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Letters to the editor, October 6

Use common sense

Have you heard this admonition: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?” I grew up hearing this, in reference to politicians’ promises, and it still rings true.

How about “The first liar doesn’t stand a chance?”

I stopped believing what politicians preached and started believing my eyes and using common sense long ago when it comes to voting.

I wouldn’t try to tell anyone how to vote, but I’d like to ask those who will vote a few questions.

  • First, did you believe our president before he was elected and did you vote for him based on his rhetoric and promises of a better future?
  • Does your future look brighter since his election?
  • Do you feel like your job is more secure?
  • Has your paycheck increased to cover cost-of-living increases?
  • Are you able to save money for your future?
  • Do you worry how you or your children would make your way in America if our economy failed?
  • Do you wonder how $6 trillion of new debt could occur in four years?
  • How about foreign aid to countries that despise America?
  • What about the Social Security, Med­icaid and Medicare that comes out of every paycheck?
  • Will they be around when you need them or will your dollars go to China to pay the interest on the massive borrowing that has occurred over the last four years?

These are plain questions you should at least contemplate before you vote in November. Use some common sense this time.

Danny Wall,