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Letters to the editor, September 28

Punishment due

Being an older, long-term landowner in Denton County, I regret these folks [Mary and Lawrence Seidemann, DRC, Sept. 18] are dealing with a public official who told them that they were “old, selfish people who think of no one but ourselves, and why can can’t we be neighborly and give up the road.”

For someone who has given up the land for at least three electrical rights of way, one water right of way and a railroad — which is a berm, built without sufficient outlets, and causes some 65 acres of the property to flood — I certainly understand the Seidemanns’ concern. And to have someone make that remark to them should not go unpunished — like fired and now.

Betty Farmer,




Thanks for nothing

The following four Republican senators helped write the veterans jobs bill, then voted to kill it: John Boozman of Arkansas, Mike Johanns of Nebraska, Richard Burr of North Carolina and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. Yes, you can go fight for your country and die, but don’t come home and expect us to help you get a job.

We now have more than 225,000 un-employed veterans — thanks again, Republicans, for another filibuster.

What happened to the (Bush) trickle-down tax breaks that were going to create all these jobs? Oh, that’s right, when Republicans get into office, then they will create jobs, but for now we are nothing but victims.

Why don’t congressional leaders ever say what happened to the Social Security money paid into the fund all these years — they are the ones who control all the government distribution?

Phil De Giulio,