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Letters to the editor, August 22

Class warfare

I have been listening to the rhetoric in the campaign for president, and all I have heard is character besmirching, name calling and pandering for votes. Issues; what are issues, let alone what are the issues of this campaign?

Aside from the personal attacks on one’s opposition, it appears that class warfare is a legitimate issue for some.

This type of political campaigning has become so common that it has been elevated to the floor of the U.S. Senate by none other than that body’s leader. There is no place for that behavior in the Senate of the United States.

When Harry Reid makes statements like, “It is out there,” and “I have this from an anonymous source that I cannot divulge,” saying that Gov. Romney has not paid taxes in 10 years, it is not only disingenuous, despicable and sleazy, but a dangerous precedent to set at this level of politics.

Issues may never be the focus of a national campaign again.

So, in the spirit of Mr. Reid: “This is out there ... from an anonymous source.” The reason President Obama’s transcripts from Columbia and Harvard are sealed is because when he was an undergraduate, his academic performance was less than stellar and he was unable to gain admission to these prestigious institutions through normal channels. 

Since the cost for these schools was prohibitive for a student of his means, he entered as a foreign exchange student from the Philippines via his birth in Kenya.

Dennis Loccisano,