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Letters to the editor, September 18

Long, unsafe walk

The school board says that children must be able to walk more than two miles to school. No bus service.

The children referred to are kindergarten and first-grade pupils, and must cross U.S. Highway 380 (University Drive), north of which few sidewalks are found on the way to Woodrow Wilson Elementary School.

Last year, they were allowed under protest to ride the bus. This year, they were told they are within walking distance.

By road (which they must travel) the most direct route is 2.1 miles.

Their parents have no car.

Joe V. Ratliff,




Official insult

We have lived a long life and never knew who or what we are until a public official told us.

The official wants us to give them our access road. We said no.

A public official called on the phone and tells us we are old, selfish people who think of no one but ourselves, and why can’t we be neighborly and give up the road?

Lawrence is 87 years old and a World War II Navy veteran and I am 86.

We could have died not knowing these things. So, thanks, public official, for telling us who and what we are.

Mary R. Seidemann and

Lawrence P. Seidemann,