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Letters to the editor, August 28

Oppose aerial spraying

To make it short and sweet, here are some reasons to oppose aerial pesticide application.

•  Avoiding mosquito bites is far easier than avoiding spray.

•  Chemicals used are toxic, according to the EPA.

•  Substances being used in spraying have known health risks to beneficial insects, animals and humans.

•  Spraying has not been conclusively proven to lower the incidence of West Nile virus fatalities.

•  Aerial and land-based spraying invades private property and damages local beekeeping businesses.

•  It sets a precedent for future aerial activity and deliberate contamination of the environment.

•  It is expensive to taxpayers and involves the state and federal government in local issues.

•  Single entities are exhibiting too much power over the health of entire cities and neighborhoods under the current system of emergency declarations.

Maria Brossard,