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Letters to the editor, August 25

Vote out Obama

Bubba called. Said keep eating those delicious chicken sandwiches and on Nov. 6, turn out to vote this Chicago thug out of office, along with his out-of-touch ultra-liberal supporters.

Paul Davis [DRC, Aug. 2] was spot on — Obama is out to destroy America and remake it into a socialist welfare nation. Dreams of his father fulfilled.

Who was that guy on Hannity’s Fox show the other night that was in Harvard law school the same time Obama was supposed to be there and said he nor any of his classmates remember Obama?

His theory on why Obama’s school re­cords are sealed all these many years later is that Obama attended all these Ivy League schools as a foreign exchange student (grades to get in via this route aren’t a consideration).

Mitt Romney could make a deal with Obama: Romney releases more tax returns and Obama unseals his birth certificate, college grades, draft record, etc.

Obama has spent $2 million keeping his past under lock and key. One has to wonder why. One has to wonder why the lame-stream media doesn’t spend the time and effort to find out. Bubba said with the main-stream media in bed with Obama, that answers that.

Bubba gave the two dogs of undetermined pedigree and hefty pup a good trimming last week. Seems those dogs were carrying too much hair for this hotter-than-blazes weather. Makes it easier to give them a bath also — at the car wash, of course.

Alice Gore,