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Letters to the editor, August 16

Under attack

Voters are under attack with Election Day just months away.

Extremely well-funded corporate and special interests are spending millions — if not billions — to silence voters on Election Day.

Texas is one of the states with new laws aimed at taking power out of the hands of residents.

The League of Women Voters is fighting tirelessly to register new voters.

Be sure you are “legally” registered to vote and help people — especially the old — get to the polls in November.

Voting is the most fundamental right in our democracy.

Dolores Vann,




Total ignorance

Once again we have an example of the violence that can result from misinformation about the role skin color plays in human relationships.

Differences in skin color are the product of evolutionary accident, depending on how close one’s forebearers were to the equator.

If they were close, darker skin helped prevent absorbing too much vitamin D, while light skin was a survival factor in northern and far southern climes, to be able to absorb more vitamin D.

It has nothing to do with “race” — there is only one race, and that is the human race: Homo sapiens.

The white supremacists are exhibiting their total ignorance of what is really important. Christianity has it right: Love thy neighbor as thyself. There is no skin color qualification in that admonition.

Besides, Jesus was likely a little dusky himself.

T. Jervis Underwood,

Oak Point