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Letters to the editor, August 18

Soul at stake

Our liberty lives in the Second Amend­ment. It’s the fundamental right that separates us from all other nations on earth.

There is no greater freedom than the ability to own a firearm to protect yourself, your family, your community and your property. That freedom is the heart and soul of our nation. And that soul is at stake in this election.

You know it, I know it and gun owners everywhere feel it in their hearts. We’re on edge about the future of our firearms and our freedom.

It’s a fear that is sending gun owners and would-be gun owners out to gun shops in droves. Sales of firearms and the right-to-carry permit applications are skyrocketing because the stakes of this election are clear:

If Barack Obama wins, the Second Amendment will fail.

Chuck Osborne,


Learn the truth

Jim Stodola: Once again on the letters page [DRC, Aug. 3] you are backing the best con man this country’s highest office has ever seen. He has taken the inept office of “Jimmy Peanut” and magnified it 10 times more toward failure.

He has put this country on the edge of financial ruin and pointed it toward one run by socialists. If he wins again, term limits will kick in. It will be the most important time in the history of constitutional amendments.

You need to read the column by Kathleen Parker that rubs up against your letter. It will help you learn the truth. Then, you won’t have to write so many letters creating all of those letters opposing you.

I also think that you are just jealous of Gov. Romney’s money. If he has legally placed money where you say he has, he is not the only one. I will bet you some of your millionaire cronies have done the same thing.

It is also about time your head of the Senate, Harry Reid, be called on another one of his lies. If Gov. Romney wants to show you his tax records for the last 10 years, let’s see yours, Mr. Reid. It wouldn’t hurt to see Nancy Pelosi’s either.

Jim Stodola, we share the same first name. My middle name is Lowell. I hope yours isn’t.

James Penton,