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Letters to the editor, August 31

‘Hairspray’ — wonderful

I would just like to congratulate the cast, crew and orchestra of the DCT production of Hairspray.

The cast was of the highest professional caliber. Their voices and acting ability were superior in quality.

I attended a performance of Hairspray years ago at Fair Park, and for me, this was so much better.

Congratulations on a performance well done. If you missed it, you really missed a stellar, upbeat, high-energy performance.

Song and laughter made for a delightful day. Thanks, DCT.

Carol Foley,

Robson Ranch



Leftist morality

Reason and history teach us that all human beings are mixed bags, with varying mixtures of positive and negative qualities.

Although most of us are fairly equal mixtures, there are extremes. Hitler is deservedly despised, but he loved dogs. Washington, our greatest national leader, had slaves.

Reason and history, therefore, teach us that it is moral and proper to evaluate others individually, considering their unique combinations of positive and negative qualities.

Unfortunately, leftist morality thinks in terms of groups, not individuals, dividing these groups into those considered virtuous because of past suffering, and those considered wicked because of real or supposed crimes.

Members of groups considered wicked must be criticized, even when individual actions are praiseworthy or reasonable. Members of groups considered virtuous mustn’t be criticized, even when individual actions are destructive or criminal.

For example, how can leftists rationally oppose voter intimidation by white skinheads, as they should, but excuse voter intimidation by Black Panthers?

How can leftists be outraged by an imaginary Catholic or Republican “war on women” here, while all but ignoring the very real, sometimes lethal, “war on women” in many less-advanced countries?

Why are some disruptive students, who prevent others from learning, to be excused because of their group?

No, individual actions must be judged by the same standards, regardless of group membership.

Regardless of group, let’s support largely decent individuals and oppose largely indecent individuals.

Let’s reject leftist group think this November.

Let’s support our American ideals of reason and individual responsibility.

Lee Nahrgang,