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Letters to the editor, September 20

Check the constitutionality

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our lawmakers would check the constitutionality of laws before they enact them? Sure would save a lot of time, money and anguish from lawsuits.

However, I really don’t think they could get a law enacted that would be in complete accordance with our Constitution. Even our Supreme Court does not completely agree — 5 to 4 on many issues. However, when they do agree, we should follow their findings.

One main concern of mine, and others, concerns illegal immigration. A continuing hassle among us.

The Supreme Court has already ruled on this matter, which so many are calling “racial profiling.”

Back in the 1970s, the court ruled on this issue (United States vs. Martinez Fuerte) in 1976. San Clemente, Calif., was having a great problem with illegal immigrants.

Set up traps (check points) to check on the citizenship of those who passed through.

Loud clamor, “Racial profiling.”

The Hispanics went to court. The court, in its final decision, determined that these check points did not violate the Constitution, and brief stops were OK, even if racially profiled.

So, it is all right to check citizenship, and this could also include voting rights. Another thorn in our flesh that is now in our paths.

Case closed.

R.J. Guditis,