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Letters to the editor, September 29

Ridiculous statements

Bob Michaelsen [DRC, Sept. 15] makes a number of statements regarding Paul Ryan’s plans, stating that Ryan will give $4 trillion in tax cuts to the rich, reduce capital gains tax to zero and add a national sales tax.

These statements are patently false and ridiculous. The economic and tax programs of the Romney/Ryan ticket are predominately Mitt Romney’s plans, and any proposed changes to the tax code will be driven by a President Romney, not Ryan.

These plans include an across-the-board 20 percent cut in marginal rates, maintaining the current tax rates on interest, dividends and capital gains, eliminating taxes for taxpayers with adjusted gross income below $200,000 on interest, dividends, and capital gains, eliminating the death tax, and repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax.

These statements can be verified at Mitt Romney’s website,

The 20 percent cut in marginal tax rates includes elimination of many deductions and loopholes, so the exact amount of tax cuts for the rich cannot accurately be estimated. There is no plan to reduce the capital gains tax to zero or to introduce a national sales tax.

The rationale behind Romney’s plan is to grow the American economy, which is the only solution to ultimately eliminating our massive government debts.

No amount of tax increases, as proposed by Obama, are ever going to make a dent in the massive debt and unfunded liabilities incurred by the government, and the Romney/Ryan fiscal plan is the only plan that has a chance for America to avert a fiscal catastrophe.

Rudy Cajka,




Come to your senses

Yes, I remember tombstone voters — both parties pulled similar things many years ago. It was all wrong. But today it is on a grand scale. Your Republican Party in parts of the country restricts early voting times and dates in certain neighborhoods, and again purging voters from the rolls.

In many states, including Texas, your party demands pictures.

Yes, a three-judge panel just rejected Texas voter suppression, but yes, Greg Abbott and Rick Perry are appealing the decision.

Some Republicans admitted this is voter suppression, that there is no voter fraud, that it is all only to ensure Mitt’s election. That, then, makes what you are doing voter fraud.

Used to be this was America, and we encouraged people to vote.

Guess that’s how it happened in Nazi Germany. I wasn’t there, may not have it in the right order.

They took their voting rights, their political positions, their university positions, their shops, their bank accounts, their savings, their furniture, their homes, you remember the rest.

Did I use an extreme example? You betcha. And that’s exactly what voter suppression is — extremism.

You guys are off to a good start — sure you want to go down this path? Talk it over at the dinner table. Some of you do want to go down this path. The rest of you ... talk it over with “the authorities.”

Jim Stodola,




Rude behavior

This is for the young woman (“lady” is not the right word here) who yelled at me in the cemetery Saturday afternoon.

Fortunately all I could hear of your rant was “You think only of yourself!” No, actually I was thinking of my dead husband.

My crime was that I was parked on the roadway near his grave prior to getting out of the car. All of a sudden the driver of the SUV in which you were riding deliberately turned into the same roadway, although there were other paths to where you were going, and began flashing lights.

Apparently I was to move my car onto gravesites for your convenience.

Frequently I see vehicles on the roadways there, but since I am obviously more courteous than you, I just take another route.

I am surprised that the older people in your vehicle let you continue to shout in the cemetery. But then perhaps they, as well as you, have not read the statements in the cemetery brochure.

“All persons are reminded that Roselawn Memorial Park is a sacred place. Quiet and reverenceshould be observed at all times.”

Maybe when you grow up, you will understand the meaning of these words.

Arley Hulstrand,