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Letters to the editor, September 3

Pray for group

There is a small group of senior citizens that meet once a week at the Denton Senior Center for about one hour to sing, read and study the Bible. They have been told they have to move to another location. No other group has been told they have to leave.


A senior citizen’s wife passed away about four years ago, and the Denton seniors at the center comforted the man and may have helped save his life.

That is the sole purpose of meeting at the Senior Center to give aid and comfort to those in need.

Meeting in a back room away from the center will defeat the purpose of the Bible study group.

There is something the readers can do — pray for the people in charge of the Senior Center and the continuance of the Bible study group.

“How do I know the above is true?”

With Christian love and kind regards.

Tillman E. Uland,