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Letters to the editor, October 5

Two sides to story

I would like to explain what happened at the Senior Center in regard to the Bible study group.

The center is a lovely facility where users are asked to share space. No group is guaranteed the same space each week. Space is made available based on group size and needs, but not always the same space.

We take turns. 

The Bible study group has met in different rooms over time. Recently, a member of that group said they would like to always meet in the same room. He was told that there was a room at the Civic Center where they could meet and not have to share space. That member said that was OK and they were assigned to that room. There was no inkling that some of the group did not wish to meet at the Civic Center.

If the Bible study group wishes to continue to meet at the Senior Center and share space, the group is certainly welcome to do so. The group has not been banished.

Letters to the editor are opinion, not necessarily based on facts. I would urge each of us to check the facts before we just assume that something written in the newspaper is true.

I am sure that those persons decrying the alleged unfair treatment of the Bible study group believed they were correct but they did not check both sides of the story.

The study group has not been “kicked out” of a city building, but members must share with other users.

Linnie McAdams,




Closed mind

Regarding the letter to the editor from Pamela Beck [DRC, Sept. 17] — how sad.

I just wanted to say, I watched the entire Democratic convention, and not once did I hear anyone boo God, so I don’t know why she would say that.

Some people seem to have a closed mind when it comes to politics.

I am voting for Obama because I believe he is going in the right direction for our country, not because he is a Democrat or Republican.

Rosemary Phillips,




Why vote Democratic?

A few months ago I asked the county Democrat leaders to publicly tell me why I should vote Democrat this year. So far, they have been very quiet.

I’m still curious about it, though. Can anyone else come up with a good reason?

Is there a good reason that those in my age group who stood guard over the Imjin River and the Fulda Gap to keep the evil empires of communism at bay now vote for admirers of Lenin, Trotsky and comrade Mao?

What did those people do that was so good that I should vote for their disciples of today? Come on folks, surely you can come out in the sunshine long enough to tell me why I should vote for them?

John Harazda,




Choose wisely

Our recent outbreak of the West Nile virus caused a great effort to “get rid of the skeeters”; however, I heard on TV that the skeeters get this virus from birds that they bite. Why don’t we get rid of the birds that give this virus to the skeeters?

This got me to thinking about our “poly-ticks” and the viruses caused by them.

Shortly we will be privileged to vote. We need to focus on the cause of our problems and not dwell on the carrier.

Our presidents are important to our system. However, they can only do what Congress allows through laws enacted. Presidents are to be administrators, not despotic rulers.

So, when you vote, remember the source of our dilemma and choose wisely the ones who can get us out of this mess. (Check out the senators and the representatives, also).

R.J. Guditis,