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Letters to the editor, October 4

Without merit

Allegations of religious discrimination by Tillman Uland and Eric Mach aimed at Denton’s Senior Center appear to be without merit.

Uland’s speculation of religious discrimination appears to have stemmed from a request by center manager Jeff Gilbert to relocate the prayer group’s meetings to another nearby location for logistical reasons to serve the needs of other members and honor pre-existing arrangements before the prayer group formed.

Mach, who is not even a member of the prayer group, took his cue from Uland’s speculative account in his letter [DRC, Sept. 3].

Had both Uland and especially Eric Mach taken the time as I did to actually talk to the center’s manager, they would have discovered this and found, according to Gilbert, that this arrangement was understood and found satisfactory by the prayer group’s leader, Dick Platt.

If any discrimination truly existed here, one would think that Platt would have been the one to argue this case.

Why Uland felt that there was something more devious going on is unclear and why Mach, who is not even a member of the prayer group, felt he had to chime in is equally mysterious.

Perhaps both are victims of religious discrimination in their past and are overly sensitive to such things. Let’s hope it’s not because both gentlemen have an overactive imagination and mistrust of anything that isn’t vouchsafed by their strict religious views.

Larry Beck,




Funding the hoax

Jim Stodola, if a modicum of research had been done, it would reveal that O’Reilly has been hoodwinked, too, about the hoax known as man-made global warming. My opinions are fact-driven, not vice-versa.

One of the global warming support groups recently claimed the dinosaurs’ intestinal gas triggered a pre-historic global warming event, and if we didn’t control the number of livestock today, another environmental catastrophe is lurking.

Wow. If “true,” I have a practical win-win solution: Let’s blend Beano into their feed.

Seriously, consider this: On average, 60 volcanoes erupt on this planet every month spewing tons of carbon emissions into the air. Twenty of them erupt 24/7; three of which are in the Arctic region.

This gets our attention when commercial air traffic to and from Europe and Asia is grounded.

Flash. We are being told the polar ice cap has virtually melted, but wait a minute, if true, why aren’t Malibu and Miami’s South Beach under several feet of water?

Oh, oh, “Attention Al Gore, Mr. Gore.”

For the past three years, the Big Island of Hawaii has experienced a new meteorological term, Vog, thanks to the increased activity for the lastfive years of the Kilauea volcano. What can mankind do about this?


Thinking we can play God and control the environment? Did it ever occur to the global warming zealots, that these virtually dreamed-up claims, like the dinosaur tripe, are made to continue funding for this hoax?

Roger T. Horrell,




Illogical allegation

E.J. Dionne’s [DRC, Sept. 22] illogical allegation that Mitt Romney dislikes the U.S. is part of a coordinated program to distract us from Obama’s dismal jobs record and economy. He attempts to lead us down various rabbit holes, while painting Barack Obama as the benevolent one who lifts the downtrodden.

The class warfare battle waged by Dionne is basic to creating these distractions. His allegation that lower tax rates for investment income are upward redistribution, denies that this money has already been taxed at the “labor” rates he champions.

This money is risk capital that investors could lose all or part of. When they lose, they lose, but when they are profitable, the federal government also profits.

The “big thing” about compassion for the blue-collar worker that Obama supposedly has over Romney, ignores that Romney actually salvaged jobs for blue-collar workers as Bain Capital rescued distressed companies.

Dionne’s fantasy that we accept redistribution illustrates the left’s socialist welfare mentality. We believe that the definition of compassion is not how many people receive government assistance, but how many do not need it; a helping hand — yes, a handout — no. When unencumbered by government shackles, U.S. citizens are very generous.

Mitt Romney’s tax return for 2011 showed taxes of almost $2 million dollars on an income of $13.7 million, with donations of $4.021 million.

It is Barack Obama who shows true dislike for the U.S. as he plunders our currency with deficit increases of more than $5.4 trillion, resulting in two credit downgrades.

Bill Lawson,




Why they hate us

Recently, Fox News entertainers pondered, “Why do they hate us?”

Their answer was “our freedom.”

Not true — it is probably our foreign policy, which is not consistent with U.S. professed democratic values. We publicly espouse democratic elections to other countries — unless the election winner is not friendly toward U.S. interests.

Salvador Allende, elected in Chile, started nationalizing foreign companies. President Nixon authorized $10 million for the CIA to instigate a coup. Dictator Pinochet was installed, resulting in 31,947 citizens being tortured and 12,000 killed.

Nicaragua has experienced several military dictatorships supported by the U.S. preventing democratic rule because American business interests were being protected.

In 1953, the democratically elected government of Iran led by Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh wanted to nationalize Iran’s petroleum industry. Iran appealed to Eisenhower for assistance in getting the U.K. to stop taking all of its oil, so he sent in the CIA.

After their government was overthrown, the U.S. arranged for Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi’s return as a dictator resulting in the deaths of 20,000 dissidents. The U.S. currently supports dictators with severe human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan — all because of oil.

This is why they hate us.

Ronald L. Johnson,