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Letters to the editor, August 29

Outstanding congressman

Bill Berka stated in his letter [DRC, Aug. 23] that Rep. Michael Burgess voted to revoke the affordable care act several times but has never suggested any alternatives to any of the provisions in the act. This is a patently false statement. Rep. Burgess has laid out a comprehensive, free-market solution to replace “ObamaCare” in his recent book titled Doctor in the House.

I suggest that Berka read that book before making any more foolish statements about Rep. Burgess.

As for the abuse of power, nothing exemplifies that more than the manner in which Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi rammed through a 2,700-page “ObamaCare” bill using every twisted, crafty and devious procedure to pass it.

Remember Speaker Pelosi’s famous pompous pronouncement, “You have to pass the bill (ObamaCare) before you can find out what’s in it.

Michael Burgess is an outstanding conservative Republican congressman who serves his district well. He will be one of the Republican Party’s leaders on crafting any new health care legislation that might be needed after ObamaCare has been repealed.

Rudy Cajka,




Concern over spraying

I am writing due to my concern over the West Nile mosquito truck spraying that has been done and the portending possibility of even worse aerial spraying. I definitely don’t want even one person to get bit by one of those mosquitoes and have any problems, but spraying, according to the report I read on the Denton site, only poses a possibility of a 30 percent reduction, which is no reduction once the next mosquitoes hatch out again. The only countries or places I have ever heard of that make significant if not complete elimination of the mosquito problem are the ones that ferociously attack it at the source of where they are hatching out and not allowing any standing water for them to multiply in — spraying elsewhere does virtually nothing to eliminate the risk.

There are many natural healthy ways to keep bugs away from you. The Earth was created organic with real stuff, not synthetic or chemical. Scientists know that humans and animals can only accept for sustenance natural (real) vitamins, minerals, proteins, herbs, etc. The minute a chemical or synthetic is introduced into the system, either by ingestion or environmental contamination, the body detoxifying systems work to expel it. I have heard warnings on radio/TV shows and read in articles telling pregnant women to not even have low exposure to insecticides because they are tracing many birth defects to exactly that.

Not only do I want to protect the next generation of people, but the people already born.

Char Ann Hagberg,