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Letters to the editor, September 8

Fear of backlash

I’m compelled to write what isn’t published in the sports section of the DRC.

What’s appearing there is because the DRC won’t publish anything negative about the UNT football team, for fearing a backlash from the alumni.

If the alumni wishes to be kept in the dark, then expect another losing season.

When this missive is published, it will have been after the UNT Eagles, Mean Green, or whatever their nickname really is, returns after being slaughtered in Baton Rouge.

Two more road game thumpings are ahead (Kansas State and Houston) before the nationally televised Toilet Bowl game against Louisiana Lafayette.

Brett Vito predicts UNT’s record going into that contest will be 3-3, but I differ: it will be 1-5.

How full will Perigee Park be for that game? Even I was surprised how rapidly the curiosity-fueled attendance tapered off after the first game last year.

Perhaps the reason for the mismatch away games is to make up for the lack of revenue from home games.

If UNT saves face by giving tickets away for that televised game, this will go over like a lead balloon with the season ticket holders who again threw good money after bad.

Mr. Villarreal, wake up.

What fills stadiums are teams with winning records, not ones beaten up so badly, no amount of propaganda from the DRC can salvage this season’s final record of 4-8.

See you in December.

Hope I’m wrong.

Roger T. Horrell,


Leftist attacks

Because of all the shootings around the nation, perhaps some restrictions should be enforced to stop these dimwitted leftist drones from obtaining anything more dangerous than a spork.

Americans have had to put up with constant attacks by the various lefties: a national socialist on a religious site; accused Aurora theater gunman and alleged Oc­cupy movement member James Holmes; the alleged LGBT-affiliated as­sailant shooting at the Family Research Council; and the accused domestic terrorist Maj. Hasan.

Of course, we have the left’s Occupy movement that has had more than 7,139 arrests for various crimes ranging from shootings to flag burnings and rapes.

These deluded idiots have their faith in anarchy, communism and national socialism, and all believe in a bloody revolution to force in their self-destructive ideas, so it’s no surprise to see that these idiots act like rabid animals.

Remember the Dems’ Nancy Pelosi, Obama and the left’s media defended their Occupy pawns because of their textbook Saul Alinsky tactics.

The Second Amendment shall not be restricted because some folks on the left have lost their minds and facilitated “Fast and Furious.”

If you are reading this and are part of such a destructive group, for your own mental health and future, leave that group of hate right away.

I would recommend reading Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Dreams from my Father by Obama, the U.S. Constitu­tion and watch 2016. 

Join the fight to bring down the cancerous left and their czars and restore control back to the American citizens.

Eric Mach,


Already paying

Some of the newer students at UNT may not realize that they are currently paying the $10 per credit hour “athletic fee,” which provided the basis for funds to allow the construction of the beautiful new Apogee Stadium on campus.

As a result of this fee, each and every student (whether or not they have any interest in football) is now paying $60 for a seat for themselves at each of this year’s five home football games (30 credit hours over two semesters at $10 per credit hour equals $300 divided by five home games equals $60 per game).

So, UNT students, you should all come out and cheer for the “Mean Green” — especially since you are already paying for your “no admission charge for students” high-priced seats.

Martin Kemplin,