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Letters to the editor, September 24

‘Fair, balanced’ counterbalance

In the facetious view of FOX’s “fair and balanced” meme, I feel compelled to offer a counterbalance to the egregious distortions and fabrications offered up on these pages on Sept. 11 by Rudy Cajka, Lee Nahrgang and Steve Sullivan.

Historians will likely rate Barack Obama as the greatest president of the 21st century. His quick action to stave off economic collapse following the free-market failures of 2008 saved this country millions more in job losses and home foreclosures.

In the face of great Republican obstructionism, spearhead by Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, President Obama successfully swept through needed health care and financial reform legislation.

His foreign-policy successes finally brought justice to Osama bin Laden, the perpetrator of our worst onshore attacks in nearly two centuries.

Obama was also able to aid the freedom fighters in Libya that resulted in the death of yet another global despot.

He restored our fractured alliances around the globe that had been stretched to the limit under the Bush-Cheney administration.

I could go on and on with the president’s achievements but time and space won’t allow me this honor.

Clearly, some would accuse me of hyperbole and myth-fabricating here. But I would be no more guilty of this than those who would falsely demonize the president as a liar, a Muslim and anti-American.

The fear and loathing that passes for informed opinion on these pages should always be weighed with a grain of salt by the readers.

Larry Beck,