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Letters to the editor, September 19

Bold action

President Obama inherited the chaos and ruin in our country and in Iraq and Afghanistan from a Republican president.

He enacted measures to prevent the recession from becoming a full-scale depression and followed up with a bold agenda, including action to:

n Prevent another financial crash by requiring banks to hold more cash reserves to back up risky loans and investments and to provide incentives to bring manufacturing jobs back to America;

n Restructure the auto industry, and reclaim America’s leadership in clean-energy jobs;

n Reform the student loan program to lower interest rates and increase the graduation rates by limiting annual repayment costs to a small fixed percentage of a graduate’s income; and

n Achieve comprehensive health care reform to expand coverage to millions of Americans.

Think what he could have done if the do-nothing Republican Congress had not blocked his every move.

Women, teachers, students, nurses and middle-class citizens really need to keep him in the White House.

Dolores Vann,




Time to wake up

I’ve been raised to believe in truth and honesty. I don’t believe we are getting that from our politicians in either party today.

The very nature of the philosophy governing those elected now has changed. It has gone from being honest with the American people and telling the truth, to deception and lies.

Changing real facts to distortions to fit their agenda is wrong. There is no other way to look at it.

The days of real concern for the nation and its people — whose only desire is for our liberty and freedom, to be able to live our lives without fear of having them taken away — are gone. We are the ones who are supposed to govern ourselves, not the other way around.

I desire the freedom to make my own decisions, not having someone in Washington decide what’s best for me and my family.

We, the people of this nation, have to wake up to what those who’ve been elected are proposing, and let them know we will not accept something that goes against what we want for ourselves.

If citizens don’t start letting their desires for the future be known, then it’s ourselves who will have to be blamed. Talk to your congressmen and let them know what you want and feel is best. They need to listen. We will not accept derision from politicians any longer.

Remember — a house divided will not stand.

Jack Cox,




Right the ship

First off, kudos to Rudy Cajka [DRC, Sept. 11] for citing a perfect example of the hypocritical writing of Paul Krugman.

Trying to decipher the current voter polls is baffling at best. Most current polls show a four- or five-point lead for President Obama.

Really? Come on, folks, we have the perfect clarity of twenty-twenty hindsight and we are still supporting this ineffectual pretender?

The old story of the Pied Piper comes to mind when I consider these polls. We (like lemmings) are listening to the same music he’s played before and we’re still following this guy right over the cliff. What he said wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now.

A vote for Obama is a vote to continue down the road to ruin. We need to right this ship while there is still time. Consider your current circumstance and vote to improve it.

Paul Davis,

Hickory Creek