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Letters to the editor, July 9

Bury the hatchet

We live in the richest county in the world and how can health care be denied anyone?

When the dripping venom is directed against the very people who are most in need, that tells me that non-caring is on the upswing.

Andrew Jackson, who served as a major general in the Tennessee militia, had to explain to his troops who had reached a very low ebb to the point of fighting and bickering among themselves that the “enemy is out there; not with each other.”

The verbalization against the Supreme Court’s report from the Republicans should stop, for “the enemy is out there” in the forms of seniors having to make a choice between medicine and food, pre-existing illnesses, cancer, diabetes and heart problems, just to name a few concerns.

The Supreme Court has spoken to give a new meaning to all the “brother-bashing/sister-smashing” against those in favor of the Affordable Care Act. 

You may think Republicans and Democrats are enemies rather than members of Congress who were elected to the best interest of the voters, not self-seekers andfactious.

In 1935, when Social Security was enacted by President Roosevelt, he received ridicule. President L. Johnson signed the Medicare bill into law in 1965; he received ridicule. Now, Chief Justice Roberts is receiving ridicule for what he has done concerning the Affordable Care Act. What’s next?

The hatchet needs to be buried, but not in anyone’s back.

Charlye Heggins,




Left’s contempt

Peggy LaPoint’s letter, “GOP tactics,” illustrates the contempt the left has for free enterprise, capitalism and the oil industry, while fabricating the facts related to the Strategic Energy Production Act.

Although maintained for severe supply disruptions, Barack Obama tapped the Strategic Oil Reserve for political expediency as gas prices spiraled upwards of $3.75 a gallon.

H.R. 4480 links drawdowns from the reserve to increased domestic energy. Once there is a drawdown, the secretary of energy would have to develop a plan for increased leasing of federal land for oil and gas development.

While the Obama administration has leased fewer onshore acres than any administration going back to 1984, only 3 percent of total federal land is leased for oil and gas production.

Her bogus claim that EPA safeguards are being rolled back ignores the fact that the bill merely enacts an executive branch committee charged with estimating the cumulative impacts of EPA rules on gas prices, jobs and the economy. Congress would then vote on the bill based on the committee’s findings.

Alternative energies mentioned can play a large role in creating a stronger domestic energy supply, but they cannot replace oil and gas.

Consumers will not embrace these technologies unless they can stand on their merit in the marketplace, devoid of government subsidies.

Oil, our cheapest, most abundant fuel source, is the fuel of the engine of freedom. Freedom leads to ingenuity, via the pursuit of profit, which percolates the genius from which cost-effective alternative fuel sources will emerge.

Bill Lawson.




Sadler best choice

Paul Sadler is clearly the best choice among the candidates left standing for the U.S. Senate. His ability to understand and articulate the issues that are before the American people, without resort to partisan rhetoric, is impressive.

I have great respect for Grady Yarbrough, to the extent that I am able to objectively evaluate him.

He appears to be a man of ability and good character, and I would certainly support him for election to statewide office; just not the U.S. Senate.

Cruz and Dewhurst are engaged in a game of one-down-man-ship, in which each tries to outdo the other in appealing to the baser instincts of the Texas electorate.

They have each reached the bottom.

T. Jervis Underwood,

Oak Point