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Letters to the editor: September 1

Don’t spray rural areas

Congratulations to Denton for making a sane, scientific decision in rejecting aerial mosquito spraying.

However, I am concerned by the idea that the county may be planning to spray unincorporated areas without any input from the rural residents. It is not right for the government to deliberately contaminate private land without the consent of the landowner.

The threat of deaths from West Nile virus is far lower in rural areas because there are fewer people. Large scale spraying is inefficient.

The country has a higher population of beneficial organisms that could be seriously affected by pesticide exposure. The ponds are too big to cover up, as are the gardens and crops. Livestock cannot be brought in­doors.

Please do not spray rural areas. Let the town councils that have opted for the spraying have the pesticides and deal with elections next time around. But leave the farmers and rural landowners to make their own decisions and do their own spraying if they find it necessary.

They are not being given a fair hearing.

Maria Brossard, Sanger


Let it rest

We often wonder why some in this country are assembling with a lot of commotion, uproar and confusion of voices concerning President Obama’s birth place. He has produced his certificate, so let that suffice.

Those that are screaming are going to vote for the opponent, so let it rest.

Many are meditating and devising empty schemes, but the “birtherism” crowds will continue to divide this country because of race.

They are increased by trying to trouble the president, and they think that a black man cannot be president and there is no help for him, but listen with the intent to hear.

God is a shield for him and the lifter up of his head as God continues to sustain him so that he can lead this country in the right directions.

Change is forthcoming again. He has my vote.

We have people like Allen West who is an affront to the African-American race with his deceitful rhetoric, saying that President Obama’s supporters are a “threat to the gene pool.”

What a waste of humanity.

Charlye Heggins, Denton