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Letters to the editor, September 6

Be aware

When you vote, be aware of the differences between the parties. Only one party is:

•  Running “approved” ads full of proven falsehoods to the tune of billions — while securing anonymity as to who’s behind them;

•  Attacking your contraception choices, wanting to outlaw IUDs, in vitro and the pill — this is what happens when junk science is embraced. Controlling women is the heart of the GOP platform. Todd Akin just said it out loud;

•  Proposing cuts to Medicare without putting that money back into the system — it has friends who need more corporate welfare while scaring you about “welfare queens”;

•  Guilty of not allowing infrastructure construction projects to post that these are thanks to the stimulus package. Think about it when you drive over a new stretch of road;

•  Responsible for last summer’s credit rating drop and the financial fallout;

•  Refusing to pass the president’s jobs bill because it is too busy playing politics; and

• Spending billions to suppress voter turnout by convincing you voter fraud is rampant, when, again, facts are not on the party’s side.

Google Pennsylvania and Ohio and watch the GOP admit their goal to disenfranchise people in order to win back power. They think you’re too lazy to jump through their hoops or too dumb to notice.

If you’re female, gay, minority, a veteran — imagine what allowing the tea party GOP full run of our democracy and Supreme Court would look like. That oughta scare you to get up, go register and vote.

Lainey Black,