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Letters to the editor, September 21

Surveys show disparity

A recent letter to the editor (DRC, Sept. 5) encouraged voters to become informed in advance of the election.

I could not agree more.

The writer then noted that in his own personal experience, Fox News does a better job in that regard.

Unfortunately, however, the writer appeared to be unaware — or rather, uninformed — that repeated national surveys have shown that “people who only watch Fox News are less informed than all other news consumers.”

These results have held up among surveys from the University of Maryland, the University of Delaware, Fairleigh Dickinson University and others on such wide-ranging topics as the war in Iraq to the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Indeed, one of the most recent surveys found that people who only watched Fox News were more likely to answer fewer questions correctly than those who watched no news at all.

Regardless of whether Fox News either somehow makes people less informed or merely attracts less-informed people, evidence suggests that those who want to “make the effort to become informed” should turn to other news sources.

Craig Hunter,