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Letters to the editor, August 30

Just asking

This is in response to Walter Lindrose [DRC, Aug. 12].

A lot what you said is true. However, there are extremists in both parties, and it doesn’t necessarily have to do with guns.

A lot of us independent Republicans (Yes, there is such a thing.) abhor what the liberals have done to take our nation to a state of confused, irrational thoughts and ways, particularly when it comes to the Constitution. It doesn’t seem to move this nation forward, but backward.

Politicians of both parties have declined to do what is best for all. It seems the only things they care about are greed, power and prestige. That leads to corruption. I blame them all.

The Congress was put forth and designed to protect the Constitution and laws. They make the laws themselves, and yet, don’t abide by them. I have written to my Congress persons many times and rarely hear back about the very things that are important to me. Generally, it’s just an intern’s form letter.

If they won’t listen to the people, what then do we have to do? Will you please tell me?

I feel when you take the Pledge of Allegiance and God out of schools and insert things contrary to what’s good for this country, that alone may be the reason confused, irresponsible and unhealthy minds, acting with weapons, take innocent lives for no reason. I’m not so sure the people committing these crimes are all Republicans. Are you? Just asking.

Because I don’t know.

Jack Cox,




Joy to behold

On July 28, a marvelous crowd of more than 65,000 people gathered at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium for the event “Restoring Love in America.” Everyone was orderly and very friendly to each other. The joy on faces was great to behold.

The three days preceding the event brought more than 30,000 volunteers out to do free service and supply truckloads of food to needy people in the Dallas area and to an Indian reservation. This was the largest group of volunteers of serving people in Texas history. There were 20 foreign countries represented. Their plea, as one foreign person said it well: “America, don’t let the light of freedom go out because then the world is dark all over.” They know first-hand what loss of freedom is like.

It was wonderful to see that many people who love America just as I do. We cannot let the light of freedom go out for our country’s sake, our children’s sake and the sake of the whole world.

Gloria Hagberg,




Staying with Wayne

In her letter to the editor [DRC, July 20], Elinor Johansen states her “astonishment at the choice of John Wayne as an icon of importance.”

She attempts to ridicule the man in various ways, pointing out that his nickname of “Duke” came from his pet dog (which it did), by pointing out his lack of military service (true) and by stating that he never worked on a ranch (true as far as I know).

She then states that Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable and Henry Fonda were all better actors than “Duke” Wayne (debatable) and that those three all served in the military (true).

She then suggests that Dwight Eisenhower, Eleanor Roosevelt or Darth Vader (a fictional movie character) may have been a better choice for a question for students concerning their knowledge of an American “icon of importance.”

My vote will continue to stay with “The Duke.” Many people have attempted to tarnish his name over the years. His legacy as a patriotic American, as a father and as a fine actor with a lengthy and successful career will live on long after all of us have passed from this life.

Long live The Duke.

Martin Kemplin,