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Letters to the editor, September 12

Net loss

This is in response to the article published about the county budget [DRC, Sept. 5] and the editorial [DRC, Sept. 6]. The article states that county commissioners approved a pay raise for eligible employees hired before April 1.

These employees are given a 2.5 percent increase in pay. On top of a pay raise, the employees with family insurance will see a 5 percent increase in their insurance costs.

Like the article stated: “No one wants to pay more in taxes or health care costs.”

Two and one-half percent is half of 5 percent, therefore, the eligible employees with family insurance have just taken a “pay cut.”

A 2.5 percent increase will only cover half the costs of the insurance raise, thereby resulting in the employee to cover the rest.

While this only applies to certain employees of the county, think of how much money that equates to over one year. Less money for the kids and more for the corporations.

I stand by Commissioner Hugh Coleman’s statement: “A point I was trying to make is we have a lot of consternation regarding giving our employees raises,” he said. “They hear they will get a raise, but based on the fact that we follow up with a health insurance raise, it results in hurt feelings on either side.”

Thank you, commissioner, for looking out for our families.

Tyler Nicholson,