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Letters to the editor, September 7

Heart and soul

This morning, I went to an appointment on Bryan Street. And once again a tear ran down my cheek — when rather than a hilltop covered with heritage oak trees, there appeared nondescript apartment buildings.

And the overflow from the parking accommodations consumed curb space in the neighborhood.

I then found myself in the Fry Street area, with the less-than-aesthetic “edifices to progress” — which came about at the demise of The Tomato and other eclectic enterprises. Places where we had on many occasions enjoyed the “ambiance,” mingled with our young citizens and enjoyed a slice or two of pizza. Was that yet another tear welling up?

Later, I took a drive up Bonnie Brae Street along what used to be a verdant, pastoral scene where longhorn cattle grazed contentedly. Now there is only evidence of the destruction of that rural picture that once was Rayzor Ranch. With the abominable desolation — and the intrusion of invasive plants. This time, tears flowed down over both cheeks.

Doesn’t it seem that part of the heart and soul of this city has been ripped out?

Larry Jambor,