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Letters to the editor, September 30



Lip service

Pamela Beck asserts in her letter [Sept. 17] that she cannot vote Democrat because some members of a Democratic subcommittee booed the chairman over procedural matters regarding God and the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Ultimately, the entire party included God’s name in the party platform, and Ms. Beck remains upset.

Remarkably, and with good cause, she does not say that she will vote Republican. 

Republicans repeatedly defy God. When the Bible is against usury, Republicans eliminate the laws prohibiting usury, and we end up paying excessively high interest rates on personal debts.

When the Bible directs us to pay taxes willingly to fund government expenses and eliminate indebtedness, Bill Clinton raised taxes, balanced the budget and used surpluses to pay down the debt. 

After Republicans took power, they increased the size and expenses of government, engaged in two unnecessary wars, and doled out billions of tax dollars to corporations; all this, while refusing to do the prudent, godly thing and raise taxes. 

In greedy defiance of biblical mandates, they ridiculously cut taxes.

The Bible warns us to regulate human behavior and commerce, but the Republicans seek to eliminate regulations, saying businesses are not free to prosper.

Without adequate regulations, thousands of employees are killed or maimed every year at their workplaces. The greedy and unscrupulous are free to manipulate all kinds of markets. The elderly are cheated out of their savings. 

People lose their homes.

Corporate bribery, extortion and thievery have become legalized by Republicans while they pay lip service to God.

Walter Lindrose, Denton