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Letters to the editor, August 23

National fast

We in America are now witnessing one of the worst droughts since the 1980s. It has not only affected the land and people, but animals and cattle, as we see them huddle together because in some states they have no pasture. The heat has so devoured the pastures that cattle can hardly survive.

Waterways are dried up due to the lack of much-needed rain.

We are feeling the devastation at the supermarket with elevated prices and smaller packages.

Being a student of God’s word, there is an answer to this situation.

We need to sanctify a national fast, which is a day of restraint and humility, and call a solemn assembly of the Christians to petition God on our behalf through our penitent pleadings, and God will give us the solution to the problem.

Charlye Heggins,




Abuse of power?

Did anyone notice that Rep. Burgess voted to revoke the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act several times?

Did he ever suggest alternatives to any of the provisions in the act? No.

He is only interested in getting re-elected.

He gets good health benefits. By now he qualifies for a federal pension. I wish my health benefits were as good as he gets from his government benefits.

Republicans like the benefits, they just don’t want to pay for them. I know what the Republicans are against. I do not know what the Democrats are for.

Did anyone ask Burgess why his poll numbers in Congress are in the low teens? How does he explain that?

When a politician takes the oath of office, his politicking time is over, and the time to start governing is the day he takes the oath of office.

After all, he is on the government payroll. Isn’t politicking on government time abuse of power?

Bill Berka,