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Letters to the editor, September 13

Give me a break

As I child growing up in Houston, I watched trucks go through our neighborhood during the summer on a regular basis and inundate us in a massive fog of DDT. We thought it harmless and did not know the effects on wildlife as well as cumulative concentration in humans.

As a young man working in petrochemical plants, I played with vinyl chloride, benzene and chloro-ethanes as if they were water. We thought it harmless and did not know that several parts per million was carcinogenic.

And now they have gassed us from the skies with another “unknown” chemical while telling us to protect our pets. Please, give me a break. And yes, I am old and at risk to the virus.

John Thorngren,

Shady Shores



Sincere condolences

As is my daily ritual after fetching the Record-Chronicle from my driveway, I open the newspaper and first glance at the headlines to see what will draw my interests.

Saving a full reading for later, I then turn immediately to the editorial page to read what opinions have been offered up by fellow citizens. Afterward, I turn my attention to the adjacent obits page to see if I have lost any friends or acquaintances.

It was with some sincere sorrow that today (Sept. 7) I discovered the passing of Alice Gore’s husband, Staff Sgt. Norman Lee Gore.

Though we may hold opposing political and social views that we share on the editorial page, we are still part of the human race that feels grief and great sorrow at the loss of a loved one. 

My sincere condolences are extended to Mrs. Gore and her family. May the peace of his passing to a better place help them through their loss.

Larry Beck,