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Letters to the editor, September 5

Become informed

In a dedicated effort to seek knowledge, I record news programs and compare them.

I have found, for example, the evening news with Brian Williams is nothing more than a smoothly edited news magazine much like 60 Minutes. Same can be said of the efforts by CBS and ABC, not much news at all.

Fox News, on the other hand, is live and raw and has dozens more stories. In fairness, Fox News is an hour in length, as opposed to 30 minutes for the major networks.

In reflection, on the matter of comparison, I have decided that folks who watch only major network news simply don’t get enough information. I suggest this is by design to keep them mostly unaware of ongoing examples of the failure of the current administration.

An uninformed voter is a lot more likely to cast a vote based on emotion. If one counts on emotions (feelings) to vote, then a cool, polished door knob like President Obama may look or sound pretty good.

If, on the other hand, you have to think and decide based on comparison of the platforms presented by the nominees, it becomes an effort.

Good voters should make the effort to become informed.

Paul Davis,

Hickory Creek