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Letters to the editor, August 21

Off the deep end

In reference to a letter by Lee Nahrgang [DRC, Aug. 9], I believe he has one good point, to wit: that “religious experience” is genetic.

I agree that it is and is connected to the genetic “herd instinct” or for the individual and common good.

However, on many other points, I think he goes off the deep end against some mysterious leftists. I don’t know or even recognize any of these people because of his vagueness. I would suggest that he name them or give us examples of them.

His statement about Democrats is rather revealing in that some “are not leftists.”

His “god-spot” can also be interpreted as nature, which can easily be interpreted as an “all-powerful force.”

You don’t necessarily have to worship nature as a god. However, I suspect that nature can be a valid religion and I suppose interpreted as the all-powerful god-force.

I would simply caution that comments about other people and their beliefs do not have to be done with vitriolic language.

A calmness, usually, I think, is the best way to express dissent.

Bill Hughen,