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Letters to the editor, September 16

Rich do well

Seems like soak the rich. Not that any reasonable person thinks that confiscating the wealth of those who earn more than $250,000 a year would get us out of hock, but there is a desire to assess blame.

The rich have been getting more than their “fair” share since Alex Hamilton was secretary of the Treasury. Or some of the rich.

Back to the future. In my opinion, both parties pander to the rich. The poor have votes, but one can always buy their votes.

The one who truly gets stuck in the middle is the small-business man. Some rich, indeed, most rich want the government to make life hard for the small-business man — he is their competitor. That’s why General Motors tried to stifle competition from Toyota back in the ’70s.

In a sane world, GM and Chrysler would have gone the way of Hudson, Studebaker and others.

But in the wake of the financial panic, this was not thought expedient. The government pumped some $90 billion in equity into “government motors.”

Bottom line: The super rich always do fine, provided they choose the winning side in politics. Remember Jefferson’s landed class? They picked the losing side and lost everything. Not their land, of course, but everything else.

For some reason, this did not benefit poor people. That’s because as Aristotle told us, he who owns the wealth of the country, owns the government. 

Under socialism, the reverse is true: the government owns those who own the wealth.

John Schuh,
Lake Dallas

Winning ways

This is how Republicans will win the election.

1. Require Democratic voters to provide nine forms of picture ID including high school yearbook.  

2. Promise every voter a Swiss bank ac­count of their own.  

3. Send Donald Trump around the country swearing he was in the hospital in Kenya at the very moment of President Oba­ma’s birth.

4. Send swift-boaters up every river, stream, swimming pool and bird bath in the country.  

5. Put Rick Perry on the Democratic ticket.  

6. Let Mrs. Romney do all the talking for  Mitt and Paul.  

7. Burn down the IRS building where all the income tax records are kept.

8. Add free adhesive bandages to the party’s medical plan.

9. Forget bin Laden, put Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” banner up again.

10. Increase their minimum wage proposal to $3.25 an hour.

11. To get women’s votes, permit women to ride in the front of the bus.

12. Under Mitt’s announced plan of having illegal aliens “self-deport,” give them an extra week before you self-deport them.

13. They could try having some “legitimate” views.

Jim Stodola,


Under the bus

The Republicans continue to excoriate Obama for problems that they have prevented his solving. They have blocked every effort he has made to work with them.

Most important has been his job creating program; I repeat that their actions are treasonous.

They have been willing to throw the country under the bus to make him look bad. By “they,” I include the corporations that are sitting on mountains of cash and not hiring, as well as the majority Re­publicans in the House of Representatives.

Their actions are analogous to putting out a man’s eyes, and then saying, “See, he is blind!”

Or, cutting off his legs, and then saying, “See, he can’t walk!”

What they have done is throw honesty and ethics under the bus. Be careful who you vote for. America needs to stand for high principles.

T. Jervis Underwood,
Oak Point