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Letters to the editor, September 9

Looks like negligence

After asking some people I know, it seems that whenever a person buys or sells a car, motorcycle or boat, nobody involved has to show a valid driver’s license to prove he or she can actually operate the machine.

Given that these devices kill and maim many people every day, shouldn’t the seller have to verify that the buyer is in fact legally licensed to operate the purchase?

In fact, given the mortality rate from automobiles, shouldn’t a complete background check be done on buyers, and things like DUIs and drug convictions disqualify a person from vehicle ownership?

This oversight looks like negligence on our lawmakers’ part to me. Just curious.

John Harazda,


Create jobs

It is sad that we have such high unemployment in America. I must say this is the result of our government for the past three and one-half years pushing our citizens to a lower standard of living so they have to rely on food stamps and handouts. We are better than this, so let’s create jobs.

A good example of job loss was in 2011 when Hawker/Beechcraft spent more than $100 million dollars to prepare the next generation of training aircraft for the U.S. Air Force.

Without notice, the company received a letter to notify them that the Brazilian government would build the airplane for the Air Force and Brazil was handed a one billion dollar contract. American industry was surprised and a job loss by Beechcraft in Wichita, Kan., was immediate.

Following this, a $3.4 billion loan was given to India so it could get new planes to defeat Delta Airlines on the Mumbia to New York flights.

Job loss ... again immediate.

Muslim countries are getting handouts to defeat our own companies. 

America .... all political sides must look at this and consider who and how to vote in November if we are to survive.

Ray Roberts,