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Letters to the editor, July 3

Inner circle

What reasonable person wants banks to investigate themselves when bank fraud is suspected, or Big Pharma to investigate itself when profitable drugs are suspected of being harmful?

Classified information benefiting President Obama was leaked to news outlets, information harming national security, allies, covert operations, covert operatives and others, such as the betrayed, now-imprisoned Pakistani who helped us locate bin Laden. These leaks have angered even Democratic Sen. Feinstein.

According to The New York Times, at least some of this information came from the president’s inner circle, which he denies.

Who’s lying? How do we stop such disastrous leaks?

Attorney General Holder has selected two supposedly objective subordinates to investigate, one who, interestingly, worked for the Obama campaign.

Mr. Holder, the president’s appointee, will receive and evaluate whatever information they choose to gather.

Watergate-style cover-up? Not necessarily, if Mr. Holder is a proven man of integrity, clearly dedicated to rule of law.

What’s his record? Shady. Two examples among many: He blocked prosecution of obvious voter intimidation by Black Panthers. Does he seek equal treatment for all, or does he favor the black community, right or wrong?

Now, he stonewalls congressional efforts to uncover facts about Operation Fast and Furious.

Does he seek truth and justice, or does he protect himself, his office, his president, right or wrong?

Integrity? Dedicated to rule of law?

What reasonable person would want this Mr. Holder, a member of the president’s inner circle, to control an investigation of the president’s inner circle?

Lee Nahrgang, Denton


Ride the train

Everyone in Denton Country should try riding the A-train. We have to change our mindset in order for the A-train to be successful and meet the goals set by all communities involved.

[Steve] Sullivan [DRC, June 18] is using “fuzzy math” to identify the expense and savings allocation for the Denton A-train. DCTA refuses to provide service at times beneficial for all involved. DCTA claims “fiscal responsibility” to save taxpayer funds, but actually has a surplus of funds.

Some A-train goals include decreasing traffic on Interstate 35E and increasing tourism to Denton.

My involvement is with nonprofit organizations providing entertainment and festivals … we hoped the A-train would bring more visitors to us.

The new businesses in the Hickory Street corridor and businesses of the downtown district would echo this.

Limited schedules Friday, Saturday nights and none on Sunday make utilizing the A-train for tourism impossible.

Passengers cannot travel from Dallas to performances at the Campus Theatre, UNT, TWU or other venues and be able to return home by train; it’s also impossible for anyone from Denton to travel to Dallas for entertainment and to return home by train.

The economic dollars created utilizing A-train for travel and tourism would go far beyond “fuzzy math” and be a tremendous impact on our city’s growth.

Once discovering Denton, people find that Denton is a destination. Scheduling as it is barely accommodates a commuter, and certainly cannot accommodate a student of either university.

Expansion of services would be fiscally responsible to all cities involved.

Adam R. Reese, Denton


So be it

Mr. Johnson [DRC, June 12], if quibbling is your forte, then so be it. I can image your warm feeling when Bill Clinton testified, “That all depends on what ‘is’ is.”

What Fox News reported about the president’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show was accurate. Fox News’ opinion was based on what its people saw.

What you saw on your network’s follow-up reporting was disingenuous, one of the reasons its ratings are always that of an also-ran.

Roger T. Horrell, Denton