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Letters to the editor, September 17

Celebrate the Constitution

On Sept. 11, Denton Mayor Mark Burroughs proclaimed that Sept. 17 is Constitution Day and that Sept. 17-23 is Constitution Week. These dates are meant to remind us of the importance of our founding document, and everyone can celebrate its 225th birthday.

Our founders sought to create a system that would limit the power of any one individual or group. Although many ideas reflected in the Constitution had been expressed and discussed in many a forum, no government had ever been created that embraced these ideas in a coherent governing document. This amazingly short and wondrously transparent document has been our enduring framework.

Since our government is based on the idea that the U.S. would have an educated voting public, it is paramount that every voter be familiar with the Constitution and celebrate its value.

The Benjamin Lyon Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will hold its annual public reading of the Constitution at 1:30 p.m. today in the Commissioners Courtroom on the second floor of the Courthouse on the Square in Denton. Everyone is invited to attend.

If you come, please bring a bell to ring.

Even if you cannot come to this event, please take an hour or so of your time to re-read the Constitution and discuss it with your family.

Democrats and Republicans alike must promise to uphold it whenever they take public office. You can find it in many reference books and on the Internet.

Let’s all celebrate this country’s founding.

Linda Scott, regent

Benjamin Lyon Chapter, NSDAR




How sad

God has always been in the hearts of my family. I always believed that this country is a God-fearing country. But recently I saw the delegates at the Democratic convention “boo” God.

How sad those people who booed God must be. To boo against God, is to say that they don’t need or don’t believe in him.

This country has been through many obstacles. We have prayed to God to help us in those times. But, if we as a nation keep booing him, we will have many more obstacles, you can be sure.

That’s why I can’t vote Democrat — and never will.

Pamela Beck,