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Letters to the editor, September 10

Leftist exception

Thank you, Lee Nahrgang, for addressing the fallacies of thinking in terms of groups instead of individuals [DRC, Aug. 31] — except, of course, when you are talking about “leftists.” That’s OK, right?

Elinor Johansen,




We pay the price

Both campaigns have spent more than$405 million and climbing; it tells you how sick our country is. This money could have been used to reduce the debt or feed the hungry in the USA. No, it is used to buy an election, so that the rich can get richer by pushing their agenda, through their candidate.

Ask yourself how much will the $6,400 health voucher cover when you have cancer, MS or open-heart surgery, versus current Medicare and Medicaid. The Medicare $716 million that has been talked about was taken away from the outrageous charges by hospital and insurance companies, and reallocated to (insure 30 million) more people. If we go backward, insurance companies will not cover pre-existing conditions and coverage of your children younger than age 26 will be lost.

None of our elected officials care about you, they have their own health benefits and pensions for life — remember, they make the laws, while they take away benefits from the middle class to pay for their agenda.

Ask yourself why our politicians are not on the same benefits programs. When will politicians cut their benefits to help reduce the debt? Why are politicians’ pensions for life once out of office? Politicians want to cut wages and benefits for teachers, firefighters and law enforcement, why not start with themselves?

That’s right — they make the laws for everyone else, and we pay.

Philip De Giulio,