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Letters to the editor, September 22

Nothing in comparison

Tillman E. Uland wrote a letter [DRC, Sept. 3] about a Bible study and stated, “There is a small group of senior citizens that meet once a week at the Denton Senior Center for about one hour to sing, read and study the Bible. They have been told they have to move to another location. No other group has been told they have to leave.  Discrimination?” The answer is — YES.

Your free exercise of religious study is protected by the 1st Amendment. There is a sad small portion of the population that hates God, Christians and the values that make up America. But we cannot let a few demented individuals take rights away from any of our citizens. 

Militant atheists get excited when they hear that Obama’s White House had taken God and support of Israel out of the Dems’ platform and added tax-funded abortions up to the time of birth. It seems the worship of baal has returned.

I would continue praising the Lord at the Senior Center and contact: the ADF at 1-800-835-5233 and/or the ACLJ at 1-800-296-4529.

There are many Christian Legal Defense organizations and they all will take your case — free of charge.

Please, write another letter and tell us who is persecuting our Christian seniors.

Jesus and his followers truly suffered in their day; what we have to deal with now is nothing in comparison. I feel we are obligated to stand for our Lord and our American rights.

Erick Mach,