear. While our nation is mired with the highest, longest-running unemployment since the Great Depression at 8.2 percent, Denton’s unemployment rate is 5.6 percent.

Under Mayor Mark Burroughs’ leadership, despite a slumping economy, Denton boosted employment by attracting ALDI grocers, the Target distribution center and bolstering the Rayzor Ranch project with Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.

The Denton Airport was expanded to the eighth largest in the state (behind No. 7 Love Field).

City funding added reserves without cutting major services, turning a $1.2 million deficit to a $2.9 million surplus.

Prior to being defeated by Congressman Michael Burgess for Congress in 2010, Mayor Burroughs’ opponent was chairman of the Denton Democratic Party during the reign of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

Americans were brutally punished economically as unemployment rose from 4.4 percent to 9.4 percent. Debt climbed by $5.2 trillion.

Some questions remain: With a mayor who ran under a big government banner, would we have to endure the same tax, spend and redistribute philosophies locally? Would taxes be raised to fund more expensive local government at the expense of private sector jobs?

Most importantly, there’s a question of character: Why was Mayor Burroughs’ op­ponent banned from receiving appointments as a public defender in Denton County courts?

During this three-month campaign, Mayor Burroughs’ home sold faster than anticipated. After the election, Denton resident Mark Burroughs will have time to shop for and buy another home in Denton.

Bill Lawson,


Burroughs best choice

I have been following the mayor’s runoff race with interest. I notice that, more and more, the personality of each person, Mayor Mark Burroughs and Neil Dur­rance, have been showing through.

Mark Burroughs remains consistently positive, reminding us how amazingly well our city has fared these past four years. He gives details to back it up, too.

The Durrance campaign, on the other hand, repeats some tired, vague complaints about how badly the City Council has operated or listened or voted. He also said in the newspaper that he “didn’t see any evidence” that Mayor Burroughs lived in Den­ton.

That last item is a dishonest statement and I just have to respond to it.

I know Mark Burroughs. I volunteered with Mr. Burroughs on the Greater Denton Arts Council board of directors when he was president. We cross paths repeatedly at all manner of activities and events around town.

Not very many people I know give so much every day, every year, year after year, to Denton than Mark.

Not only does he still live in Forrestridge (in Denton, of course) where I know his family recently downsized houses, he bought a new office building on Teasley Lane for his law firm. Mark’s commitment to Denton cannot be questioned by any responsible person.

Why Neil Durrance would publically make what I know are dishonest statements is something I can’t understand. I also ask what Durrance has done for Den­ton ... not just now, ever?

Judy Shortino,


Vote for Durrance and Zoltner

Representatives of the taxpayers of Den­ton should live in Denton and not in condos in Dallas.

And decisions that affect our taxes should not be made behind closed doors. Especially when made with UNT.

We’ve had councils that have cannibalized established Denton businesses to open similar businesses in a new location. This should not happen to Denton hotels whose taxes do so much for “our fair city.”

We can make a difference in how Denton is run — for the better.

Vote for Durrance and Zoltner.

Dolores Vann,


Vote for Burroughs and Kamp

The city of Denton runoff election for mayor will impact our lives. Local government affects us daily more than any other level of government. I have known Mark Burroughs for more than 22 years, an outstanding man, and ask for your vote.

- What: run-off election for mayor of Denton

- Re-elect Mayor Mark Burroughs

- When and where: Early voting is June 11-19 (Carroll Administration Building); or on election day Saturday, June 23 (at your local polling place).

- Who can vote: Every registered voter can vote even if the person did not vote in the city election in May.

- Why: One vote can make a difference.

You can go online to to view Mark’s experience, commitment and contribution to our community. Our city has been moving in the right direction.

Mark Burroughs, our mayor for four years and councilman for six years, and Pete Kamp, council member for nine years, are proven leaders.

Please re-elect Mark Burroughs and Pete Kamp.

Joanne Shipley Simmons,


Government intrusion

Not only are the brilliant men and women ensconced in Washington, D.C, preparing us for a “we-know-better-than-you” tax on the RC Cola you drink — but now the mayor of New York City has joined them.

Consider the things that have a “social tax” on them: beer, wine, whiskey, cigarettes, and now sodas — or pop to some of you.

What’s next for Big Momma’s incursion into your life? Will it be Twinkies? Perhaps Almond Joy or Mounds? 

Will Snickers and 3 Musketeers make the list? And surely the In-N-Out Burger will get their attention?

Not even the “nuts” in Berkley or Austin have proposed such an intrusion — yet.

Larry Jambor,