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Letters to the editor, September 23

Fraudulent attack

Larry Beck’s fraudulent attack on Congressman Burgess’ support of the Guaranteed Access to Health Insurance Act of 2012, illustrates how market-based solutions that preserve the patient-doctor relationship are the antithesis of policy to statists. This bill, HR 6283, augments funding for the 35 states that fund high-risk pools, lowers costs and ensures that those with pre-existing conditions have access to quality, affordable health insurance immediately. Under the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan of ObamaCare, those with pre-existing conditions are required to remain uninsured for six months to become eligible.

Beck’s incomprehensible criticism of Congressman Burgess’ support to repeal ObamaCare ignores the following:

ObamaCare is filled with at least 20 new taxes, excluding the mandate penalty tax.

Cross subsidies under ObamaCare transfer wealth. As health insurers are required to accept people with pre-existing conditions at a capped cost; young, healthy people will pay a lot more, hence the mandate to make them stay in.

Health Insurance subsidies will apply to about 75 percent of all U.S. households, with 16 million more Americans receiving Medicaid.

With an estimated additional 32 million previously uninsured people receiving very comprehensive coverage, the groundwork for a heath care spending explosion will be in place.

Rationing will be inevitable. Cuts in care and services will be enacted by the Independent Payment Advisory Board. The final nail will be hammered into the health care coffin as ObamaCare tells both patients and providers what they can and cannot have.

Bill Lawson,


Reject arrogance

Leftists and their elitist allies suffer from noblesse oblige disorder, a mental illness causing arrogance, condescension, contempt.

It causes them to see the rest of us, especially women, blacks, Hispanics, senior citizens, as inferior and incompetent, unable to survive without their using the power of government to make our decisions for us.

Because leftists sincerely see themselves as so much better, smarter, more moral and fair than the rest of us, they believe they deserve to take control of our lives for our own good, as in imposing Obamacare.

If we say, “No,” in their view like disobedient children, they believe it is their duty as our betters to demand we shut up and do whatever they say.

Leftists, like Nancy Pelosi and admitted socialist Bernie Sanders, have called for restrictions to speech they dislike. After all, constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech allow us to say, “No,” to their controlling our lives.

Pelosi, Sanders and other leftists are free Americans with the right to live their lives as they see fit, unless they infringe on the rights of others. But the rest of us are also free Americans with the same right.

Leftists are not our masters, entitled to make our decisions for us, even if they do see us as stupid, immoral, inferior.

Let's not shut up and accept whatever leftists and their elitist allies dictate. Let's all, freedom-loving Democrats, too, reject their arrogant rule this November and remain free.

Lee Nahrgang,


For the love of God

I am amazed that Charlye Heggins would make such easily falsified claims concerning Obama and God [DRC, Sept. 11]. He may “love his God” and is perhaps being “used of God,” but capitalizing God is a glaring error in this context.

Ironically, these averments about her idol came hard on the heels of Obama’s convention, which demonstrated just how much he (and many of his devotees) loves the true, Biblical God. He eschewed even the appearance of God’s name in his (and, doubtless, Heggins’) party’s platform — until “good politics” kicked in.

Was God “using” Mr. Obama as he:

  • Ordered a symbol of Jesus’ name covered for his speech at Georgetown University (2009);

  • Refused to host the National Day of Prayer at the White House (2009);

  • Began omitting the Creator when quoting the Declaration of Independence (2010);

  • Substituted E pluribus unum for In God We Trust as our National Motto (2010);

  • Obviated conscience protections for health workers concerning abortion, et al. (2011);

  • Opposed including Roosevelt’s D-Day prayer in WW II Memorial (2011);

  • Directed DOJ to stop defending Defense of Marriage law (2011);

  • Declared his support of same-sex “marriage” (2012)?

These few samples of Obama’s “love” for the Biblical God can easily be multiplied: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” No other president has been so openly hostile to God, the Bible and the convictions of those who reverence both: Now his love for Allah of Islam ...

Dub McClish,


Who to vote for

We are now facing an option in our government leadership vote for November 2012. Considering the past 3.5 years, this can be the most important vote of our lifetime.

Consider the choices, Mitt Romney, an American businessman who has been open to the public for his entire life. Desire to build a stronger America that is capable to helping other nations but remain strong and in a leadership role.

The other option is our current president, Barack Obama, who has served these past 3 1/2 years. He is truly an unknown who has spent our funds more than any other president in history. He works to tear down America and spends his time apologizing for our own past; example, to Japan for using the atom bomb to stop the war, and they did not want his apology.

He sided with Argentina against our friends, Britain, wanting to give the Falkland Islands to Argentina and taking them from Britain. We really do need a change ... time to stop and study each candidate and make a change to save America.

America is not ready to fall behind all of the third-world nations.

Ray Roberts,