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Letters to the editor, September 11

Far-left ideology

A recently published Paul Krugman column [DRC, Aug. 27] criticized Paul Ryan about his youthful reading and attachment to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Krugman believes that Ryan’s youthful adherence to free-market principles as espoused by Rand somehow makes him (Ryan) unfit to be vice president.

The youthful activities of our leaders sometimes make for an interesting contrast. While Paul Ryan was reading Ayn Rand and developing a strong sense for what makes capitalism and markets work, Barack Obama was steeped in Marxist ideology from his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

While in college, Ryan was interested in the writings of Hayec, von Mises and Milton Freidman from the Austrian School of Economics, while Obama was immersed in the writings of Frank Davis and Karl Marx and their communist economic philosophy.

Ryan’s political mentors were people like Sam Brownback and Jack Kemp, while Obama’s associates were the communist Jeremiah Wright and the terrorist Bill Ayers.

Somehow, because Paul Krugman is a Nobel Prize-winning economist and works for The New York Times, establishment newspapers feel that his opinions are worth publishing.

The fact is that Krugman’s economic theories impress few real world economists or businessmen and the opinions expressed about Ryan are based solely on Krugman’s far-left ideology.

If Barack Obama’s youthful devotion to Marxism didn’t disqualify him to be president in the minds of society’s influential and powerful opinion makers, then Paul Ryan’s interest in Ayn Rand’s free-market ideology should make no difference either.

Rudy Cajka,




Being black

President Obama is a man who loves his God and he is being used of God. What a wonderful appellation to be applied to any Christian. He is living so close to God that he can reach out and touch him with the finger of faith.

This has been proven time and time again by those who ridicule him so vehemently, calling him a liar, pointing a finger in his face.

Since day one, some Republican politicians set out to make him a one-term president, saying that he is the worst-ever along with other mean things.

No one really knows what it means to be black in America at this time. It is not getting better. We can sum up what being black at a time such as this is like. It is like being left motherless/fatherless and being condemned for grieving.

Being black is: “driving while black,” “welfaring while black,” “underpaid while black,” “voter suppression while black,” “food stamp queen while black,” “killing by police while black” and even “presidenting” while black including POTUS, FLOTUS.

Charlye Heggins,




Important election

This November’s election is one of the two most important since the Democratic Party turned sharply left at the end of the 1960s.

President Carter presided over the deterioration of our country, producing the worst of all economic possibilities, “stagflation,” high unemployment and little growth (stagnation) plus inflation.

His foreign policy was disastrous, showing weakness in the face of Soviet advances worldwide, including further Soviet penetration of this hemisphere, and sowing the seeds of our current problems with Muslim fanatics by condoning their subjugation of moderate Muslims in Iran.

After the 1980 election, Reagan was able to undo most of the damage done by Carter’s four years.

Now, with high unemployment and little growth again, as well as record deficits; weakness in the face of foreign threats, coupled with major, possibly catastrophic defense cuts; and increasing domestic attacks on our freedoms, we face another watershed election.

If leftists are defeated in November, we have a chance to undo much of the damage of their years of rule (a better chance with Ryan as vice president), but it will be almost impossible to undo the damage of another four years, with more trillion dollar deficits. 

And more leftist judges (especially Supreme Court justices) and leftist bureaucrats alone will guarantee growth of government, suffocating regulation, continuing economic decline and loss of individual freedom for decades.

Let’s all, freedom-loving Democrats, too, defeat leftists in November. Let’s take this last chance to remain free, to save our country and ourselves.

Lee Nahrgang,




Those Democrats

Got to love Democrats. They say one thing, do the opposite, and then say the Republicans did it. Example, they want to save Medicare. Obama took $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

Then they say Republicans want to raid Medicare.

They say they are all-inclusive and anti- bigot. Yet they left God out of their national platform and made no mention that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Recognizing their errors, they made an amendment to include both. After three voice votes, which were clearly not a two-thirds majority, they declared the motion passed. It was obvious half their delegates did not want to include God and showed their anti-Semitic leanings. So much for being inclusive and tolerant.

They declared millions of jobs have been created. Why, then, are more people than ever on food stamps? Why are more people receiving disability payments from Medicaid than before? Why is unemployment still above 8 percent?

They are the party for women and Hispanics. Yet, there are more Republican governors who are women and/or Hispanics than Democrats.

They want to end divisive politics and to be more civil. Then they spend three days bashing Republicans.

Bush is accused of amassing enormous debt. Meanwhile Obama has approved adding $5 trillion to our debt.

Is it ironic the national debt exceeded $16 trillion during the DNC? Did you get that? After more than 200 years, our country accumulated $16 trillion in debt. Obama added a third of that in three years.

Steve Sullivan,