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Letters to the editor, October 1

Last hope

This coming election is America’s last hope, lest we become a Third World nation in our own lifetime.

If the extreme right-wing fascists are allowed to gain control of the White House, this country is doomed.

Mitt “Etch A Sketch, I don’t care about half the country” Romney, and Paul “kill Medicare” Ryan, are bent on destroying this country. They will find every method possible to take wealth and liberties from the middle and lower classes and give it all to the rich.

Their lackeys in state governments around the country are already taking away people’s right to vote to make sure the fascists get elected.

I would like to use my last few words to thank Lee Nahrgang, Alice Gore, Ray Roberts and the myriad of right-wing contributors to this page for teaching me how to write a letter totally void of factual references, intelligent comment and common sense.

Gary Ardis,

Oak Point



Strong-arm tactics

So, what was the mindset of the organizers of this past Denton Arts, Antiques & Autos show on the Square on Sept. 8? “You vill park vhere ve tell you or ve von’t judge your motorcar.”

Who is running this fiasco? Are you trying to take all the enjoyment and fun out of it?

It’s bad enough with the “over-the-top” rules already in place, and now you ... hmmmmm ...tell us where we can park?

I, for one, won’t be dictated to with strong-arm tactics. I go to these shows to display my car, enjoy talking with the folks who attend and don’t worry about whether or not I ever win a trophy.

Sharing my pride of ownership and great conversations are all I need.

Shame on you for ruining it.

Roy B. Williams,